Phentermine 37.5mg side effects headache rack

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phentermine 37.5mg side effects headache rack

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: Phentermine 37.5mg side effects headache rack

BUY PHENTERMINE 37.5 ONLINE WITHOUT SCRIPT 2016 I would like to continue on this drug but have racm big presentation for work and want to be 37.5mg calm and clear headed as possible. Anyhow, Phentermine love all the other benefits I seem headache have. Rack be getting pills delivered today Patient information sheet for avandia. Zoloft and night eating syndrome. Effects, Google had a cached copy, so Side copied it!
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Phentermine dosage per day med abbreviation 225

I worry I have permanent damage. I think its alarming. Hi RLB, Thanks for sharing. Please at least confide in someone you trust to help you through this to find a way out. I completely empathize with you!! Its so crazy how these pills have a hold and makes matters worse that these doctors who name is on the bottle may see you once for 2 minutes and never again.

I will have you in my prayers as I am in the same boat almost 18 years later. Did you, were you able to stop? I have tried close to 20 other medications over the years for my ADHD but phentermine is the only thing that works for me. I have been searching and searching for people that feel the same as me. I was on it off and on prescribed by the Dr on off and lost 50lbs…my life was amazing on it. I can only explain my love for my new best friend as THANK GOD i finally all my life feel comfortable in my own body…and i was wanting to finally live!!!!

But my research so far…. I feel the same way. I have been on and off for almost a year, so the appetite suppressant still works, but I often have to stop taking them for a few days and start agsin to have it kick back in. Anyhow, I love all the other benefits I seem to have. It has helped with my ADHD and my confidence. I worry about every bad effect it can have, but not enough to stop yet. Are the phentermine capsules safer? Phentermine helps me in that way. I have been taking phentermine for about 3 mths.

And like you i find that it helps my depression also i havr osteoarthritis and I dont hurt when i take it. My narcolepsy completely disapers and I no longer have to take meds for fibromyalgia or neuropathy. I took phentermine for about 5 months. I had extreme dry mouth and notices that I had developed a nervous habit of constantly moving my lips and tongue.

I am becoming very aware of doing this weird constant movement with tongue and mouth and becoming very self conscious. Hi Kim, Thanks for getting in touch. Do you do it now when you are thirsty or have a dry mouth, or is it more random? I remember doing this last time I took these as well. I needed to lose 15 lbs and I achieved that but every time I try to quit taking them I feel so sluggish and the weight starts to come back on..

I thought of taking a second dose but that would only make things worse. Hi Cori, It really does sound like you are addicted to phentermine. You need to talk to your doctor about getting help and weening yourself off the medication slowly, or perhaps there is something that you can take to help you with this process. I been buying it in Mexico so no doctor has ever prescribe it to me.

I do annual biometrics check ups and I come out normal none of my family members know I take phentermine. Hi Breloza, We would really recommend that you speak to a doctor as it sounds like you need to be referred to a counselor or psychologist for overeating and for your potential addiction to phentermine. If that seems like too big a step, please just speak to someone you trust to be helpful, objective and non-judgmental to help persuade you to see someone or to support you during this time.

I have been taking this drug for the last years off and on for periods of time shorter than months at a time. I want to take it again to jump start my weight loss once again. Am I at a great health risk? Hi Simone, Thanks for your message. It would be better to establish a routine of healthy eating and exercise which you could maintain over time and then not yo-yo between weights. I initially took phentermine to lose 20lbs and to help relieve lower back pain weight in my stomach.

During the first year, I dropped 33lbs—the weight melted away. I eased off the dose and gained back 15lbs. The only side effect is dry mouth. Sometimes I get headaches—Tylenol helps. It has helped me maintain my current weight and gives me energy to exercise. The combination has done wonders for my back pain…. My doctor started me on Phentermine in May I never take any medications of any kind so I was very skeptical to start.

But I was close to pounds overweight. When I first started, I was feeling great. I could hardly eat anything. I have been on it now for 8 months. My total weight loss is around 60 pounds. I took breaks from it. Still there are some days that I just skip. I know I am not addicted because I can go weeks without having it. The only reason I continue to take is simply because I am scared that I will gain everything back once I stop. I have changed lots of my eating habits and I exercise regularly.

If I give it a rest, say a week or so, then start again, I get the full effects as if I just started. The only side effect that I seem to have is constipation. I do still have about 50 pounds to lose, so would you recommend I continue taking it or try something else? I am interested to know what happens when you stop taking it though; do you continue with your good habits, and do you still lose weight? Or do you find yourself slipping back and gaining weight? I have been taking phentermine off and on for years.

Everytime I stop, I go back to bad eating habits and the weight comes back. I am afraid that I could be doing unseen harm to my body. I was wanting to know if anyone else has seen the effects of long term use of phentermine. I would ask your doctor if there is anything he or she can recommend which would allow you to lose the weight and keep it off. However, phentermine does affect eyesight, and it is a problem we have seen more references to when people take it long term.

Your eyesight may even begin to improve if you stop taking it, so it is certainly something which you need to address, for the good of both your mental and physical health. I am a 36 year old female. I was having lots of trouble with weight gain. My Doctor and gyno checked blood work for an array of possibilities mostly thyroid. I was all clear.

After a few years of trying everything I could with diet and exercise, I felt hopeless. So my doctor prescribed phentermine AS directed for 3 months. I managed to do great for months especially through the summer when I could be more active. About a year and a half later.. BOOM hit again… struggled terrible to get it off. I never felt dependent on it. I was also directed and educated about the prescription thoroughly.

So I feel maybe I was more aware of what to be aware of. I also felt it was a last hope, and I needed to do the work. I felt my brain was finally working properly. So is there a reason my brain would trigger like that? Almost a reverse effect? I have been taking phentermine However for the past week my hands and arms keep going numb.

It feels like pins and needles all the way up to my elbows. I plan to make a doctors appointment next week. Has anyone had similar issues from taking phentermine? Hi there… I started taking Phentermine 5 days ago. I have now become a little bit scared because I felt like my head was being squeezed a little bit by vice grips. I also had really bad diarrhea and I felt like my jaw and legs were jittery. I have a low metabolism and I was hoping this would really help especially with curbing my appetite….

Hi Kimberly, Unfortunately these side effects are all quite common with phentermine, especially when you first start taking it. One tip that many people find useful is to start off with half their dosage to help their body get used to the effects, and then they are usually able to work up to a whole pill within a week or less, with reduced side effects.

Hello, I was on phentermine for almost 30 years with a couple of breaks of maybe a year or two within that time frame. I stopped taking it August and I am now experiencing shortness of breath. I have had an abnormal EKG which shows tachycardia. I am scheduled to see a cardiologist on April 11 and I am petrified of what they are going to find. Thank you for listening. I have been taking this for 17 almost 18 years and I regret the day I ever started!!! Yes it gave me the chancce to be super mom, super wifey, work and have enough energy to work out 4 times a week.

I had kidney stones super large ones and then a ridiculous amount of gallstones that was so painful until my insurance approved removal. I have lost almost all the cartlidge out of my nose…. I could go on. Let me tell you that bad circulation and dry mouth with the occasional mood swings are nothing if you continue to take this. I pray all the time that I will stop I have tried many times for years.

The dehydration makes my skin look bad so I pay for the highest quality hydrating lotions and scrubs I can. My memory at 43 is obviously been affected. I know its the pills that have caused this. I stopped with the pregnancy of my second daughter and while she was born normal she never slept the hours my first 2 kids did before the pills and years later she is still so hyper compared to my other girls. She is always hungry and sadly has a weight problem. It could be coincidental but being just 3 years difference in age it always makes me wonder.

That was another weird new thing. If I could tell anyone to stay away from these I would. S I have gained 40 pounds in the last 5 years and taken them all the while. Yes I did take the 3 months breaks several time to get them to work but they only gave me the energy. I cant even imagine breaking now. Makes me sad the hold they have on me. Are you still suffering in silence…? I no longer benefit from weight loss… just about maintain my womanly curvature.

I just cannot function without. Energy, lethargic and a can do attitude disappear so I result to what I know. Heart, anxiety, insomnia, confused and confidence are on my long list… if only, to turn back the clock. Never shared or opened before. Be kind I am vulnerable… I pray no one suffers or feels the same…xXx. I started taking phentermine 1 year ago, I am currently I wanted to lose 20lbs.

My problem is food. A lot of fast food… cheeseburgers are my downfall. While others have a sweet tooth, I have a grease tooth! I went to my doctor with the question of would taking an over the counter appetite suppressant negatively affect any of the current medications I was on. My first month on it, I lost 13lbs. I fluctuate 3lbs, depending on the time of month. So my weight ranges from lbs which puts my BMI in the normal range. I had a little trouble sleeping at night, but on those nights, I would take Benadryl and be knocked out.

I drank so much water. I was a little worried about how not hungry I was so I knew I had to force myself to eat to be healthy. Only the first month or two was like that. Then I gained an appetite, but it was small. The only thing I did notice was that I was able to function throughout the day without feeling tired or sluggish. Even if I was on a few hours of sleep. I asked my doctor to let me stay on them and if it would be bad. I have a normal appetite, just not my crazy eat all day one that I previously had.

Is that an addiction? I eat a lot of processed foods. I still eat out often. And I attribute that to the drug. I wish I could know what other things I might be doing to my body by staying on it. Comparing myself to others could be like comparing apples and oranges. I am just going to trust that if my doctor had a concern, he would take me off of it. Just wanted to share my story and say thank you for taking me back to my weight from high school.

Phentermine has a tendency to make you dehydrated and if taken without the right amount of water intake each day, I believe that this is causing my kidney stones. I am going to stop taking the medication immediately. Has anyone experienced Kidney stones? Hello I have been on phentermine now for 2 years, quit cold turkey once for 3 months just to see if I could. I have lost more than 80 pounds now! My doctor has me on a combo of phentermine and Topamax. What I am going to do at the end of this month when I start to slowly decrease my medications is take supplements of vitamins and vegetables and drink lots of water and exercise at least 5 times a week!

And get plenty of sleep each night! This is so important while you are winging yourself off the medication. I read a lot of comments about people struggling with constipation and I would always eat a lot of prunes or cantaloupe that always helped me. With phentermine you need to take extra fiber in your diet. I started taking Phentermine a few years ago to bump start weight loss.

I only took it for 12 weeks and lost a few pounds. But what I found was that Phentermine stopped my fibromyalgia pain. I started taking it again this year.. I have lost quite a bit of weigh this time…. I just read this article and I have been on phentermine for two years. The first agreement before starting this medicine with my doctor was to stop when I reached pounds but I talked him into pounds. But I go to the gym and burn those off.

Do it the right way people diet exercise and short term uses of phentermine only if you choose to use it. I remember weighing pounds in 2nd grade, in 8th grade and in In March of I decided I need to make some changes and after not seeing my doctor for 7 years and despite being a ticking time bomb. I joined the gym and made an appointment to see my dr. My doctor had never been able to weigh me in office. I could only find out my weight by going into urgent care or the hospital as they had higher capacity scales.

By August , my clothes were noticeably looser and face smaller. I was around In December I had to have a minor surgery and was In April of I was despite working out 4 times a week 2 hours per session. A year earlier my gave me the information leaflet for qsymia. I was nervous about the side effects but after the death of a family member due to heart issues due to weight I decided I needed to get this weight off as quickly as possible.

I started phentermine and topiramate in May. I went to the dr in June and they could almost weigh me. This drug has been a godsend I really felt like I had plateaued despite meticulous tracking of my meals for the last days and intense workouts. I think for short term use this drug will be ok for me. I think by years end I will be able to come off of it. I want to stop, but when I do, I feel so horrible I just start again. Tomorrow I have to have a colonoscopy and Dr.

Told me to be off of it for 2 weeks because of the anesthesia I must have. Yes, it will be embarrassing and difficult, but this is nothing compared to putting yourself at risk with a surgery which might put you at risk. Your doctor will be glad you admitted it rather than lie and say that you did stop the phentermine, and it could be a good way to get out your secret and take steps to getting help.

I usually only take it during the week for energy and it helps with my mood. How bad do you think this is affecting my heart? You should speak to your doctor about coming off it and finding other ways to help with your mood and energy levels, such as prescribed exercise, meditation, dietary advice or stress-management techniques. I received it through a clinic. I had few side effects dry mouth, some restless sleep.

My energy went through the roof. I finally lost weight. From lbs to lbs. My only regret is not receiving it by a regular physician to be monitored closely because there where hidden side effects popping up that I did not consider were from these pills. Since I quit my last job I can longer go to the clinic.

Anxiety disorder, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, sexual hypocrisy nympho , exhibitionist. Like I said this is just my own analysis. I also think I need a psychological evaluation. I act on impulse more now as before I would think things through. My patience is short fused. If anyone knows how or where I can receive treatment please let me know. Without a doctor to go to, all I can suggest as a way to ask for help is to contact an addiction helpline or go to a free clinic, and then explain your symptoms to see if there is some kind of addiction management or evaluation they can help you with.

Good luck, Sally, phentermine. After about 10 months of using phentermine I have developed hypertension. I was wondering if my blood pressure would eventually go back to normal or is this permanent? Feeling all alone here! So why did my endocrinologist prescribe me Phentermine? I found out that I am Insulin Resistant and was given Metformin for my glucose-insulin war, and Phentermine for the weight.

I started off with half a tablet of Fast forward to today, I have celiac disease so I still eat very clean but, my weight usually hovers around lbs — lbs. Can I be the only person who actually gains weight while on Phentermine?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Good luck for your appointment and I hope that you can find a solution to your problem. I started phentermine back in after I had gained almost 70 lbs during a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.

So I changed my lifestyle and phentermine has a lot to do with that. I am going to look into something to help with focus and concentration, I really have been using it for that over the last couple years. It truly is a wonderful medication but I highly recommend only using it short term and sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, phentermine is an excellent spring board.

The truth is that I love it! I do stop taking it for a few days at a time so that it still remains effective. I think it works great with my body chemistry. Is there something similar that I can take longer for weight loss maintenance? You may not have any side effects yet that you know of but taking medications such as phentermine on a long-term basis are dangerous and can do lasting and irreversible damage to your body. Read some of the comments on this blog article or on our forum to see how people have been affected by long-term use.

I have taken this medication for almost 5 months. I have had bad headaches and it has effected my eyesight. Even now I have stopped taking the drug my eyesight is extremely bad. You never know how it will affect you or when it will start affecting you. Not a miracle pill. Even with going to the gym and eating right, the weight was not moving. I started taking Phentermine 2 months ago, I am on my 3rd month. I have dropped 18 lbs. I plateau for days and then I drop a pound.

I rather do it slowly instead of dropping super fast. However, I do nibble a bit more and ask myself why only to find out that I forgot to take it. I used to eat one after dinner but no longer do. My appetite has changed considerably. I did notice that when I do cheat, for example; I ate a Gluten Free Lasagna the other day my stomach was not happy. I may just finish this year out as the holidays are approaching and ween myself off of them completely and continue with my new eating habits. My doctor said he would only prescribe it for 3 months just to give me a kick start.

I dropped 35 pounds on my own in 3 months. Then my next doctors visit I gained 12 pounds back, I was very upset so my doctor told me about phen. I went from to in less then 3 weeks. I think people should be able to try it as a quick weight loss for a short time without bad side effects. A co-worker introduced me to them after I complimented her on her weight loss.

I was in my mid-twenties, already exercising some, and vegetarian. It worked wonders and I had tons of energy and excitement about life and could find lots of deals on size small clothing on the sales racks. It was a golden time. I would regain most of the weight. After being on phentermine for about 2 years straight between mid — mid, I stopped cold turkey.

I do NOT recommend phentermine, short or long term use. Hope this helps someone! Hi Nik, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of taking phentermine long term. I am 47, have been on phentermene for almost 4 years now. I had energy, worked out, was proactive and driven at work. Was the fun spontaneous mom! Even better — I had a lot more energy and confidence in the bedroom for my husbands sake!

I did get the dry mouth, constipation, headaches and insomnia — but all the pros outweighed the cons…. Fast forward to today: My eyesight has suffered I know. Step left and climb the faint crack in the headwall past a thin move to an exhilarating finish. Starting up pitch 1. Posted by Dave MacLeod. To Hell and Back. A fascinating and clear account as usual. Well done on the route, it is an inspiring bit of rock!! Do you think you can keep climbing "something like this or harder" without it affecting others around you, though??

Why do hard and dangerous climbs? Why not do harder but less dangerous climbs? Nice to read about what goes on inside your head. You're a brave man, Mr MacLeod. Well done Dave, looking forward to watching it on bbc soon Steven Addison. Dave, I've posted it here: Well done Dave, fantastic looking route in a stunning setting.

Now do your wife a favour and take her out for a nice meal! Congrats and nice post. For a fun and provocative assessment of "dangerous" passions, check out the tightrope walking section of Tom Robbins' Villa Incognito. You might have already read this. We met Rupert at Glenmore Lodge while we visited the area for our routes, nice guy and what a shame it never happened for the film crew etc All the best Sam.

Be careful out there Davie boy I saw on 8a. Is this something they have quoted you on, or did they just make up this grade? Congrats again on the route, sorry to bring it back to grades. That's a pretty selfless account of the climb. Good for you and well done. Hey Dave why not go and put up a few 9a sports routes These Chop routes are too much to take! I live the outdoors, climbing and skiing but about to go into hospital for a couple of months to undergo treatment for a kidney transplant.

Strangely your adventure has put me in a more optimistic mood. Thanks and keep pushing.. As ever, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us all.. Sure we all have our own challenges, successes and failures whilst climbing but your taking it to a level we can only guess at. Well done Dave, spectacular route and as ever your account is very frank.

However, take a moment to consider that there will only be one inevitable outcome on these types of routes and that will be death. Whether it's the next route or the one after that is anyone's guess. It depends on the value you place on your own life but it'd be a sad and pointless loss to relatives, friends and the climbing community at large. Still, you'd make a good stuntman with brass one's as big as those. Many many compliments from Italy Regards.. I watched "To Hell and Back" the other night, on the edge of my seat all the way through.

Quite possibly the most enthalling TV I've seen in a long time. Now as Toby says, make sure you take Claire out for a nice Chineese in Fort Wiliam, she deserves it too!!!! Well done and congratulations. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people. I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it. A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.

Immense mate pity a guy such as yourself is so poorly funded given that footballers get silly money.


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