Side effects of phentermine in men

By | 30.12.2017

side effects of phentermine in men

The good news is this all the side effects that I listed go away after about going off the meds for a week. An overdose of phentermine can be fatal. Men have evolved to lose weight faster. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient. Do not stop using phentermine suddenly, or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Posted by Sally on August 1, in the following categories: Does it sometimes feel like everything about phentermine is targeted towards women? We are addressing some of the issues specifically related to men and weight loss, especially men considering or currently taking phentermine. Much of the media surrounding weight loss is focused on women, but men benefit just as much from slimming down.

In addition to decreasing the risk of chronic disease, weight loss is also shown to improve quality of life and longevity among overweight men. Perhaps most notably, it decreases your risk for chronic diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure hypertension , type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. As a result, many men find they need fewer medications as the weight comes off.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle also increases sex drive and performance , decreases joint pain , strengthens immunity, and improves memory. Most would agree that the benefits of weight loss far outweigh the difficulties of adopting a healthier lifestyle. While the overall effect of phentermine is the same regardless of sex, there are some key differences between men and women. In general, men lose weight faster than women.

Men shed pounds faster for a few reasons:. Men have more lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so men typically burn more calories at rest. Higher levels of testosterone are responsible for this natural advantage. Men have evolved to lose weight faster. This may relate to the fact that men never needed to maintain body fat for child-bearing in our earlier days.

Men look slimmer faster. Even if a man and a woman lose the same amount of weight, the man usually looks trimmer. This is because men tend to accumulate fat around their midsection, while women hold more fat in their hips and thighs. Phentermine users both men and women usually experience at least one side effect while taking the medication. These reactions range from relatively mild to very severe. While dry mouth xerostomia is the most commonly reported side effect, men may be more worried about other problems.

Thankfully, these side effects seem to resolve themselves in about a week, or as soon as the body adjusts to the new medication. Either way, remember that weight loss is shown to improve body image and increase sexual desire in the long-run, so it will get better! Some men also describe increased frequency and decreased volume in urination while taking phentermine.

This problem appears to diminish with continued use of the medication, and should resolve itself after finishing the prescription. Still, always contact your prescribing doctor if you are concerned about continuing, severe, or worsening side effects of phentermine. Lifestyle modifications like proper hydration , healthy diet, and regular exercise can help lessen these side effects. These supplements are an all-natural alternative to prescription phentermine that help suppress appetite and boost energy, without the unwanted side effects.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by Phentermine tablets or some mental disorders. Many men, who keep using Phentermine weight loss capsules, say that erection is restored within several weeks of a drug therapy. To eliminate erectile dysfunction men are prescribed with drugs for ED treatment Sildenafil , Tadalafil. Vitamins, BAAs and herbs also help to restore erection. During post-marketing studies, scientists have revealed that some men during the use of Phentermine diet pills have an insignificant change in the size of testicles and penis.

The reason of this side effect lies in Phentermine mechanism of action. Sometimes this side effect make men stop the anti-obesity therapy. However, it is a temporal effect, therefore the size of testicles and penis are restored as the body gets used to Phentermine. Phentermine acts in the central nervous system. When using Phentermine slimming tablets some people become nervous, irritable and anxious.

These side effects may affect the sexual drive. A few days after the onset of Phentermine drug therapy, the body gets used to the effect of Phentermine and then nervousness and irritability go away. As anxiety goes away, the sexual desire recovers. The first results of weight loss are noticeable in the first week of using Phentermine capsules.

Weight loss brings energy and joy when a person achieves some noticeable changes in his look. This allows people to increase their self-esteem and most likely sexual drive, too. Thus, if men or women had noticed sexual side effects at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine, they should wait for a few weeks. Sexual side effects of Phentermine are temporal and pass on their own.

If side effects do not disappear for a long time, call a doctor.


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