Phentermine weight loss forums phentermine adipex

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phentermine weight loss forums phentermine adipex

I had a complete physical a few months ago, including labs. I've just started experiencing a couple of new side effects. Side effects for me eased after a couple of weeks, but I had quite intense nausea and difficulty sleeping initially. Lorelai taken for 1 to 6 months April 17, I'm glad I had the EKG first and blood panels.

Posted February 23rd, , I confess I took it but only because I had won a spot in a weightloss competition through a radio station. It was a medically supervised program that included phentramine. I was given a complete EKG and blood panel to first determine if I was even a candidate for it. I was, others were not and were given an herbal supplement like it. It worked for me and I lost 60 lbs but keep in mind I also had the luxury of seeing the doctor for it and being monitored weekly, and I also got a b12 shot.

The diet part was very low carb and legally in my state you can only be prescribed it for a certain amount of time. I referred 3 friends to the program and they also lost big time. One lost over , the other 50, the other They of course, had to pay for the program I got mine for free. I've kept all the weight off. I can't stand to eat the things I used to enjoy, and I am so used to eating less that to eat more than what I am now used to makes me sick to my stomach.

I would only recommend it if your doctor is going to monitor your progress on it. It's not meant to just "give" someone the pills and let them be on your own. I'm glad I had the EKG first and blood panels. I wouldn't do it any other way. Congrats on your weight loss!! My doctor will be monitoring me but only once per month. I had a complete physical a few months ago, including labs.

She checked a few things yesterday but didn't give me an EKG because I am in good health, no family history of heart problems and I always have good blood pressure. I have to go back in a month and she will check me out again to determine if I can take it for another month. She gave me a 2 pages of information, which I had to sign. It tells me things to look out for and when to stop taking it and when to call her. Today was my first day on it. I still felt hungry but was easily satisfied.

I managed to stay just under calories, which is way less than normal for me. The biggest thing I noticed is I didn't have any cravings for sweets I usually crave them constantly! Also, I normally drink about 8 Diet Cokes per day. Today I only had 2 and I never craved them, I'm just trying to avoid caffeine withdraws. So far I've had 8 glasses of water today which is about more than normal. I hope this works for me because I gained 60 lbs after injuring my feet and I really need to get it off!

Last edited by clalford1; February 23rd, at I too tried adipex after I had foot surgery and quit smoking, oh AND turned I went from a size 2 up to a size 18 in less than 2 years. My doctor didn't do an EKG but he did see me after 30 days. He checked my vitals and told me I might experience an increase in blood pressure. I haven't so far. I lost 27 pounds in less than 3 months but then I stopped taking it regularly. I do notice an increase in my cravings.

I actually called this morning to get a refill so I could start taking it again. I added CLA, raspberry ketones and a b complex vitamin in addition to the adipex the last month I took it regularly and I was losing like crazy. I should mention that I drank home made protein smoothies in the morning for breakfast and sometimes for dinner because that was all I really felt like eating. Good luck on your weight loss!! Posted February 24th, , Have you started back on them yet?

Did you gain any weight after you stopped taking them? What is CLA and raspberry ketones? I have been drinking protein shakes meals a day too. Posted February 25th, , It works but your body can get used to it in a short time and then it won't work. I've been on it a few times but still haven't conquered my other eating issues and that needs to be in place.

My doctor would pay close attention to my heart while on the phentermine. Looking to book my next trip! Posted February 26th, , As I understood it, the EKG was a pretty crucial step prior to taking it more so than the blood panel part. So this is what the doctor said anyway, she was a specialist in weight loss. If you haven't conquered your eating part, that's not the medicine, that's you. Your the only one who controls what goes into your mouth and if dont change your eating habits at the same time you can build up a tolerance to it which is what you did.

It's not a license to keep eating in the same way that got you fat to begin with. You still have to control your eating habits, the idea is to curb your appetite. I think this is why a lot of diets fail, people still think they can eat the same amounts they are accustomed to. Last edited by Gathina; February 26th, at My first week I was allowed no more than 5 carbs..

I am not a big meat eater to begin with so for me this was torture but the first week I lost 14lb.. Now I maintain on about per day. I've gotten back into endurance exercise and when I have days of hard running I eat about calories per day, but it's an extra in protein and not carbs. And I have to say, the best part for me was having my wedding dress taken in 6. I know which is why my dr took me off it. I was doing good then had a few things happen that triggered my emotional eating.

If I can conquer that I know I'll beat my issues even without meds. My doctor told me to eat , which is hard to do while eating healthy on these pills but I try to at least get close. I'm so happy it worked out so great for you. I hope I have good results too. I have been taking it for a month Posted February 28th, , Drastic but it's not as drastic as you think when you consider it's low carb and high protein. I did have like cups of green vegetables per day.

I researched the doctor a lot. These are very expensinse, about a dollar a pill. This is becuase it is a brand item and they do not make a generic. As far as price goes it is very cheap to buy for dr. These drugs are mainly used to combat obesity and only used for short periods of time because there are some serious side effects, mainly damage to the heart valves.

However if a person is that much overweight the plus side of losing the weight help out weigh the down side. Due to he fact that they are a contolled substance and the dea checks our inventory throughout the year i cant just try it for myself so i would be interested to know what the effects are on someone who is not obese and just looking to lose fat. Any other questions please let me know.

Yes Phen-fen was the main cause of the heart valve problems and while phentermine is much safer when used for a very long period of time it can become unsafe. However in many of these studies including some of the studies on the phen fen they found that the heart valve condition was present in many obese people regardless of phentermine usage. Alot of the doctors we deal with use a step system and increase and decrease the dosage evry few weeks if they plan to have there patients stay on it for a long period of time, this is obviouldy so ur body doenst build such a tolerance.

What type of pill did u use if u dont mind me asking? I have taken clenbuterol before and lost a considerable amount of weight. I am now getting a perscription of adipex phentermine and i will let you guys know how things workout. I have been taking adipex for about 3 weeks now and i can honestly say i have never been this skinny. I also lost a large amount of muscle mass. If you are going to take adipex i am warning you that you will have the worst headache for the first couple of days.

It just takes some time for your body to get used to the effects of Adipex phentermine. I am now at 7 percent body fat. I lost my appetite completely, and would forget to eat. That is unheard of for me. I went from eating calories a day to about maybe. If you want to lose weight and dont care about losing some muscle mass to go with it, then this is the pill for you.

Do not try to purchase adipex online. It will be a placebo. I hope this will help. Originally Posted by Opies. New to BB, need some green to spread. Originally Posted by rocstar Originally Posted by Seewahbee. I'm taking the generic brand of Adipex right now. So far I've noticed a ton of energy but nothing too intense. No jitters or anything like that.


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