Phentermine topiramate strengths based marriage

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By former Amazon executive. He wants to know you! We opened the book and looked for the test Men like Nelson Mandela, F. I am willing to try anything to undo this damage. Dexterity 15 or Intelligence 15, Wisdom 9 Prime Req.: Is this a side effect of Topamex?

: Phentermine topiramate strengths based marriage

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Phentermine drug interactions I so far phentermine worked with over migraineurs, based of whom stopped taking all of their medicines and are migraine free—provided they honor the based requirements. Make It or Break It. Hiatea is marriage by the evil that fills the hearts of Thrym and Surtr, and wishes they would work with marriage for the phentermine of the Jotunbrud as a whole, rather than focusing phentermine coupons 2017 on their own strengths and personal interests. Is this a side effect of Topamex? Bulimia topiramate is a mix of a disease of a particular brain region that sees something different in the mirror from reality—but we all have that to some degree, even if not weight specific. Kidney stones and all. Unfortunately mwrriage of these medicines cause strengths loss because they block the voltage gated calcium channels topiramate that stops the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.
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For a bulimic, cutting carbohydrates out is a hard thing since that is usually the very subject of binge eating. So as hard as it is, you do need to change something in your life in order to become healthy and be able to stop your habits that you know take you to misery. Topamax is a weight loss medicine and will not stop your brain from wanting to binge eating, only stops the action from happening at a price of long-term-use permanent brain damage.

Sorry for the long answer; I just wanted to give you a full picture so you understand the connections of a few things and can make the right choices! I am so glad I was able to help you. Not sure how dates were designed but a single date has more sugar in it than you can envision packing into it! It contains 4 teaspoons of sugar equivalent see the USDA table for date! That way you get the true sugar equivalent—that is how much sugar it will convert into rather than what it contains.

Like for Medjool dates, 1 pitted date:. This calculation is important because you will see not only what it is in carbs total for the day but in sugar equivalent. Like you say you average gr carbohydrates a day even with these types of foods, that is equivalent to 50 teaspoons of sugar a day! Looking at it that way it is a lot more powerful of a statement than saying it is gr carbs, right?

I hope you will be able to accept yourself the way you are and work with what you can do rather than fight what you cannot! Jan, you are making the right changes. The best diet to move onto is the low carbs high fat LCHF—here I link to the easiest form called Banting diet and you will be fine. Your sweating hopefully will improve—you may be overproducing now to compensate.

I know several people taking medicine for sweating and I have not yet heard any complaint. In I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went the whole 9 yards with treatment surgery, radiation and now take tamoxifen. My endocrinologist recently prescribed topamax because my weight went up from tamoxifen. Will these niggling effects that surface now and then all go away eventually? Sorry to hear all the health conditions you went through. Topamax, for some people, increases weight.

The mechanism of Topamax is a voltage gated calcium channel blocker and as such, it affects your whole body, often in unpredictable ways. It is originally a weight loss drug but the FDA removed it from being used as a weight loss drug many years ago for its side effects. Now I totally understand that in your condition there are different priorities. However, there is a ton of new science showing that cancer is a metabolic disease—most of the articles are very scientific but there are even books about it, and here is the summary of many scientific articles about how what you eat affects cancer growth—and in some cases I would think most cases for adults causes it.

This includes many steps: There are many examples of people with very complicated and usually fatal in a very short time place their cancers into complete remission and live still several years after they were supposed to have died because they made all these changes and started the ketogenic diet. Here is a video of perhaps the most known example of a usually fatal within a year cancer glioblastoma being completely put to remission by a then year old now 33 I think person.

There are many more cases. The ketogenic diet is used therapeutically for seizures and other health conditions and is in experimental mode for all kinds of cancers. So you can kill several bad things with one swoop. However, in order to be on the ketogenic diet, you need to stop Topamax—the FDA has now put a warning label on it to not be used in ketosis. In ketosis, many drugs became agonists and start causing trouble. The very thing you want. So as the normal healthy human diet base, it is harmless and it can help you reset your metabolism to the flexible one—it has for me.

So I recommend you consider your options: For me the answer lies in the ketogenic diet and to be honest, I have never felt better in my life. My dr said there is research it can prevent binge eating. Currently my dose is mg 2 x a day. As far as migraines, it seems not to help much with that anymore either. I get at least 1 every week. I had no idea the topomax could cause this many problems or that it had a black box warning.

I do notice big changes with my memory and concentration etc since being on it and it seems to be getting worse. At one point a couple years ago, 1 dr took me off and I was feeling better then. Depression etc had lifted. But 6 months later I saw my regular dr again and she put me back on it. I will definitely stop it! So who knows what all of those other meds have done? I am worried though about any permanent damage? Very sorry to hear the kind of hell your doctors put you though.

Topamax is not supposed to have anything to do with your mood so the very first doctor who prescribed it for you was in the wrong. Topamax is an anticonvulsant, a drug for seizures! It literally has zero connection with mood. I wish you were not put back on it again! The ketogenic diet is not a diet—not sure who gave it that name the very first time but it sure misleads a lot of people.

It is a different metabolic process. The Standard American Diet SAD is a carbohydrate-based diet, in which the metabolic process is that of glucose burning for everything. This metabolic process is what drugs are created for. The carbohydrate metabolic process has much more steps than the ketogenic diet, which is NOT a glucose metabolic process. The ketogenic diet is a fat-burning metabolic process that has significantly fewer steps and those steps are different from carbohydrate burning one.

This is the reason why nearly all medicines interact with the ketogenic diet. I have a ketogenic group for migraineurs but at the entry it is made clear that as long as medicines are taken, the ketogenic diet is out of question and they need to start in my standard protocol group for migraineurs. I recommend that if you want to do the ketogenic diet eventually—once you are no longer on any migraine medicines—you join one in which full control is exercised by the group manager and admins over what is happening in the group, such as mine.

My group is a scientific one; we follow safe practices and the latest science. I am a migraineur on the ketogenic diet now for 2 years and will likely never ever change. In terms of brain damage: Topamax causes more than some of the others. Some damage is permanent and some surface after you quit the drug. However, with lots of work and the ketogenic diet, we can rebuild the brain to be about as good as what it was before Topamax.

I just read this and had to reply as well. My regular physician would not give me a sleeping pill. He said there is to many side effects with those drugs! My Neurologist put me on Topamax! NOW I sleep so much better……my brain may be altered but I can sleep. My desire for sweets is gone! Having an altered brain is not a good thing. Topamax is a weight loss drug originally and so it definitely works for that but at what price? Thank you for this blog.

I was put on Topamax for migraines, I ended up admitted to the hospital with heart rate of when standing — all my drs refused to even consider Topamax the culprit- I slowly titrated myself down — a week after discontinuing.. Thank you for your heart-breaking comment. Indeed, doctors refuse to notice. I think part of the problem is us because we have the power to report an adverse reaction to drugs but I suspect few people do.

Here is the link to adverse even reporting—it can be done electronically or by paper and mailed in. Please report what you found, as should all other people report what they had as adverse effects! The FDA listens since they check these reports to see if a drug needs a warning label or not. Congratulation for your coming off of Topamax. Please join my FB migraine group for helping you become migraine free without any medicines. It is totally possible!

Over migraineurs are migraine and medicine free now for years me included! Hi, I know you wrote this a long time ago but im going to take my chances and write to you anyways. In my doctor put me on Topamax for weight loss, with diet and exercise and a little help with decreased appetite because of the Topamax I lost a lot of weight. Also I was a very heavy drinker I guess I should say that I am an alcoholic and while on the Topamax I had no desire to drink what so ever.

After I got out of the hospital after my surgery I weaned off the drug. A few months later I had a glass of wine and it all went downhill from there, about two week ago I decided to go back on the Topamax for my alcoholism this time and it seems to be working so far. I should also mention that I have Borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, Social anxiety disorder.

This is a very sad story on more than one levels. Topamax is definitely not the drug of choice for you since it shots your brain down. I understand your plea for help for alcoholism and that is well warranted as there is not too much help around and there is no medicine that can remove your addiction to alcohol. Alcohol damages often destroys your dopamine receptors and the damage is irreversible.

The only way to overcome it is by psychotherapy at the moment. Have you tried that? Perhaps the same would work for your depression as well as your other health conditions. Since I am not an expert in alcoholism, I cannot be of much help. I wish I could help you. Thank you for opening up and thank you for your honesty. I think the best way to being cured is by being honest and facing the monster—and you are doing that now.

It helped a lot with that. But eventually I thought I was going to die on Topomax. I also developed ataxia. Also full-blown fainting spells that left me waking up on the floor. I bought a walker to help me walk. I believe Topomax could have killed me. I am very sorry for what happened to you and glad that you have discovered the problem and stopped Topamax. Topamax is not an anxiety medicines—not sure what doctor would ever prescribe it for that! That is just downright wrong! I am glad you figured it all out and saved yourself.

Please give me a update praying that you are better today… I am starting to loose hope that he will ever get better. Today is 32 days off that drug that comes straight from the devil himself.. Sorry to hear about your husband. Dizziness is often the symptom of hyponatremia—not enough salt in the diet. Is he on reduced salt for some reason?

Angela no he is not on reduced salt at all. I firmly believe that Topamax is the cause of this. Oh also his heart was racing terrible like during the e. It is really hard to tell but when you mentioned racing heart, the light bulb went off: There are 2 forms of dehydration:. In this case Ia m talking about water and the proper balance of potassium and sodium potassium from food only please, never take supplemental potassium 2 drinking too much water without the matching amount of salt and potassium to allow the cells to use that water—this is also called water toxicity.

Is that possible that he is not hydrated properly? You can calculate his water need: That is the minimum amount of water he needs to drink in oz. To get this in 8 oz glass sizes, divide this number by 8: His maximum water amount is just his weight divided by 8: I would quit all soft drinks, juices, teas, alcohol, and drink max 1 cup of coffee a day. See if that will stabilize his heart. Please let me know. The heart doctor thinks he has a condition where his heart and his brain or not connecting I just hope to God he can get better.

Cindy, he needs to stop the sugar substituted PowerAid. Sugar substitutes are trouble. Not enough is known about them but it appears that they cause obesity and since many also spike insulin, they may lead to metabolic disorders over time. For proper hydration all he really needs is water and salt—that is saline, which is in the electrolyte one receives as IV in hospitals and ERs. He can just use regular table salt or purchase salt pills or capsules, and drink unflavored water—can be flat or sparkling but no flavoring.

Taking a water pill a diuretic is probably one of the worst possible treatment for anything… it is not takign the water from the right places and it can cause more harm than good. He may have a health condition called Mal de Debarquement sea legged sensation and that typically hints at dysregulated electrolyte by not enough salt.

However, there can be other causes as well, so it can be a bit of a digging to find out what you can do about it. Hello Angela we got a diagnosis and it is caused from his medications probably the Topamax. Ortho static intolerance, Vado vagal syncope. This is one evil drug to do these things to people he has to go to physical therapy starts that on Wednesday. Praying this nightmare will end soon and my husband will get better. The ketogenic diet would help him but if he is still on Topamax, he should not get into ketosis because the ketogenic diet and Topamax interact—most medicines interact with the ketogenic diet.

Also, please ask him to stop sugar substituted things because they cause obesity and potentially type 2 diabetes. And finally, as he is switching to ketogenic from LCHF, he needs to increase his salt and water intake—watch for cramps. Those mean he needs more salt. I have a ketogenic group that he is welcome to join.

We follow the scientific and safe way. Do you think there could be a link between my long term Topamax and my newly discovered high iron levels in my blood? I believe the exact opposite is known to be possible: I searched the literature and find nothing about increased red blood count. However, it can be a secondary symptom of a side effect that may be connected to an organ that is being damaged by Topamax. I highly advise you to go to an internist or similar and have them check what could have caused your high iron in your blood.

Please keep me posted! Oh dear; my heart just skipped a beat from reading your message! Claire, does your daughter have migraines or was it going to be for something else? She is minor so she cannot join Facebook but you can join us and we can help her through you. My regular migraine group can be found at the link and is usually the starting point for everyone on medication of any kind or the ketogenic group for migraineurs if she is not taking any meds regularly every day. Dr Stanton, I am happy to have read this article because I have been on the generic for Topamax for about 10 years now for chronic migraines.

It has been hard to determine what symptoms are related to my thyroid disease or from the Topamax. I am now at a point where my thyroid medication seems to have little effect, and I have read that Topamax may effect TSH mine is very low. Yesterday I came to the conclusion I needed to wean myself off of my current dosage of mg of Topamax.

I understand that I should do this in increments of 25 mg per week, is that correct? Thanks for this article and your insight. It has been very helpful to me in making this decision! Thank you for asking. Great to hear that you are starting to wean off Topamax. I am not an MD so cannot advise you. I can only tell you what I would do so I will tell you just that. I personally found that the migraineurs I deal with need a slower taper. Since I never took Topamax, I created a gradual taper based on their experience.

But before I tell you that schedule I have noted working extremely well, I must add a few things. When you started taking Topamax for your migraine, you started it for a reason. Unless you change that reason—and you can—your migraines will come back the same way if not worse. My migraineurs all have to make major life-style changes to be able to taper off their medicines, including Topamax. With the change of lifestyle, you can become pain and medicine free but just coming off Topamax without making changes will cause trouble.

So first let me outline in mini steps what you need to do before you start changes in your medicine routine. This is not a medical advice but based on science:. So to stop myelin damage, you need to cut all sugar out of your diet. That is because grain is a major irritant that has no nutrition it is all fortified and is very high in carbohydrates pure starch and glucose. The fibers in grain are bulk forming, sucking all moisture out of you—hence constipation.

Migraineurs are always dehydrated and so grain is a dehydrating agent. Migraineurs need more water than others. Such hyper sensitivity uses more voltage in the brain and thus migraineurs need more salt in their diet. I found great success with reducing Topamax in much smaller increments and much slower: Then continue to chop off another quarter from one pill every day and keep the same dose for the rest and repeat as on the first 7 weeks… in several month this way one can become Topamx free without any side effect—provided baseline is maintained forever.

Baseline if for life. Thank you for your article. I started on Topamax 50 mg. I tried lots of natural things trying to avoid meds, but needed to function and raise my kids. I know the gastritis I was diagnosed with in Oct. I am still taking Topamax, with food now and have not had too many problems that I know of. It has actually helped me tremendously with headaches. It made them disappear most days, which has given me a quality of life I did not have before. That being said — I would love to be off of meds if possible!

Glad to hear that you are doing better but wish to join my migraine group. There are over migraineurs in the group now; it is a very busy group as everyone is doing what you are doing—all the new members. Many of us will help you, including me. I started on 25 mg of Topamax a year and half ago for ocular migraines. After 5 months, I started developing symptoms similar to peripheral neuropathy but instead of just my hands and feet, it was my entire body. It started with my face going numb.

Then I started getting shocks. Soon I was getting shocks, numbness, burning and muscle twitching all over my body. The Topamax was increased to see if it would help the nerve pain and it just kept getting worse! My highest dose was 50 mg twice a day. I asked if it could be from the Topamax months ago and I was assured it would not cause such widespread symptoms. When I cut my dosage to 25 mg twice a day I noticed that my neuropathy symptoms were not as severe. During this time, I also went on a clean eating diet and cut out all sugar, grains and dairy.

After reading your article, I discussed weaning off completely with my GP and I have another week and half until I can safely stop. Could it still be the Topamax causing my symptoms? If it is the Topamax, is the nerve pain likely to go away eventually? Thank you for any advice you may have! Glad to hear you are coming off the monster. I think your pain is increasing because your are coming off too fast. I think you just need to go back to the last good dose and then reduce slower—talk to your doctor and reduce much slower.

Dairy has a lot of very important nutrients that support the nervous system—most importantly animal fats. The brain is mostly made of fat and by not eating it, you are hurting your body. Your brain insulation myelin is made from cholesterol and fat and that may be damaged from the medicine and also from the health condition in general. It improves significantly from a high fat low carbs diet.

It seems you got the low carbs right but need to increase your fat. Increased fat combined with a slower reduction will allow your body to heal as you reduce the meds. I was on Cipro just a few months ago for a bad case of appendicitis. But my neuropathy symptoms started over a year ago. Quite a few of my symptoms are gone. So I stopped my allergy medication 6 days ago and my remaining symptoms are getting better. I read that allergy meds can cause neuropathy too!

Thanks Julie for your comment to Lea. Indeed neuropathy symptoms can show up after any quinolone drugs—sometimes much later. Often it is reversible Julie by forcing cell regeneration since it is the mitochondria that was damaged by quinolones. Forcing cell regeneration stem cells that have new mitochondria without DNA damage requires a change of diet until you recover.

I was also hurt by Cipro I was involved in the black-boxing of the quinolones by the FDA by a petition but after a couple of years on the ketogenic diet that permitted fasting, I recovered completely. Fasting encourages the body to trash damaged cells and generate healthy new ones. Depending on your injuries you may be able to recover as well.

Lea I think you are doing the right thing. Have you switched allergy meds to a 2nd generation type? Generation 1 can cause issues but generation 2 is less likely to do so. I have been on Topamax since June 30 50 mg for insomnia and the only symptom I have had is lack of appetite. My wife and mother in law were on it 15 years ago and lost 75 lbs each and only ended up being slightly cranky and had no issues on it and had no problems coming off of it. Neither of them have any other health related problems related to being on Topamax and so far neither do I expect for the fact I am sleeping a whole lot better and lost weight which to me is also a bonus.

Topamax is a diet pill so if that is what you are using it for and you have no health conditions, it may not hurt you. That is quite a different story from other people like the ones with migraines or similar. Oh and is there anything known about topamax and melasma hyperpigmentation? I was glad to have found your article on the internet based on scientific resources. Also the replies sounded very familier and shocking to me. Sorry for my bad english by the way.

I do believe topamax blocks alle neurotransmitters and together with that vague depersonalization, cognitive problems and depression it made me a complete volnurable and unstable person not in power to explain myself to the doctor. I experienced all this and more and had contact with my doctor about this on a regular basis. I live in the Netherlands and here it is also a popular drug voor off label use.

Again sorry for my poor english. I used topamax for 8 months only 25 mg twice a day but responded more severely as time went by. Lost a part of my personality. Quit my job and a radio show because of angst and cognitive disabillities. Also my skin till today is looking suddenly old and superdehydrated. I somehow barely had vitamine d in my body anymore while i work as a gardener in the sun and the pH value of my body was just off.

Anyway, i never felt so strange, lost, stupid and in panic of this numbness in my life. Crying from out of nowhere, a lot of minor other stuff but most important the connection that seemed missing in my brain while my doctor kept on saying that she never heard of such symptoms. I quit topamax for 6 months now and i fear that i m not going tot recover. Will this eventually repair itself with a semi ketogyn diet, exercise, study, sleep, etc?

What is your experience with people who reacted strong to a lower dosage of topamax and only used it for 8 months? There is much money made out of it. And there are a lot of bad drugs people just get prescribed every day, not knowing how perhaps it might damage you. How many people must be hurt before a drug is actually to dangerous to sell anymore? My doctor prescribed topamax so easy and laconiek, not even for migraine or epileptic seizures.

She prescribed it for my eating disorder and as a kind of mood stabilizator that would help with ocd. What a crazy world, with a lot of differences between rich and poor and now health problems because of sugars, medicines and pollution of this earth. I m not an idealist but this has gone top far. Sorry for the long text. I hope for soms good news based on your patients experiences.

I do understatement that it is different per person. Very sorry to hear about your health and melasma hyperpigmentation, which indeed can be the result of Topamax although it is a rarer adverse effect than others and I think it may not even be listed anywhere—I will have it listed in my new book son to come out about migraine as a complete guide of what it is and how to prevent it.

I have a section of Drugs of Shame with 30 of the most commonly prescribed drugs to migraineurs and their side effects. I will add this. Topamax block voltage dependent calcium channels they are needed to release neurotransmitters in the brain and also some voltage dependent sodium channels they are needed for cellular functions such as respiration, action potential, and cellular level hydration.

So yes, you are correct, Topamax blocks just about all brain functions and it is degenerative may not be permanent but some forms are. Degeneration occurs in the brain when a neuron is not communicating not releasing neurotransmitters because neurons it communicates with disconnect from the one not sending messages. This is called synaptic pruning.

The pruning need not be permanent because the brain is very dynamic and neurons constantly prune and extend their connections—neurons also move, they are not standing still like your skin cells, for example. So there is hope. I am very sorry that you quit your job at the radio and are struggling with your brain now in comprehension. It can be improved but it requires a lot of hard work on your part—on of them is a change of nutrition. Voltage leaks cause seizures and voltage not happening causes migraines.

So by fixing the myelin, you can fix your brain back to health. To recover myelin you need to quit all sugars, no matter what kind, all high carbohydrate foods such as grains and fruits with a lot of sugar in them, and need to stop using vegetable cooking oil and start using animal fats. Animal fats are important to reestablish myelin. You also said something important about vitamin D. Few people realize that the sun is not enough to generate vitamin D.

We need to have fat and cholesterol under our skin for D synthesis by the sun!! If you are not eating enough cholesterol and not eating enough fat, the sun cannot make D no matter how much you are on the sun all day. Also, those who take a statin cholesterol reduction medicine, are not able to carry fat soluble vitamins and minerals in their body and that leads to a lot of health problems.

Calcium, for example, is a fat soluble mineral. If you are not eating enough fat or are blocking cholesterol production by a statin, you also are malnourished with many of the minerals and vitamins needed for your health. This can be a contributing factor for hyper pigmentation. Since you are a migraineur, I recommend you join my migraine group where I work with many people to help them recover from migraines, how to prevent migraines, and how to treat one if one comes through without any medicines.

I am a migraineur who has been able to prevent all migraines for over 6 years now; the group is a little over 3 years old and have so far got over people migraine free. Thank you for your quick and informative response. I m going to try and start with cutting of sugars and eating more good fat. I actually am not a migraineur. I actually think i had a hormonal disbalans all my life and coope with binge eating and ocd topamax just took a reall toll above that and i regret taking it that i barely can handle.

And i coop by binge eating sugars more then ever before so i gained a lot of weight 25 kilo in 6 months. I had a normal weight last year. But cooping with sugars because i m scared and damaged of of topiramate is the stupidest thing i could do.. I hope you keep creating awareness among dangerous medicines and wish you the best of luck with your book and searching for healthier ways to prevent migraine.

Good for you for getting off of this horrible drug! It should never be prescribed! Keep persevering as it will take a little time. Do NOT let this drug get you down. It should be illegal to prescribe this drug! Take care and God bless! I thought it was just me. I am angry, I cry, I have no interest in life anymore. Wow Cola, I am so sorry to hear!!! There is always hope! Feel reassured that you can recover from this. Just talk to your doctor!

They are some serious conditions and yes this is a serious drug with serious side effects. I suffer from sever depression which I have tried almost every treatment and drug label and off label available. Most antidepressants do carry very serious side effects. I am aware of the side effects, I am also aware of the constant debilitating depression that consumes my so called life I live. You insulted me, my illness and my treatment. After all, there is what is called NNT number needed to treat.

That means that often thousands of people are harmed by a drug at the cost of 1 person benefiting from that drug. You are the lucky one benefiting at the cost of the thousands I know getting hurt. I think you should now be able to feel how insulted those who get hurt are in order for you to feel better. Just another realistic and totally industry-accepted and known viewpoint. My comment was directed solely towards you Angela. The article on Topamax was written specifically for migraineurs who are placed on Topamax.

I have not yet met a migraineur who is placed on Taxotere, since that drug is a cancer treatment drug. Cancer treatment drugs all cause damage because they cannot differentiate between sick and healthy cells but that has nothing to do with migraine. As you can see, my articles are all revolving around migraine, medicines prescribed for migraine, and migraine-associated nutrition with a slight branching off in the nutritional area more and more.

These are my areas of research. My doctor said this was a wonder drug because it would also rid me of my debilitating migraines and help me lose weight. I have been on it for 9 years. At first, it helped my depression, for maybe 6 months. I was on so much medication I just kept taking it. Now, having entered menopause I found out I was having extreme symptoms because Topamax completely rendered my estrogen ineffective. A very smart visiting pharmacist caught that I was on birth control estrogen and Topamax and asked me why?

I came home and started researching. I called my current physician who had no clue about this. All I am saying is proceed with caution. It may only work for a short time. I am now slowly coming off. I am scared of the withdrawal but I am more scared of this drug. There are many many articles about Topamax and even message boards with people trying to get off.

In the last 3 years I have done things like excessive spending that are completely out of character for me. Good Luck with your depression, I have had it all my life and I am with you. Thanks for your response to Kemptondale. Thanks also for your message on estrogen since most people have no idea about that it is not listed as a side effect! This is a very important point. Coming off of Topamax is not hard if you do it very slowly—much slower than the recommendations of the manufacturer.

It makes it much easier if you change your diet to be migraine friendly—observing the genetic components of migraine: So it makes it much easier to come off of Topamax if you stop all sugar including honey and all sugar substitutes including naturals like Stevia and reduce high sugar fruits and starchy veggies like potatoes. The migraineurs I have been working with and who are now migraine and medicine free, most also stopped grains not all. It makes it easier.

Hello Angela, I wanted to give you an update and hopefully get a little feedback. I did research and I went down 25mg at a time for 2 week durations. I did end with one week of The good news is after my last dose I started taking my birth control pills again and virtually ALL my horrible menopause symptoms have lessened. However, even though I have only been off 1. LOL That is seriously what I feel like.

My legs still feel like jello and my hands sporadically shake. I liken it to having mononucleosis. I can be ok one day and cry the next 24 hours about things I have no control over. My 20 year old divorce, being bullied in school, etc I am I have had a fair amount of counseling so I know I healed these wounds properly. I know you are going to say go to the Dr.

She is a 40 year old, extremely intelligent woman who had no problem finding my degenerative jawbone disease and has basically cured my thyroid problems if that is even possible. These big pharmaceutical companies have them so brainwashed. And if you show a Dr. I am not asking for any medical expertise, but tell me that someday after being on this drug 9 years that my brain will work again?!?

I would just love some input based on what you know of and have encountered in your studies. It needs to be taken OFF the market. Anyway I really appreciate your time and energy and everything you are doing for people out there. I actually was not going to suggest that you go see a doctor becuase what you experience is the damage that Topamax caused and that is nothing a doctor can treat. There is a lot of new research in the area of cell regeneration including brain cells and we are starting to understand what can make a different in a case such as yours where damage occurred, which may be permanent.

It need not be permanent but there is a lot of commitment required on your part—which I am certain you have—to try. The approach is nutritional—I use this and so I am sharing with you what I do. Some of this has been used since the Roman times and we know it works. It also increases the healthy mitochondria in the cells so each cell can produce more energy. The first part comes from fasting.

Fasting can accomplish a lot of things. My preferred method of fasting is what I practice just about every day is called Since my nutritional approach is in my point 2, let me explain that before I continue the fasting part. So the second part is what nutrition you eat in general. Any type of sugar or grain will hamper recovery. Insulin damages myelin and sugary stuff and grains have a ton of glucose and hence a load of insulin is needed for metabolism.

So no grain, no sugar, no cereals, no starches no potatoes and similar , no juices, smoothies, shakes—these all are without fiber and just become sugar water. All f what I described are carbohydrates. You need not cut out all carbohydrates; there are plenty of vegetables and low sugar-high fiber fruits you can eat.

Like zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, all lettuces, spinach, most squashes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and similar are OK as vegetables and for fruits stick with raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. As you are cutting down on your carbohydrates, you will find your calories drop significantly—this can cause a headache if you start this way so this is harsh. However, reduced caloric diet can lead to increase of the first point I made—cell regeneration.

To avoid a headache and start healthy myelin rebuilding, you need to increase fats. The kind of fats you eat matter! Without getting into major details: Cooking should only be done in animal fats. Olive oil is still great for you, but should only be used cold and never heated. I eat no other vegetable oils—avocado oil is also OK cold but it has a very think nature and strong taste so you may not like it. This is not a medical advise in any shape or form. This is something I practice every day for the past two years.

If you are otherwise health—no insulin issues—this nutritional method may or may not get you into ketosis, based on what portion of macronutrients you end up with. This will not likely to get you into ketosis but reduces the carbohydrates significantly to the level where it is beneficial and mixed with fasting sy once a week or more can totally help you regenerate some health into your cells.

This will get you into ketosis your body will switch from carbs burner to fat burner. I have an article on the ketogenic diet that you may want to read if you want to try this. I have been practicing this diet for about two years with amazing results I am a migraineur and had many other health conditions, all of which reversed. Thank you so much Angela! I am willing to try anything to undo this damage.

And I have a lot of work to do! God bless you and everyone going through this. And of course, another key part in my recovery is a lot of talking to God. Time to make a grocery list! The focus must be now on whatever it takes to recover. Looking forward to meeting you in the group. I have been taking Topamax since March 30, I would like to share a positive note, this medication has been a miracle drug for me. However, I will speculate that this may be because of the low dose of 25 mg and the bedtime dosing.

It has significantly reduced my migraines, muscle spasms, depression, improved my right sided vision and I am less likely to gamble or shop. Maybe the key is 25 mg and not increasing the dosage to dangerous levels which are known to cause side effects. Hope you can find some value in this. There is value in every comment that is educational. I found many people who had major negative reactions to 25 mg as well so the response is individual.

However, I totally agree: I never understood why doctors want to increase the dose of a drug that works well in a low dose. By contrast, most doctors increase the dose when the patient has side effects!!! That makes even less sense to me. There are other ways to prevent and treat migraines that are not medicinal. You may enjoy reading this article on what migraine is to understand why it need not be medicated.

It was an absolute miracle drug for me. I suffered from completely debilitating migraines that started around age For the next 8 years I cycled through different abortive drugs trying to find something that would give me some semblance of a normal life. I just knew that I would come home from school and immediately go to bed because lights, noise, and smells were too much for me too handle. I lost all my friends. I had no social life. There was even a not-so-hilarious incident in college where I had to lead a class lecture while using a new abortive medicine that left me functioning with the cognitive equivalent of a carrot.

This was followed by an even less hilarious meeting with my professor where he asked me if I was abusing drugs…. Then I started seeing a migraine specialist in South Jersey who started me on Topamax. After a few weeks, I could not believe the difference. I felt like a normal human being. There was a few months in Brazil where I was unable to fill my prescription and I reverted right back to the incredibly painful migraines.

When I was able to fill my prescription again, the miracle returned. Glad you are doing well on Topamax. You are one of the very few who do. I have a question: Did you not have any? I find that odd…. I began taking topiramate mg for about three weeks and my neurologist increased my dosage by double. Within a few days I felt as though I had an ear infection. Or as if my hearing was blocked.

I called to make an appointment. I made an appointment for a few days out with my family doctor. I had no temp and no indications of an ear infection. I was referred to ENT I was completely dismissed by the ent doctor and told my ear was clear and I passed the hearing test even though I tried to explain my ear still souped muffled. I followed by phone with my Neurologist who insisted there was no connection. Once again, I was completely dismissed. A few days has gone my my hearing has worked.

Yesterday it dawned on my that my hearing issue began around the time the increase in dosage. So I did a little progressive research in rare side effects and sure enough there are some reports of people stating hearing loss. Not one of the three doctors will return my calls. Its only been about 5 weeks total. So upsetting that none of theses doctors took the time to investigate coalition between new medications and symptoms! Very sorry to hear what happened to your hearing and saddened by how the doctors are not listening to what is a totally legitimate and serious observation that they should take seriously.

Your adverse effect report will join the millions and when it reaches a certain threshold number, the responsibel parties at the FDA meet and decide if that adverse reaction should be added on the label—if many people report the same, chance are it will be added, so your reporting is important. Here are the links and instructions of how to report. So you can decide to take matters in your hand and start reducing on your own. This is totally up to you.

If you do, you may want to ask your pharmacist, since your doctors are not helping, on a proper reduction method—but in either case, you need to reduce your dose very slowly and over a long period of time. You are young and your brain is still developing it never stops changing and so there is a high chance of recovery but since I have not yet heard of your symptom from others, I have no history of knowledge. The only way to know is by trying. I am so glad I found your blog. I have seizures but has been awhile since I have had one, I have been taking Lamictal for the last 15yrs to control them but it has effected my memory.

I asked my neurologist if I could take Topomax, thinking it would be a better med with the benefit of losing weight. I am currently waiting for it to come in the mail but I started reading up on the med and it has horrible reviews, in fact most are bad. I think I will stay with the bad memory. Unfortunately all of these medicines cause memory loss because they block the voltage gated calcium channels and that stops the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Neurons brain cells only stay connected as long as they are communicating — communication is via neurotransmitters. It need not be permanent since once the channels are stopped being blocked, the neurons can get connected again—the length of time matters. Topamax seems to have more and deeper side effects than some of the others so it may not have been a good choice plus while it certainly helps some people lose weight, it also help some people gain weight.

Weight loss is not guaranteed at all. It would help your seizures if you stopped all sugars and sugar substitutes since seizures are caused by damaged myelin. Myelin gets damaged by glucose. Myelin is made from fat and cholesterol and so you should talk to your doctor about trying the ketogenic diet for seizures. Children are placed on the ketogenic diet and many not all are fully recovered after 2 years on it. The ketogenic diet is extremely restrictive in carbs. I have no seizures but have migraines and decided to be on it.

I have been on it for 2 years now and will likely stay on it for life with little summer breaks for some fruits. Can you recommend anything I can do or take to help improve my memory such as vitamins and minerals? This is the essence of the ketogenic diet BUT there the goal is to prevent the need for any medicines. Since you are taking Topamax as we speak, getting on the ketogenic diet may not be a good option—although I know that children are placed on both at the same time but I have seen that backfire.

Medicines and supplements that are made to work in a carbohydrate burning environment may start working weird in a fat burning environment—different metabolic process and you may get hurt. There are 2 kind of MCT oils: The coconut oil people are loving to add to coffee and cook with it are not all MCTs so best to get the supplement of just MCTs. If I do start the Topamax I eventually will stop taking the Lamictal and rely on Topamax to control my seizures.

I will try the MCT oil and see if that helps with the memory. I started the low carb diet a couple of days ago, I was on it before and lost weight but it is hard to stay on it. The nature of the beast varies by each tribal legend, but often is a massive hydra with fifty or more heads, and is often the impetus for the creation of her spear.

Throughout her early life and later struggles, she learned the importance of both settled life and life in wild, natural places, and represents the balance between the two. In addition, upon presenting herself to her father, she taught him the importance of the balance between sons and daughters, and that neither is more important than the other. She works the hardest at trying to get her brother Skoraeus to end his introversion, although she is careful not to push too hard.

Hiatea, often with Solonor or other deities of hunting such as Mielikki or Artemis, often makes sojourns to the Beastlands, where her prowess and skill are greatly respected. Her open and friendly attitude, along with respect for the balance between settled life and life in the wilderness, has made her many friends throughout the upper planes. Hiatea is saddened by the evil that fills the hearts of Thrym and Surtr, and wishes they would work with her for the betterment of the Jotunbrud as a whole, rather than focusing myopically on their own followers and personal interests.

She sees their resentment at being subordinate in the ranks of the Ordning to a female, but despite her best efforts has been unable to change their views. Karontor hates her claim over hunting, believing it should rightfully be his due to his purview over beasts. Hiatea has no direct contact with Memnor, but watches him as closely as she can. She is convinced the Deceiver has broken the stricture, but has no concrete proof she can present to the rest of the Ordning, and so she waits and watches for just such evidence.

Hiatea only infrequently sends avatars to the Prime Material, although she will do so to protect small communities of firbolgs or voadkyn when threatened by evil foes, particularly if those foes are evil giants. Her avatars may also make an appearance to hunt rare or unusual monsters that would present a challenge to her, such as creatures of unusual size or cunning, or those that are hard to find or get to.

She always carries a spear, a long bow, and an everfull quiver of arrows. She casts her spells from all spheres and from all schools of magic, although she favors defensive magic over offensive magic. The Huntress can cast entangle , plant growth , and plant door at will. Once per day she can cast wall of thorns with double the area of effect, and three times per day she may cast ease labor and fertility. She carries various miniature magical nets in a pouch on her belt, which expand in size upon throwing, up to 45 feet wide.

She can throw her nets up to feet regardless of size. She is unaffected by any spell or magic item which would restrict her movement, such as hold , entangle , or slow. Other Manifestations The Huntress of Legends typically manifests her power in one of three ways. For followers who are lost or threatened by pursuers, she may manifest as a flickering flame in the distance, similar in appearance to a hearth fire seen through a window. Following this flame will lead a follower to safety or to a destination they need to reach.

Any hostile creatures who attempt to follow this flame will be lead astray, often into the dens of predatory animals or monsters. Hiatea will occasionally manifest her power as a nimbus of amber- or green-tinged red flames around a follower, that protect as the 3rd-level priest spell protection from fire ; if amber-tinged, it protects as if cast upon her follower by another individual of 10th level, while the green-tinged flame protects as if cast by the follower at their own level or hit dice or 10th level, whichever is greater.

The former version of the power is far more common, and subsequently, those who are affected by the latter manifestation are seen as particularly honored. Finally, she occasionally causes a normal spear wielded by a follower to burst into flames as if a spear of Hiatea spell see below was cast upon it. It is not enchanted, however, and radiates no magic. Hiatea is served by aasimar, aasimon, alaghi, amber dragons, ashira, baku, buckawns, buraqs, butterflies, centaurs, dobies, dryads, einheriar, elk, firestars, flame beetles, foxes, hamadryads, hollyphants, incarnates of charity and temperance, lillendi, moon dogs, phoenixes, stags, sunflies, treants, wild cats, and wolves.

One special messenger of note that is unique to Hiatea is a yellow-gold moth with a two-foot wingspan known as a Golden Huntress. She sends these moths to worthy priests practicing pyromancy. From the spiraling path the moth takes around a flame, the priest can decipher a message from Hiatea. The invisibility returns one turn after the recipient attacks, until the full duration has expired. The Huntress displays her pleasure through the distant laugh of a joyful baby, beneficial fires, and the pleasant sensation of a hearth or campfire where there is none, as well as the discovery of amber, emeralds, red and green tourmaline, and rubies.

She demonstrates her displeasure by the angry or pained wail of a baby, destructive fires, and the sensation of a sudden blistering heat, although no damage occurs, as well as arrow shafts, bow staves, and spears that suddenly warp or burst into flame and burn to ash instantly. All priests of Hiatea are allowed to gain proficiency with spear and bow, and must become proficient in hunting and survival, although the normal crossover penalty does not apply when taking these proficiencies.

While voadkyn are vegetarians, they use their skill at hunting to seek out evil within their forest domains, and occasionally hunt food for non-wood giant companions in need. They act as protectors and scouts in the wilderness, as well as teachers, farmers, advisors, and caregivers in their communities. The church of the Huntress of Legends is the most prominent faith amongst the firbolg and voadkyn, and the Lady of the Flaming Spear is a particular favorite amongst those fire giants who disagree with the evil nature of their brethren.

The clergy maintains close contact with the churches of other good giant gods, as well as good deities of hunting, agriculture, and home-life amongst friendly non-giantish races. In particular, her voadkyn followers believe it is vitally important to maintain close relations with any nearby tribes of wood elves, and they go out of their way to seek and befriend them. No good or neutral giant is turned away from her service if they feel the calling. They would prefer to see them join the forces of good, but generally leave efforts in that regard to the clergy of Iallanis.

The priests of the Nurturer and Destroyer also work against the priesthoods of deities of destruction and marauding beasts, such as Daragor and Malar. They have thick thatch or sod roofs, with an entrance at either end of the building. Within this central chamber is a large, central sacred hearth surrounded by low benches. The other two sections are between the central hearth and the entrances. They contain the living spaces for the priests, as well as rooms that are used for schooling and caring for orphans and homeless families.

Within storm giant, cloud giant, or fire giant tribes, or kingdoms dominated by those breeds, temples are columned buildings in a similar style to those of Annam, Stronmaus, and Memnor. Friezes tend to focus on mythic tales of beasts the Huntress has slain, while the temples are painted predominantly in greens, browns, yellows, and reds.

Novices in the service of the Huntress are known as Younglings. Full priests are called Sacred Guardians. High-ranking priests have unique individual titles; in addition, they are always wilderness-priests overseeing local hierarchies in multiple tribes and communities. Specialty priests are druids and flamespears. Nature is both creator and destroyer; understand both aspects and work to ensure each is healthy.

The community is the lifeblood of the tribe, be vigilant and guard it from external threats and dangers. Children are the future, and nurturing their spirit and intellect keeps the tribe vibrant into the future. Lofty goals are laudable, even destined, but always remember that some prices are too high. Those not of the blood but true to the faith should always be welcomed into the community. Those priests who dwell within a permanent community of giants focus on matters of family and guidance.

They offer advice to the families living in the community on a wide variety of matters; it is often considered a minor sin to make major family decisions without seeking the advice of a Hiatean priest first. They usually oversee births and serve the role of midwife in their communities, and help to educate the children on the customs and history of the tribe, as well as practical matters such as hunting, farming, and wilderness survival.

The clergy is also consulted on agricultural decisions, including what crops to plant, where to plant them, and when to harvest them. They watch for signs of monsters moving into the area and incursions from humans, demihumans, and humanoids who may compete for resources and land. They also keep an eye on the health of the animals of the plants, knowing that a sickly wilderness will all too likely lead to a sickly settlement.

The guardian-priests also search for lost or missing tribe members, guiding them back to safety, as well as non-hostile intelligent creatures who are similarly lost. Since they know the wilderness areas they patrol particularly well, they often serve as guides and carry messages between giant communities, as well as non-giant allies. While most priests choose one branch and stay within it their entire lives, there is no prohibition against changing branches, and many choose to do so, especially after major life changes such as marriage or the death of a spouse.

While frequently switching between branches is not unheard of, it tends to be rare and many high ranking priests frown on it, although they rarely say anything directly unless it becomes disruptive. Once per month, select community-priests and lay followers of Hiatea join the guardian-priests in a Sacred Hunt for a specific type of normal prey animal.

These hunts are heavily ceremonial, with regular prayers and rituals meant to invoke the character of the Huntress. At the end of the hunt, the slain prey animal is burned in a sacred fire in order to invoke blessings of abundance upon the giants and their communities. Once every year, one of these hunts is dedicated to a more challenging creature, often a monster that is causing problems in the area such as a hydra or chimera.

The ritual and ceremony involved is much like a normal Sacred Hunt, except the goal is to invoke a special blessing of protection upon the giants for the coming year. Major Centers of Worship: One of the larger planetoids within the cluster world of Greela, in Greyspace, is home to a nation of good giants known as Nach Turacht. The firbolgs of this confederation of giant settlements primarily worship Hiatea, and each of their four large towns contains a typical temple dedicated to the Huntress, with the largest being the Welcoming Hearthhall in the town of Nua Breit.

While large forests cover about one third of the land masses on the planetoid, the many voadkyn who reside on the world have no permanent settlements, and instead frequent the firbolg towns for their devotions. No full temples dedicated solely to Hiatea exist within the cloud giant and storm giant settlements, although many of their youngsters spend a few years learning from the Hiatean clergy amongst the firbolgs.

The exact origins of the giantish tribes who inhabit this nation is something of a mystery; while many individuals and small groups found their way to the world via standard spelljamming means, legends of the oldest tribes and lineages indicate they were transported to the world when they were fleeing enemies and got lost in dense fog; they found themselves on their new world after following a flickering light out of the fog.

The priests and shamans have universally proclaimed divine intervention of both Hiatea and Stronmaus in leading them to Greela, and have created a loose nation in their honor. The Hall of the Nurturing Hearth is the preeminent temple of Hiatea within the giantish kingdom of Symnammos, on the ring-world of Nivil. The pediment at the front of temple shows Hiatea standing tall and holding her flaming spear erect, while the rear pediment shows her nocking an arrow.

The interior of the temple is laid out much like a typical firbolg temple, with a large central hearth and chambers for the priests and orphans. The priesthood of Hiatea has no affiliated orders, as even small bands of rangers and enclaves of druids fit within the loose hierarchy of the church.


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