Phentermine dosage per day

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phentermine dosage per day

Because of the potential for serious adverse reactions in nursing infants, a decision should be made whether to discontinue nursing or to discontinue the drug, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother. By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Maximum dosage of phentermine per day Phentermine comes in two types of prescription forms; brand and generic. If your phentermine dosage is in the form of a tablet, it may be broken or cut in half. Why to adjust Phentermine dosage? He or she would be best able to asses the appropriateness of phentermine in your particular case.

Thank you for reaching out. Phentermine is known as an effective weight loss medication, helping users to lose weight by suppressing appetite. Here we explain why you might still be feeling hungry and how to manage your appetite to help boost your weight loss results: I went from to in 2 months but only was on phetermine 30 days. I did one 12 week cycle and was lbs and bloated when i was done i didnt know about post cycle therapy and my body shut down. At 29 i after 2 hours in gym daily had NO energy and havnt lifted until now 9 years later.

Problem is after about 20 days i feel absolutely nothing from a It is not generally recommended to exceed the maximum dosage of Instead, if you feel like your phentermine has stopped working , we would suggest speaking with your prescribing doctor. I started a couple of months ago 1 pill a day. I have lost 8 lbs. I do eat healthy meals and snacks. I tried cutting out the bread bc that was my weakness but I would end up with a migraine. If you were to take 2 Before breakfast and lunch?

Hi Mel, Yes, usually when patients are taking two halves separately they find that taking half first thing and then the other half around minutes before lunch is the best way to take phentermine like this. I started Dec 6 , I have been out of them since middle of April until yesterday, I was on I would assume they upped your dosage due to your minimal weight loss? I lost 18 lbs n 3 wks but the topirimste made me feel terrible. Like I was high n sence. The tablets come in 8mg doses and she has me starting at that dosage.

I understand why she wants me to increase gradually and I have, not surprisingly, not felt a thing at 8mg. According to my doctor, the maximum dosage for these pills is 24mg but everyone keeps talking about a Is she wrong about the dosage or am I confused? You are correct that there is a However, it is not uncommon for doctors to start patients on a lower dosage and increase slowly, and your doctor may have a reason for feeling 24mg is your maximum dosage. We would suggest speaking with her if you are concerned about the dosage she has prescribed.

Do not take more than your prescribed amount without speaking to your doctor. Best regards, Rachel, phentermine. Thank you for your reply. I double checked and my tablets are called Lomaira phentermine hydrochloride. I just want to double check because I think my doctor thought that the maximum dosage for this was 24 not just for me but for this medication.

We are being careful and starting slowly hence the low dosage but I also want to be successful. I am now taking 16mg and not feeling any effects. I am absolutely following her advice and instructions but I just want to be clear on the dosage range for this particular medication. This is her first experience with this medication and I just want to make sure that she is correct about the dosage range.

I am confused about all the different names and forms that this medication comes in. Please confirm the dosage range. The currently available range is 8mg to You may be interested in this page about dosage, just keep in mind that is has not yet been updated to include Lomaira the 8mg tablets you are taking given the relative newness of the medication. Phentermine hydrochloride is the active ingredient. It is prescribed in two popular brands.

Adipex, which is available in 15mg The purpose of Lomaira at such a lower dosage is to be able to prescribe it 3 times a day before meals, equalling 24 mg a day. Versus Adipex at a higher dosage once a day, but occasionally prescribed as splitting pill in half twice a day. Basically you should take your 8mg Lormaira a half hour before each 3 meals a day to sustain a constant lower effect all day. Some times that late evening one causes insomnia and people fair better on the one morning dose of Adipex also causing a stronger effect.

It depends on the individual and the goal is to find the lowest dose on either that accomplishes the desired results. I am not a doctor and my findings are my own personal opinions. I would recommend talking to your doctor about trying your Lomaira 3 x a day at 8mg and if it does not reach your desired effect after a couple weeks, consider switching to Adipex. Thanks so much for your comment, Amanda! The long and short of it is that my thyroid was removed about 8 years ago.

On top of the thyroid issues, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Thalessemia. My doc recently prescribed me the My weight spiraled out of control, and quite quickly. Come to find out my TSH thyroid stimulating hormone was way out of range- at a Should I bother taking the Phentermine while my thyroid is so out of whack? Hi Carly, thanks for your comment!

He or she would be best able to asses the appropriateness of phentermine in your particular case. In the meantime, you may be interested in our article about phentermine and thyroid. I have taken phentermine and topamirate for 3,4 months now ,have lost about pounds. No good for me. I had gastric bypass in was at one time then had surgery at Lyrica had my gain 45 lbs in 2 months no joke!

Im floating around …sigh. Because soon as I quit, I started dropping. I am not feeling this in my system any longer. Maybe I should go to a lower dose and split it up to sustain it. Like 18mg 2X aday or even 24 2X a day …I really have a high tolerance. Hi Carol, thanks for your comment! He or she would be best able to adjust your prescription in conjunction with your other medications and conditions. You should never adjust your phentermine dose or schedule on your own without speaking to a doctor first.

I used to be on So I need help. About a month ago I started Phentermine Hydrochloride Hi Angela, thanks for your comment! Your reaction is not unheard of given that phentermine is a stimulant, similar to other ADD meds. Still, it is NOT advisable to exceed the maximum daily dose of We are not qualified to offer medical advice, so we would recommend speaking with your prescribing physician and psychiatrist if you are interested in further management of your ADD.

Do not adjust your phentermine dose or schedule without speaking to a medical professional first. I have taken phentermine off and on for years and it really helps me. I start getting used to it after a while. How long should I take. Break from it to really get it out of my system so that I can get the full effects once again? Hi Krista, thanks for your comment!

It varies a lot person-to-person, but the general recommendation is at least one month or whatever your doctor deems appropriate between rounds. Even so, you should NEVER take more phentermine than prescribed — either by taking more medication or by taking it more often — due to the increased risk of serious side effects. I weigh pounds and take I have been gaining a few pounds every month. Because of back problems I can not exercise….. I can only walk about 30 yards before my back gives out.

I am an old Meth head, so I think that us why I gained so much wieght to begin with….. I was thinking twice a day would get me over that afternoon hump….. Hi Del, thanks for your comment. We recommend speaking with your prescribing doctor about your increased tolerance to phentermine, as well as your medical history if he or she is not already aware. It is not generally advisable to exceed the maximum dose of However, we are not medical professionals so we strongly suggest speaking with a medical doctor about your specific concerns.

That being said, it is normal to develop tolerance to phentermine. Instead of increasing dosage, this change is usually a reason to consider coming off the medication. Sometimes my stomach hurts from how hungry I feel. Hi Mina, thanks for your comment! NEVER adjust it on your own. Also double-check that you are eating enough to keep your body fueled and staying hydrated.

I get that boost of energy and then halfway through the day my mood is very low. I hate that feeling. Can I take half in the am and half at lunch? Will these side effects go away? I believe my doc has me on the lower dosage on purpose. I only have 20 lbs total to lose. Any feedback or advice would be great! Hi Robyn, thanks for your comment! You may be interested in our post on depression on phentermine for some explanation plus ideas about how to deal with the lows. Not all pills can be split in half, and you should never adjust your dose or schedule without speaking to your prescribing doctor first.

He or she may also have some other good suggestions about coping with the lows another way. I took Adipex for a month, went off it for a month, and now am back on it. We suggest you bring up those topics with your prescribing doctor, as well as any intention of cutting back on the dosage, or any changes to the prescribed dosage. The dose of this medicine will be different for different patients. Follow your doctor's orders or the directions on the label. The following information includes only the average doses of this medicine.

If your dose is different, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so. The amount of medicine that you take depends on the strength of the medicine. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the medicine. If you miss a dose of this medicine, take it as soon as possible.

However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not double doses. Store the medicine in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light. Information is for End User's use only and may not be sold, redistributed or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

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