Phentermine headaches - do they go away

By | 09.06.2018

phentermine headaches - do they go away

Not every pharmacy stocks this drug. Without PHentermine I don't believe I could have kicked that habit. This drug may cause restlessness and anxiety and may make your agitation worse. Seems there are mixed reviews about this pill. Would love to hear how it worked for you.

A month after stopping adipex I started getting them again and have since had about 9 of them. I'm going to see my neurologist and internist on Monday to see if it's a valid way to prevent migraines. It is the only thing thats ever worked for me. Anyone else have any input as it relates to adipex and migraine prevention?? I looked it up and it said you shouldn't take it long term because of side effects it causes.

Also you might have withdrawalls trying to get off of it. That's interesting that it helps you, it's basically speed. I'm a chronic migraine sufferer, too, and have taken adipex recently for weight loss and have been migraine free for 2 months. I talked with my doctor who dismissed this information. I would like to share it with someone because I think it matters.

Many drugs are taken for other than what they were designed, and I wonder if adipex could be another one? My doctor gave me Adipex and I never had a headache while on the drug for five months. Having been off the drug for several months I have had a three very mild migraines that I treated with OTC pain killers. I am forever grateful. I too am a chronic migrainer. All my life with no relief. This is the second time I have taken Adipex in my life, for weight, and low and behold, no migraines, not even a tiny one.

So going from 20 or more a month to zero is fantastic. But my neurologist refuses to listen. I know I can't continue to take Adipex the rest of my life but after researching the chemistry and workings of these drugs, they do basically the same things as Effexor and Adderal, with slight differences. So I'm going to talk again to my doctor in hopes of new relief and studies for others. Best of luck to others. I also found that I was migraine free when I was prescribed phentermine; in fact, I don't recall being ill at anytime whilst using it either?

I have chronic tension headache and episodic migraines I get them in clusters about every 6 weeks, often lasting for two weeks on end. My liver function tests also improved whilst using phentermine they were raised after having severe glandular fever. It's possible that this was a result of my diet reduced calorie intake , however for me it was nothing short of a miracle pill - it was great while it lasted!

I took Adipex again for weight loss for 3 months. I did lose 18 lbs, but more importantly for me, I was again migraine free. Additionally, when my prescription was DAW dispensed as written, meaning 'name brand' I didn't need to take my nightly. When I received the generic, my migraines still remained abated, but I did need the Mirapex. I have also suffered from migraines for almost 30 years. I probably average at least 9 a month.

Some lasting 4 days at a time. I went on a weightloss program last year and was prescribed adipex. I did not have a single migraine while on the medication. I thought it was the diet which was basically Atkins so when my migraines returned I recreated the diet but without the adipex. I had written down every meal for 6 months so I was able to follow it exactly My migraines did not go away.

Two weeks ago I joined another weightloss program and was given phentermine generic adipex and I have been migraine free since taking the first pill. I'm so glad others have experienced the same results. I really hope to find a doctor that will listen. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer since age I am now I take zonegran daily for preventative. I also get botox quarterly. I've been on celexa for roughly about weeks, I've been talking a little in my sleep and I'm very jumpy.

Prolia, strange side effects? Anyone experience the bystolic side effects? The first four hours were awesome. I began taking Phetermine in October of '14, weighing in at big ones! I had weight loss--but in December Susten have any side effects? I am 20 yr old, now I have complete 1 st trimester, I have vaginal bleeding and pain in hip my doctor asked me to t Post a Reply No registration is needed.

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