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I'm really curious to see what your results will be so please keep me posted if you don't mind me asking how much is the name brand? April 13th, , I will be using it in about 2 wks when I go for my refill.. Start losing weight today! Sorry I didn't list the manufacturers Man prices are all over the place. So, I don't know if my tolerence to them is just building or what, but next time I will pay the higher price at CVS. Walmart- RANT- Tena Coupon

Add Thread to del. I typed phentermine and my pharmacy CVS and it all came up for only 6 dollars! I was scared to try it, but I did it anyways I mean it was only 6 dollars.. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by jessegirl. I never had to go to the pharmancy for the pills I went to a dr. Originally Posted by Shel1. I must be doing something wrong because my replies didn't go through.

It's awesome if your insurance "will" cover it because most don't. If your insurance "doesn't" cover it then there is no reason for Walmart not to take it If your co-pay is higher than the out of pocket cost then tell them you are not billing your insurance and you are paying cash for it or try a different pharmacy. Originally Posted by Christina Cuff. I just wanted to post this as a main thread. Another member had an issue with the cost of her prescription going up and I was happy to share the information I received concerning paying discounted prices for our prescriptions.

The pharmacist at KMart told me about the website good R X com. All you need to do is put the name of your prescription in the search box and there is another box for your zip code and it will pull up pharmacies around you with the cost. This takes the hassle out of calling every store to get the best price. If you have a smart phone you don't have to print the coupon out.

My pharmacist only needed the numbers off the coupon not the paper. I tried to upload the images from the top 4 Pharmacies near me so you can see the prices as well as what the actual coupon looks like. Notably, daily calorie consumption for dietary purposes vary depending on a number of factors including, age, gender, weight loss goals, and many more. For instance, nutritionists suggest that a minimum of 1, daily calories should be consumed by women in order to maintain health.

The daily calorie consumption by men, on the other hand, could approach 1, It is important to note that these recommendations primarily target relatively healthy individuals who seek weight loss for a better body tonus. In some cases, obese individuals may need to restrict their daily calorie intake to or even According to the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA , healthy individuals seeking to maintain their weight, should consume 2, calories per day.

Phentermine, a contraction of "phenyl-tertiary-butylamine", is a psychostimulant drug of the phenethylamine class, with pharmacology similar to amphetamine. It is used medically as an appetite suppressant. It is approved as an appetite suppressant to help reduce weight in obese patients when used short-term and combined with exercise, diet, and behavioral modification. It is typically prescribed for individuals who are at increased medical risk because of their weight and works by helping to release certain chemicals in the brain that control appetite.

Program is privately supported. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies.


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