Phentermine side effects with alcohol

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phentermine side effects with alcohol

A friend of mine is on it, and it is helping her lose weight along with a doctor's diet. I have drank beer with it and also rum. Guide to Weight Loss Drugs. Your doctor can give you more information on all of these interactions, so we suggest speaking to him or her about your questions and the possibility of stopping phentermine during vacation if you plan on drinking. When I wake up I look like I drank all night.

: Phentermine side effects with alcohol

Phentermine side effects with alcohol 238

Just started my journey today with the pills. Craving a glass of red wine. Smoking cigarettes like crazy. I feel real jittery 2. Hopefully my weight loss…good luck everyone. The first time this happened I drank 2 large glasses of wine. Off to docs to find out. Please be careful everyone. Um not a heavy drinker but I plan on having a few frozen alcohol drinks.

When should I stop taking phentermine to be able to enjoy my drinks without worrying? Hi Dee, Phentermine can stay in your system for up to 72 hours, so if you want to be sure that there is no phentermine in your body then you should probably stop taking phentermine 2 or 3 days before you leave. Have fun on your cruise! Good luck everyone and I will update after 15 days to say how much weight lost. Oh I am 5ft lbs starting out so I will weigh myself soon to see the results.

Hey Kimberly, If you want to connect with other phentrmine users and chat, swap advice and experiences then join our forum here: I am here because I started phentramine two days ago. Tonight is my regular girls night out when we go sing karaoke in our local pub. I took my phen at 8 am. I can say it definitely curbs my appetite. Inneee to get a jumpstart on some wieght loss but shooting for 20 this month alone… per doc.

Anyhow, still debating the beers. I like to be cautious. Thank you for reaching out. However, if you just want to have a drink or two for a special occasion then this is unlikely to cause you any problems — just be sure to drink water throughout the night and ask a trusted friend to keep an eye on you. You are welcome to join our brand new support group so you can connect with other phentermine users, share your experience and get some valuable advice.

Can a person with fatty liver and a leaking heart vault take 15mg Phentermine? Thank you for your advice in advance. This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me I drink glasses of wine times per week, it seems the Phen makes me crave wine, and I started working out 3 times per week. I have noticed the weight is coming off MUCH slower since drinking the wine and I have an occasional head ache the next morning. I am wondering if I should stop taking the meds because of my blood pressure.

Hi Myra, If your increase in blood pressure is a concern then you should speak to your doctor to see if he or she agrees with you coming off phentermine. However, drinking wine most nights definitely sounds like something you need to stop or at least reduce for the sake of your health and your weight. We are going out tomorrow night. Just want to err on the side of safety! Will the phentermine be out of my system enough by tomorrow night to enjoy a night out?

Phentermine should be out of your system after 3 to 5 days. Drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects, so if you were thinking about indulging in some of that, it is best to cut down or exclude alcohol from your diet while you are taking phentermine. Phentermine may also impair your thinking or reactions, so be careful if you drive or do anything which requires you to be alert! If you feel uncertain about taking on certain tasks, seek advice from your doctor if you need further reassurance.

Oh, and happy birthday! Should I be concerned if this medication actually give me more patience and keeps me in a better mood? We definitely recommend you consult your doctor if you are experiencing changes or side effects, including positive ones such as these. You could also visit our user support page on Facebook or join our forums and share experiences with fellow phentermine users. I started phentermine a week ago and noticed the change of appetite suppression immediately.

Started eating better and drinking lots of water as my Dr. Last night had family in town and sat at a bar-b-que as we do in TX, and attempted to drink an alcoholic beverage. I could not finish it as I was starting to feel really weird while drinking. Now I know after reading this forum, not to mix alcohol with Phentermine. I take phentermine once a day in the mornings. If I knew I was going out for an event that involved drinking, how soon should I stop taking phentermine?

The problem with combining alcohol and phentermine is that phentermine is a stimulant while alcohol is a depressant. The combination can increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects, such as increased heart rate, chest pain or changes to blood pressure. I have been drinking 30 mg phentermine once a day for 3 days but insomnia is bad. It is reasonably common for patients taking phentermine to experience insomnia during the first few days of their prescription, but if this side effect continues then you should consult your doctor to ask about the possibility of a lower dose, or to see if he or she has advice for how you can help to minimize this problem.

You may also be interested in this post with more info: The best way to avoid that insomnia , is to take the pill at about 5 am. Make sure to eat calories. Your body will go into starvation mode if you starve yourself. So even if you starve yourself , or just eat fruit all day , your body will retain it all. But if you eat your daily calories , your body will be nurished enough to be able to burn fat in your body and relax your body to let you sleep.

Water is best and milk. Seeing these posts have been very helpful. My pharmacist stated that it may cause insomnia, has anyone experienced that? Ive burned all my energy by bedtime. Your body will go into starvation mode if you eat to little , or just eat fruit all day , your body will retain it all into fat. I only lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I dropped 10 pounds the next week. And no insomnia or bad mood swings. Started taking phentermine 10 weeks ago combined with a optifast full meal replacement dr supervised, cal.

Have only had two drinks in that time. On a mission, so not indulging to much. Have a vacation coming. Not sure if I should just go off of them for that week? Or see how it goes. Hi Ac, thanks for your comment! Your doctor can give you more information on all of these interactions, so we suggest speaking to him or her about your questions and the possibility of stopping phentermine during vacation if you plan on drinking. I started taking phentermine today and a water pill , I only took half a pill of the phentermine because I have anxiety and I have tried phentermine in the past for a couple of days back in and felt anxious so I was advised at that time to take half a pill , so this morning around 6 a.

I took the pill with a full glass of water , I have had energy today but have felt kinda buzzed all day like if I had a drink and now my body feels a little tingly , I take depression and anxiety medicine at night so it will be safe to still take my normal meds? We strongly recommend speaking with your prescribing doctor about these multiple medications ASAP. It can be very dangerous to combine phentermine with water pills or other medications including anxiety and depression medicine.

Therefore, you should not combine these medications unless directly instructed to do so by your prescribing doctor. We are not qualified to dispense medical advice, but we would suggest speaking immediately with someone who can more expertly advise you on these potential combinations. I started with 30mg but decided to break in half since I was experiencing my heart racing.

I also had headaches. This is normal right? Does your body take a few days to get use to this drug? However, if you have chest pain, severe headache, or any of these other more serious side effects , make sure speak with a doctor right away. I started on 15 mg I also am on warfarin 10 mg and have been on it for about a month. My concern is the the insomnia. Even that minimal dosage has effected my sleep.

Called my doctor and she suggested taking it every other day and that has helped even things out for me. Drinking alcohol along with Phentermine increases the risk and severity of side effects. Because of the potential impact of Phentermine with alcohol on the brain, their combined use is life-threatening. Using Phentermine with alcohol may lead to one of the main risks, which are dangerous psychic effects dizziness, confusion, nervousness, aggression, sleeplessness.

Taking into account that most of these side effects may occur while taking Phentermine pills alone, alcohol increases the frequency and severity of these side effects. Besides, Phentermine in combination with alcohol increases the risk of addiction. Weight loss drug is contraindicated in people with a history of alcohol dependence, because it increases the risk of Phentermine abuse. Alcohol acts on gastric mucosa as an irritant and causes acid release, which increases the risk of gastrointestinal side effects nausea, heartburn, vomiting, discomfort in the stomach, xerostomia.

Combination of Phentermine with even a small amount of alcohol increases the risk and severity of gastrointestinal side effects. Phentermine manufacturers warn that alcohol, taken with Phentermine diet pills, increases the risk of cardiovascular side effects: Minimum dose of alcohol increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in obese people with heart diseases, which use Phentermine slimming tablets for weight loss.

A single small dose of alcohol with Phentermine may initially cause euphoria, mood elevation, increased vitality, loss of appetite, motor excitation. Later, euphoria is replaced by irritability, anxiety and depression, which can provoke refusal to take Phentermine weight loss capsules.


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