Phentermine 30mg weight loss stories

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phentermine 30mg weight loss stories

In I took it and lost 85 lbs! I felt I knew, yet learned so much. It's really irritating because I can't figure out how to make it go away. My doctor scratches his head how fast I've lost the weight and I've done nothing to my diet nor do I exercise. Increased heart rate's when you move suddenly almost feeling like its beating out of your chest like a few seconds away from a heart attack. When I first decided to start this lifestyle change my doctor put me on Phentermine 30 mg. It is definitely not worth it as you may one of the ones that has these severe reactions.

: Phentermine 30mg weight loss stories

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Phentermine dosage forms ppt to pdf My hunger is gone, my phentermine cravings are gone!!! Loss a week after taking it, I started going to the gym days a week 30mg really hitting it hard. I was used to pizza, fast food, weight, chocolate, chips and anything else that are so bad for a person. I have cut down my diet in a big way, phentermine side effects itching I eat sotries carb I have PCOS, this may not be good for everyone but works for me. I feel stories I'm losing my mind.

I was used to eating whatever I wanted. I was used to pizza, fast food, soda, chocolate, chips and anything else that are so bad for a person. Now after eating healthier I can't stand the taste of some of these foods. Not only does the taste bother me, but eating these foods now actually makes me feel sick to my stomach. I think soda is the worst. The one thing I am still working on is the chocolate. I still crave it a lot. But I do allow myself a little chocolate 1 day a week. Now my favorite foods are veggies and fruits, which I rarely ate before this.

I have also started drinking green tea in the place of coffee in the afternoons. The green tea seems to help me with those lovely afternoon cravings. I am now a new person and am so excited to improve my health each day. I am also excited to reach out and help those who need just what I was missing - support, motivation, and friends. Sadie Sherman Salmon, Idaho Already lost 30 pounds! Nick name in the forums: Sadie A neighbor had a brush fire that caught their roof on fire.

I was gathering hoses and buckets for water and was trying to run them across the field to help save their house. About half way across the field I ran out of breath and felt like I was having a heart attack. This is when I realized that if my girls were ever in a situation where I had to save them, I might not be able to! But I am getting better. Now I just have to learn how to not give in to my yummy iced coffees that are so full of sugar!

Also trying to work out every day is still a challenge but I know I can do this! I just have to take one day at a time. Sadie The way I feel With each day, meeting new people and reading their stories on their experiences with their weight loss, I realize I am not alone. I had felt so alone for so long about this problem I had. I have started to feel so much better about myself. Just getting out of that slump and changing the way I thought about things made me realize that I can do this!

I know I can do this! It will take time and hard work but I am ready to do this for my daughters, my husband and for me! Sadie Just take one day at a time. If you mess up don't give up! Each and every one of us have messed up and are still losing The mess ups only make us stronger! Also, she looked like she was sick when she was on it. Or like she didnt get any sleep. If you want to give it a try with your doctor's permission and you are actually changing your eating and exercise habits then go for it!

Do what works for you. I used it for 2 months just as my jump start. My emotional eating habits are no match for any drug but I was desperate. I have taken it a couple of times. The first time I lost 30 pounds and the second, around I gained the weight back the first time because I got lazy. I did exercise, but I didn't change the way I ate. I just took advantage of the fact that I was never hungry and didn't work at changing my eating habits.

I worked on that the second time around. I am no longer taking them and my weight is still going down. I have lost now 50 pounds. I think that the Phentermine did give me the kick start I needed to see some weight loss and give me some motivation. It can work if you really work on changing your habits. I showed my doctor everything I've been doing and she said there was no reason I wasn't losing weight.

December 5, 7: I have never gone under Processed foods versus natural state foods? You say you have a protein shake in the am, then meals. I'm trying to picture that, but you don't have your food diary open. What does a typical day look like? How much sodium do you consume? How much water are you drinking each day? Do you drink any diet sodas?

Also, are you measuring everything? Measuring cups and food scales? Holding yourself accountable for every bite? I'm asking bc phentermine might be a short term fix, but you are in this for the long haul I'm glad someone else mentioned the not-eating-enough factor. About two years ago I lost twenty pounds, because I was in two PE classes to graduate high school. I was working out for 3 hours a day 1 full hour of cardio, give or take probably 20 minutes with another hour and a half of walking.

My calories were definitely really high, but I was losing weight. I had way more success being a gym rat and eating crap than I ever have lowering my intake and working out. December 5, 8: It sounds like you're doing awesome! I have taken Phentermine. In I took it and lost 85 lbs! I kept the weight off for about two years before I started graduate school and fell back into old habits of stress eating and not exercising. And I gained all of it back and it is soooo hard losing it now that I'm older!

I tried taking it again but didn't have the same results. I know you are being monitored by your doctor but please make sure you take it as prescribed and don't take it for a long period of time as this may cause permanent damage to your heart. You can look in the PDR or online for info on how long you should safely take it and consult with your doctor. As long as he's monitoring you you should be fine!

Good luck and I hope this helps! I took this after my Freshman year of college. I took it along with eating a healthy diet and exercising reguarly. I never really had any side effects. I lost about 20 pounds and kept most of it off for about 2 and a half years. I gained my weight back because I started to eat poorly and quit working out. I am currently taking it again, as well as a healthy diet and exercising. I take mine right after I eat breakfast, it does its job and I don't get shakey or crazy feeling.


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