Phentermine weight loss forums discussion

By | 08.02.2018

phentermine weight loss forums discussion

I usually crave them constantly! I think it might be Oxy, but it's supposed to be Phentermine. Phentermine reviews from patients. Good luck on your weight loss!! Flourless Muffins by BrandiSCollins8. Updated February 2, Does it Simply reduce the hunger or does as Obesity is actually a serious illness that sometimes requires medical and influences a lot of people metabolism increases Cure support and to advertise fat loss.

See all Rates or Search Selected. International users, click here. News Forums Crime Dating. Photos Shopping Real Estate Coupons. Yellow Pages Local Listings. Not a Topix user yet? Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Phentermine weight loss Posted in the Morgantown Forum. Leave a Comment Track Replies. What doctor in town gives you this pill to help with weight loss? I have read about it and want to give it a try along with a good deit and workout please help.

You can buy it online. I don't know of any docs who give it. I tried it and only lost like 5 pounds and gained it back when I quit taking it. But maybe it will work better for you. Every bodys body works differently. Dr Hammad will prescribe it and my husband lost 85 lbs taking them and watching carbs he is not taking them now but still watches carbs. There is a place in Bowling Green that is near Greenview. I think it is called Physicians Diet Program.

I got mine from Dr Hewitt. But he also gave me an anti depressant to take it with cause he said the side effects could make me on edge, nervous, etc. I don't know about anyone else but they made me angry, jittery, heart racing, and like I could just go off at any time. I was a ticking time bomb! They do help u lose weight but ur family suffers from ur side affects. I take Zija now - xm3's and don't feel any of that. It's completely natural n I started last August and was a size By January I was a 10 and now I am a Good luck, weight is a very depressing battle.

Just make sure u know all info on what u take! We are here aren't we. I got mine from Dr. I know i'm going to catch some flack for this but I just started taking phentermine today because I have gained about 30lbs since my injury. I had previously taken it before my injury and lost about 20 lbs in a month with a healthy diet cals. Because of my injuries, I work out 3x's a week cardio.

I am also working on changed my diet. I believe that taking these pills will help me lose the extra weight. On top of the weight loss I did awesome with my eating habits until my injury about 2 months after I stopped taking Phentermine. I feel the phentermine pills help you "restart" your eating habits. I know being at home all day since my injury has made me snack and crave really bad. I am hoping this round will get me back on track.

I found a love for cooking since I am not able to work anymore never had much time to cook when I was working so I am hoping I can stick to good low fat recipes instead of fast food. I don't want to say that phentermine is a "miracle" drug but it really works if you have the self control and motivation to eat right and execise. I guess I should mention that you can only get this by prescription.

There are many side effects that lessen after continued use. You HAVE to drink lots of water while taking these pills. I took Phentermine before for years also. Weight is a real struggle especially when it's genetic too. As far as I know it's discontinued in Canada and that really irked me. It's important to take a multivit everyday also. DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot.

L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN. The doc that I went to also had me on stool softners and vitamins. It really helped to take the edge off of my appetite. I have actually been considering going back on them. Not lecturing because I've been considering going back on them. I'm just warning you about the horrible side effect I had. When I was taking the medication I was also doing a fat free diet.

Well it seems your gallbladder can't function with no fat, it also doesn't like it when you drop 60lbs in 3 months.


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