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It is pretty much a standard approach regardless of the individualized needs of the patient. I'm in the process of writing a book about my experience here and the for-profit scam that is these rehab facilities. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Our child attended the ATP program in Use this form to get your questions answered by one of our recommended treatment providers.

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It is another thing when someone is seeking professional medical help. I review Menninger Clinic from an outsiders position. Note I have never seen a shrink or needed professional services other than that afforded by an attorney or accountant Back to the beginning: I get a call a few weeks ago from my oldest friends ex wife this in of itself was weird and alarming Would it be possible if I would go and see him at the clinic to help him out.

I guess Paul had burned all his bridges and I was the last man standing to give him my friendly advice. He has done well financially cept for his total messed up marriage. I hop on a plane, rent a car, and get to Menninger You cannot enter without having an appointment, an ID, and the ID number of the person you are visiting each client is a number not a name I am not a number After getting a pass, I park, and am greeted at the main building where I am told to go to building three.

The campus is really tranquil and beautiful, the buildings are contemporary, the layout simple and concise. I am met by a social worker who directs me to a conference room where I meet my friend, two doctors, and the aforementioned social worker. The Doctors discuss what the situation was, what they were going to do, and what my friend could expect.

It struck me at this moment how much they truly cared about the wellness of my friend. When I finally was left alone with Paul I explained this to him and that he had made the right choice to stay there and not leave. He actually listens to me Fast forward three weeks later when the release of my friend occurs. We had the same meeting but this time the Doctors went over all the tests The genetic testing showed what medications to use and not to use. The psychiatrist explained his observations and what needed to be done next.

They suggested a list of outpatient clinics to consider for the next step. I definitely see improvement in my friend and he is willing to go to an outpatient program in Florida. I normally would not share this much of my life on the web but I feel it fair to give an unbiased review of a great place. If you have a loved one or know of someone in need of help Menninger Clinie is an amazing place.

The only caveats are it is very pricey from what Paul told me and it is generally not covered under health insurance. This place destroyed my life and furthered my mental illness. The clinical staff is incompetent at best. Most of the time they aren't even around. My child was in the program. Should your child need extra support they will happily charge you additional money for 'one to one care'. The extra charges are added to your bill without your knowledge. When your child is on 'one to one care', they are not allowed to leave the Compass building.

My child was on 'one to one care' an insisted that going to the gym would have made my child feel better. Yet if your child is on 'one to one care' they are not allowed to go to the gym which is outside the Compass building. My question is 'why not'? We are paying extra money for one-on-one care. Exercise is proven to help with your mood. Why can't the big strong health care worker take your child to the gym? Why does the child need to be locked up in the Compass Room with a health care worker watching them continuously?

Now let's talk about the social worker Elizabeth Arango. When you are paying so much money for your child to be in this facility you would think she would have understood the urgency in returning emails and phone calls. However, it could take her 3 - 4 days to return our messages. Add to this, when we were finally in touch with her she was very dismissive and not forth coming with my child's progress. We were truly kept in the dark. Let me share the best Elizabeth Arango story.

First I need to make sure you understand the operation of the Menninger Clinic. When you become a patient at the clinic you are assigned a number. If you want to enter the building or talk to any professionals at the institution you must know the patient's number or they will not acknowledge that the patient is in-house. If any medical information is to be released you must get a signed release form from the adult patient or the parent of a minor.

One day my husband and I were at our family counselor's office. Our child was still at Menninger. We told the counselor that we were clueless on our child's status. Our counselor decided she would call Elizabeth Arango while we were in the office, to begin the process so she could become involved in our child's care.

When Elizabeth answered the phone our therapist told her she was our family counselor. Elizabeth never asked for my child's number or a medical release form. Instead, Elizabeth rattled off everything that was going on with our child. Elizabeth was telling our counselor things that we had never heard!!! This is against the law!! You know sometimes when you first enter a situation and you get that feeling that something is not right?

A few days into my child's stay I went to visit. The nurse asked me if I wanted to see my child's room. You are not allowed in the bedrooms without a nurse so she accompanied my child and myself down the hall. When I saw the bed, the fitted sheet was was off the mattress. I asked my child what happen. My child's response was that the sheet always comes off. The nurse laughed and said 'oh, those sheets just do not stay on the mattress'. Can they not find fitted sheets that stay on the mattress?

Later, I learned my child got so frustrated with the fitted sheet continuously coming off that my child slept on the bare mattress. In closing, if you still insist on going to the Menninger Clinic you should just skip the additional cost of the psychiatrist testing. After leaving the Menninger Clinic, we finally found the right doctors to make the correct diagnosis and get my child treated properly.

If they do not diagnose you correctly you will not get the proper care. It's like breaking your leg but putting the cast on your arm! Menninger saved my life. In the months immediately prior to leaving for Texas I was spending approximately 22 hours a day in bed with the shades drawn. All of that is no more. I was at Menninger from April through July of This review is for their Compass program. They divide patients into 5 units, each of which is in it's own building.

The buildings are arranged in a half circle facing the main building, which houses administrative and doctors' offices, the cafeteria, and the gym. I don't know about the other units, but Compass had about 25 patients. This more than anything else I credit with turning my life around. Every session is conducted at Central Houston Surgical Center, about a 30 minute drive away from Menninger Mark, the transporter, is really nice. You usually get it 3 times a week, anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions, but maybe more, maybe less.

The nurses and anesthesiologists at CHSC are wonderful. Coffey is extremely good at his job. Very good listener, thinks very carefully, thinks outside the box. My outpatient psychiatrist really likes him too. Kind of looks like Jerry Seinfeld. About 20 hour-long groups a week, more if you are on the addictions track or eating disorders track. Most are skills and psychoeducation, but there are 2 sessions of small group therapy every week. Small group consists of around 5 patients and 2 facilitators, 1 psychologist and 1 social worker.

All the psychologists have PhDs, or maybe there are a couple PsyDs. We get to work out for about 50 minutes. The gym is fairly well equipped. There are other leisure activities like arts and crafts and stuff. Private rooms, and each room has it's own bathroom. We went to museums, malls, Whole Foods, movies, etc. Special group for LGBT. Felt very accepted there. They don't skimp on staffing - there are enough RNs to take care of everybody and get everybody their medicine. My social worker, Elizabeth A.: My team gave my family the choice: Need I say more?

Granted, I was there longer than most, but this is going to cost me over 6 figures. The ECT is really expensive too. Plus the one-to-ones, which I got a lot of. And my insurance sucks. So, this type of program sadly isn't accessible to all people. Of all my psych hospitalizations, some have been helpful, some not so much.

I'd say Menninger was the best of all of them. I think I've finally gotten off the hospital merry-go-round. Menninger Clinic is amazing. Coming to it as a skeptic of any treatment provider's actually ability to help me change the destructive path I was on, I say this with all honesty: The care and insight that they bring to the table is unmatched.

I came in suicidal and broken and dependent on all sorts of destructive behaviors to survive, and I left in one piece, positive about life and the world, and excited for my role in it. They helped me put all of the broken pieces of my life back together again, and showed me how life could be worth it. It's such a well-balanced, well-structured program, and add to that how beautiful the new facility is Five stars, and highly recommended.

Take a chance, give life a chance, and give Menninger the chance to help you put your pieces back together again. If I could give Menninger negative stars I would. The review by B. We have all the records from our daughter's 8 week stay in the Compass program. There were so many discrepancies been her therapist's notes and RN Re-Assessments and her final discharge summary that it makes me wonder if it was actually her discharge summary and if it was, it makes me question how closely her psychiatrist really followed her case.


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