Phentermine side effects itching pepcid dosage

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phentermine side effects itching pepcid dosage

I have some of the deficiencies mentioned as possible causes. I started taking the Loestrin in about September of and have been on it continuously since then but after reading everything on this site, I have come to find out that this pill is one of the pills with the highest androgen index out there and that is what causes the hair loss. Does It Help Burn Fat? I used it for many years, but not in the last 6 months. Briefly, this treatment takes advantage of activating a photosensitizing drug such as 5-aminolevulinic acid by shining light directly onto it for a short time.

: Phentermine side effects itching pepcid dosage

Phentermine side effects itching pepcid dosage Phentermine hcl 37 5 which is the best
Phentermine side effects itching pepcid dosage 254
Donde compro phentermine hcl 15mg capsulated Topical steroid creams may be helpful in treating the redness, and antihistamines are side helpful in minimizing the itching. I think pepcid are so many itching in our environment, food, cosmetics, and not phentermine mention any drugs we take. I eat spinach and arugula, bright vegetables, and itching ground flaxseed to effects of my meals. Treatment with any Pepcid dosage should not exceed dosage days. I just turned 70 and am on pepcid for blood pressure, periat for heartburn and side for bone loss once a week. I eliminated all fast food and Dairy and found local farmers who I could buy Hormone free Phentermine coupon krogers phentermine. However, I effects discovered that I have very low iron dosage level was 23, normal 13 —

This alteration was affirmed in when the FDA concluded that there were no serious potential Pepcid side effects. That being said a Pepcid dosage greater than 20 mg still requires a prescription. The only precaution announced by the FDA concerning Pepcid side effects, was a report that found prolonged QT intervals in patients with impaired renal functions. Because of the lack of side effects, history concerning Pepcid lawsuits is somewhat limited—the drug simply does not pose a significant threat to its users.

That being said, a few prominent Pepcid lawsuits have been filed concerning fraudulent selling. The most notable Pepcid lawsuit was filed in a New Orleans court in This Pepcid lawsuit was filed by a doctor who alleged that manufacturer Merck was fraudulent in selling vast quantities of Pepcid to hospitals at a discounted price, while still charging Medicaid participants full freight. The Pepcid lawsuit was not settled until As part of the Pepcid lawsuit, the doctor produced documentation of severe Pepcid side effects in elderly patients.

His Pepcid lawsuit alleged that the drug was substituted without his knowledge to elderly patients--use of Pepcid among the elderly increases the risk of Kidney damage. However, aside from this notable Pepcid lawsuit, the medication has not been the target of much litigation. As an over the counter medication, the primary Pepcid side effects concern allergic reactions; patients aware of acid reducer allergies should not take Pepcid.

Those individuals susceptible to skin swells, rashes or respiratory problems should seek immediate treatment for these Pepcid side effects. Treatment with any Pepcid dosage should not exceed 14 days. Patients who continue experiencing heartburn or similar conditions past three months should seek medical advice to determine the underlying causes of their symptoms. Exceeding the recommended ingestion of more than two pills containing a Pepcid dosage within 24 hours carries the risk of overdose.

In several instances, batches of Pepcid have been recalled due to manufacturing defects—no significant Pepcid lawsuits resulted from faulty manufacturing. Because side effects are relatively mild, precedents concerning Pepcid lawsuits are nonexistent. One tablet and I was in for 12 hours of non-stop diarrhea: That damn tablet should be taken off the market!

Relate to all of you who have heard…you are just aging, trade off stuff, etc. Now am taking clonazepam to control anxiety. Hair loss is at the end of side effects, but I think it would be unwise to discontinue before I have another fix in place. Was hair loss the only thing noticed by those of you on effexor?

I broke out in horrible disfiguring red acne-like bumps…so bad I hated going to Starbucks with daughter. I think my cancer is in remission and am seeing a therapist and nutritionist M. Anderson here in Orlando. Will ease into the vitamin regimine she suggested. I put on 50 lbs on antidepressant therapy. My hair is falling out faster than ever. To ignore a side effect like hair loss that obviously will cause excess stress is outrageous and negligent.

I find that male doctors are not as empathetic as female doctors. My female gynechologist, though, is totally empathetic about this situation. I do believe it helps, but my doctor only prescribes mg a day, while I see others on this site all take mg. Oh, I have written to Oprah a couple of times already, with no response. I do think if they hear from lots of women about hair loss problems, they will look into this for all of us!

I love that show, and I know Sherri wears wigs, and also Joy has a hairpiece supposedly she wears as a topper, I believe. I totally sympathize with all the others on this site who share this common and HUGE problem. Thanks for all the info. I have always had thick curly hair but since going on to Zantac and candesartan cilexetol my hair has been falling out. Cardiologist put me on to a beta blocker which I discontinued after reading the side effects. Hard to know what to do for the best.

I have been on Atenolol for awhile now. Have noticed my hair thinning also for ahwile now. I am very distraught and feeling ashamed and embarrassed because you can see my scalp on top-front of my head. I always had kind of thin hair, but my hairdresser always said I had a lot of it. So I start looking up thinning hair on the internet and I found out alot. If you have too much testosterone, it can increase levels in androgen which causes hair loss. I also found out that Atenolol, which I take for blood pressure can cause hair loss.

So now I have an apt. I so relate to all of you women out there. I look in the mirror and cry everyday. I know there are much worse things, trust me I know. I pray for all you gals and if I come up with any solutions, I will definately be back to let you all know. Four years ago, I acquired a pacemaker; warfarin is my particular rat poison and will be for the rest of my life. I am 77 this year My once thick hair is now thinning. Has anyone had success in reversing this trend? I believe the Advair was the culprit, but who knows.

My hair just keeps coming out with every shower. If they keep seeing interest in this problem, maybe they will investigate the issue, and do a show for us. I know that I want answers!!!! So glad to have found a place to vent and to find others who empathize. On levothyroxine for a decade or more, Topamax for migraines since , and have taken antidepressants since Pamelor, then Zoloft, then Effexor XR, now Cymbalta since Hair loss started with hypothyroidism but meds seemed to slow it down.

Hair has always been fine, but I used to have plenty. I dread washing because of all the hair that comes out, and there are always loose hairs dangling. Worrying about it all the time. Would it still be going on after 8 months of correction? Is Topamax partly to blame? Is it TE, a reaction to prolonged stress? I agree that we should flood Oprah and Dr.

Oz with pleas for help. And please, any of you who find anwers and remedies, do share with the rest of us. I am only 15 years old and i have been experienceing hair loss for about the last 6 monthes, from what i remember. But for the past 3 monthes it has been worse than usual. My hair falls out in full strands, not little peices. It has not got to the point that i have bald spots but i could happen.

When i take showers i lose an incredible amount of hair. I have not been to the doctors yet for it because i have been told to get more fiber and iron in my diet and see if there are any positive changes. I have also been experienceing loss of sleep, depression, loss of appetite, irritability, ect.. Please give me some answers and advice.

Well, I am 45 years old and I have noticed the beginning of my hair thinning since I was 30 years old. There is no baldness in our Family I have checked out all family pictures and I have had very thick hair before then. I absolutely believe the problem of our thinning hair is not only due to the Hormones in our Water but our Food as well.

I have been researching reasons for my hair loss for about 4 years now. I started out with not using bottled water because I knew that Plastics were Poisonous. I try to put all my food stuffs in glass containers. I do not put anything in saran wrap. But I was still getting pimples tons of them on my scalp as well as a burning sensation along with hair loss. I was reading that perhaps the Sodium Lauryl sulfate might be an irritant so I switched to Aubrey organics.

Then I thought it might be the Chlorine — so I set aside a pail of water to allow the Chlorine to escape. I did that for about a month. I eliminated all fast food and Dairy and found local farmers who I could buy Hormone free Beef from. Ate tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Then I read that the Feed that they give animals are full of the Hormones and antibiotics that obviously I could not get around. Also I have read many articles about the amount of Hormones and chemicals that are in our water that are not filtered because of the huge expense it would be to remove Pharmeucticals and runoff from Farm land as well as the chemicals from the Plants that spew pollution.

So basically what I am getting to is, IF you can afford a Reverse Osmosis Unit or Distiller, then it would be a good idea to purchase it. All of your food should be cooked in that water as well if you could find local farmers who do not inject their animals with Hormones it would be better for you. If I could grow my own food and raise my own animals as well as drink purified water then I believe that combination would be the best. Big Pharma will NEVER allow these drugs to be banned — we are nothing but guinea pigs to them and they make tooooo much money off of them.

I am new to this site. I have always had fine, thin hair, but it is thinner now. I am 56 yrs young. I take seroquel and prometrium, does anyone have any comments on these? Ever since menopause my hair has become very dry, lifeless. My scalp show thru everywhere. I think this is very devastating to all of us. I find myself looking at everyones hair. I have two grown kids, they have good hair, I also have a 12 yr old, she has good hair.

Unfortunately, I have my mothers hair. I had a very bad haircut two weeks ago and it just made my thin hair look worse. Does anybody know what hairstyle will make our thin hair look better. My hairdresser cut so many layers in my little hair that I have more trouble trying to cover my crown area. My shortest layers are above eye level. Would appreciate any advice. On a side note, depakote causes hair loss too.

The only one not associated with hair loss is lamictal. I think almost every medication out there can cause hair loss. Hope my hair will grow back. I can tell you from experience because it happened to me, that the medication called metoprolol, given to control high blood pressure, will not only make your hair fall out, it will also kill you! I am off it now because of serious side effects but continue to lose my hair, even my eyebrows! The doctor did not tell me about these possibilities!

In my opinion metoprolol should be taken off the market. I recently had an ulcer and was on prilosec until the ulcer healed. I have never experienced any hair loss. I lost alot of my hair while on prilosec… I noticed thinning and alot of shedding… Has this ever happened to anyone else? My hair has been falling out for six months and I have had every type of test you can imagine. I am on bioidentical hormones and Armour Throid as well as Prozac.

My hair started to fall out before I started any of the above. The hair loss has became worse over the last month. Many people have their hair loss stop after they receive thyroid tx. Mine has not and my levels are normal now. I am 44 years old. Hi, I did not find wellbutrin on your list of meds that can cause hair loss. I am a 38 year old female and have been on Wellbutrin for over 6 months.

These are full strands. I am afraid to wash or even brush my hair because of the amount of hair I find in the tub and on my brush. I only take the Wellbutrin and a multi-vitamin on a daily basis. I have started with hair loss too. I have some of the deficiencies mentioned as possible causes. I will pass along what I learn and what works. Taylor, Welbutrin does cause hair loss in some people.

I am 28 and have been on Topamax for about a year. Before taking the Topamax I had horrible migraines that often put me in the ER several times a month. Since then my thick head of hair is filling the shower drain. We actually had to call someone to come snake our shower drain about six months into me taking the medication because the hair catcher was not catching all my hair and it stopped the drain up- the guy only found a giant clump of hair.

I get a clump of hair out everytime I wash it. I am now washing my hair every third day. It used to be almost so oily I would want to wash it twice a day, but is now dry and brittle and breaks with the slightest pressure. Also my hair seems to have almost stopped growing any longer. I cut my hair to right below my shoulders six months ago, and it has not grown much since then. I was looking at photos from a year ago, and was shocked to see how rapidly my hair used to grow. I have thought about trying to downsize my dose to see if that helps- just do not want to end up bald.

Oh my dear friends! For the last 6 months my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate. I started noticing it in the shower and also noticed more hair in my brushes. These hairs, unlike my previous healthy hair days, were loosely collecting in the brush. A slight tug on one of the many hairs would easily dislodge it from the brush. Whereas before, I had to use another comb or utensil just to clean my brushes because of the tight nit carpet of hair that remained in the brush.

After showering I have to spend minutes detangling the mass of knots and tangles that my few remaining hairs have somehow formed. And this is after 2 conditioning regiments and a thorough dousing of leave in conditioner. For the past few months I have been ecstatic about a halo of what I thought was regrowth…and now these too are beginning to fall out.

I am totally devastated! I have always been known for my long thick blond hair. In the past my hair was very fine but I had very many of them. My friends were always amazed at how long it took me to dry them… now by the time I switch on the hair dryer my hair is nearly dry. I have been to the doctor on 2 occasions and all blood work was normal. I had to quit my job since I am in the full time department at law school, and no longer am able to afford birth control Yaz that I have been on for nearly 10 years.

My lackadaisical bc routine resulted in a pregnancy in September of 08, which I lost in the 9th week. Could this have an affect on losing my hair now? Please, I have read every pertinent blog and website on hair loss and am still at a loss. Everything I have read seems to point to a thyroid problem, but I have had them checked twice and both tests came back normal.

Is it possible these tests were inconclusive or incorrect? Why are my precious darling new little hairs leaving me so soon? Why are some of them abnormally dark very dark brown? I have been taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol for several years and have noticed hair loss and dry, dull , lifeless hair for awhile now.

I asked my doctor if I could take something else and she said nothing else works as well at controlling cholesterol. I have seen several posts about acid reducers and whether or not they cause hair loss. No family history of hair loss on either side. Ibuprofen and most otc acid reducers cause hair loss! He said I should notice a difference in 12 weeks.

Waiting to see what happens….. I never had hair loss with prozac but started to get hair loss a lilttle before I started to take the antibiotics and probiotic but after thinking about it it got way worse after taking them. What do u think it could be? Can antibiotics and probiotics cause hair loss or can being on prozac for 3 years cause hair loss. Hi, I;ve been on Effexor mg for quite some time now and have only recently made the connection that it may the cause of my hair loss.

I am weaning myself of this drug at the moment and went from mg to 75mg. I would however very much like to hear whether they had any success in regrowing their hair. I too have the same issues. I have hypothyroidism and take L-Thyroxine generic Synthroid and yasmin. I had been experiencing steady hair loss for about 3 years, and recently had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst on my left wrist. All of a sudden my hair was falling out in huge clumps! I stopped washing my hair everyday, brushed sparingly, and moved to an organic and expensive shampoo.

I went to my doctor and she took blood samples. The results showed that I have a TSH level of 4. From what I am reading, the higher the dosage of Synthroid, the more likely you are to experience hair loss. So now I am wondering if I should get off of Yasmin, hoping that getting off of this hormonal drug might level my TSH levels. How can they get worse, but not better?!

I want to turn to a holistic method, but you have to continue taking your meds and slowly ween yourself off of them. I want to try another brand, but my doctor said she is relunctant to make a switch because it could make my levels go out of whack. She is basically telling me to just deal with it!! I have been doing a lot of research, and have read some hopeful potential solutions to the hair loss problem:. I have started a B complex vitamin, so far I just pee it all out … when I pee it looks like Gatorade!!

Bloggers who have been taking this supplement have been seeing improvements in terms of hair regrowth! They say to take at least mg a day, but what is important is the GLA try speaking to an herbal specialist about this.. I have been taking EPO for two weeks now, and already I am seeing little sprouts frame my face!!!! Studies show that calcium consumed within 4 hours of taking synthroid can limit the absorption process.

Hope some of this helps! For some reason, I really believe that there are environmental factors like stress, job, comfort levels that can worsen your symptoms. I am going to stop taking Yasmin, and will go back in six weeks to have my blood checked again. I will let you know what happens. Just also so you know, I am a very conscious eater. I try to stay away from foods that do not trigger thyroid activity, like cabbage, carrots, and peanut butter.

I eat spinach and arugula, bright vegetables, and add ground flaxseed to most of my meals. I try to eat organic, and never EVER eat fast food or junk foods like chips and donuts. So I think going to a holistic method would be more suited for my lifestyle. Has anyone ever tried acupuncture treatment for their thyroid disease? I think you are misunderstanding why Synthroid causes hair loss. Sudden changes in thyroid gland function also produce hair loss from the exact same causes. When your hormone levels change, your cells have to adapt to a completely new scenario — a new level of hormone.

Synthroid or Armour — if taken at levels too high — will over-fuel these cells and cause hair loss — just as a hyper-functioning thyroid gland itself does. Any movement can bring on symptoms, especially if that movement sends them too cloes to high or too close to low. I have been experiencing over a period of two months tremendous hair loss. I have a bald spot in the back of my head and now extremely thin hair in the front of my head. My hair looks and feels dead with no luster to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone identify with this. I know I can probably have my doctor take me off of this, however, the other medicine I was taking caused kidney problems. More important though, I want to pass on these 2 shampoos that have worked amazingly for my hair loss. Works just as good as the Pantene, but gives a lot more body. I switch off between both shampoos now every week or two. I really hope this helps you as much as it has me.

The only thing that is different in my life is July my heart went into A-fib and they put me on Rythmol SR mg two times a day and one Digoxin mg once a day and I had very thick hair all my life and since I have been on these heart drugs I am losing hair …. You mentioned above that Vitamin A to help with acne would cause hair loss, do you mean the pills or even vitamin A cream?

Because I apply vitamin A cream on my face every night to help with the acne since 4 years ago, and I have been losing hair for about years now. I never saw the link between the vitamin A and the losing hair, I though losing hair was because it runs in my family. Started losing my hair about a month ago. Have seen family dr. Derm has been great. Sore head was first, then about 10 days later an inflamed scalp and then massive hair loss. Went to derm, gave me betamethasone dipropionate for the discomfort and did injections to stimulate hair growth.

Still losing hair by the hundreds every day. Taking biotin, Niacin, multi vitamin,zinc, etc. Still losing hair HELP!! So glad I found this website! I started taking a vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails made by Sundown about a week ago. I have already noticed a major improvement in my nails. Also, I see small new hair growing around my hairline.

Just a follow-up to my last post. I had been taking Apotex trazodone for about two years with no problem. In fact, I think it made my hair grow because when I stopped it temporarily in November of , my hair started to fall out. However, this past April they switched me to the Pliva brand of trazodone because Apotex was having trouble with the FDA. So, I guess it depends on the brand too. I stopped taking the Pliva brand about a month ago and managed to get some Apotex trazodone and my hair loss seems to be subsiding a bit.

I remember having another bout with hair loss about 14 years ago and it grew back. My husband reminded me of a bout with hair loss a few years ago that I seem to have blocked out. One other thing, I like Clairol Herbal Essences volumizing shampoo and conditioner, although it does tend to make your hair a bit dry but it is pretty inexpensive. I was just thinking…. I happened to mention my hair loss to my sister and she said that she too was experiencing hair loss, so much so that she had to wipe it out of the shower drain with a tissue.

Is there some message in this story perhaps? I took Wellbutrin for a few months for minor depression. It was a very low dose. After a few months I noticed that my hair was starting to fall out. I stopped the meds and my hair instantly started to grow back. My hair stylist and I noticed that my entire scalp had little tiny peach fuzz that started to grow back almost immediately.

I will never taken any medication again unless it is absolutely necessary for my life. So I just came back from the dentist where I had to start a root canal and was prescribed penicillin because the root was infected. When I came back to the office, I Googled tooth infection and hair loss and, lo and behold, there is a connection. Over the past year, particularly the past couple of months, I have noticed that my once thick and heavy mane of hair is frighteningly thin.

The anxiety and stress over this has really impacted my life. A couple of months ago, I asked my psychiatrist to lower the dose, and when I got to mg, I switched to mg of Prestiq. I realised loss within the first 6mths and having gone off every other drug over the next 2yrs… eg: I have found it soul destroying and came off the drug against my phyciatrists wishes. I have been taken Cytomel for my thyroid… Everything was fine with the brand name drug… then the generics came out recently….

One of them which is a round white pill worked great. My next refill was filled with a oval shaped white pill — this one made my hair fall out. I switched back to the first generic and it stopped. Have them order a different generic. I feel for all of you out there. I am 58 and was diagnosed two years ago with rheumatoid arthritis.

Every drug I take causes hair loss, plus does the presdisone I am still on. I have lost more than a third of my hair plus gained twenty pounds from the sterioids. I have found something that helps the bald spots seem a little less noticable. Its called Joan Rivers great hair day. It is a powder you brush in your hair by your hairline that helps cover the bare spots. Its sold on QVC Look it up and give it a try. It certainly wont bring your hair back but it helps.

I know my hair will never be the same, ever, I just have to accept it. But it sure is hard. I am on zoloft,buspar and xanax for panic attacks,anxietyn and agora phobia. Now my hair is changing texture. Use to by curly,now it just dry and frizzy. What can I do? The only two things medically different is I am on 25mgs. I am a hairdresser and I have been using the nioxin regimen for 3 months.

After taking Cymbalta for 5 months to help with my firbromyalgia pain, I am losing my hair. Patients have to start being more proactive and holding them accountable! The FDA form is easily filled out online and includes a postage paid return label. The drug companies have to work harder. I am taking Cymbalta, Synthroid and Evista.

I am experience moderate hair loss. Is there anything short of stopping meds to stop the hair loss? Please tell me if luvox fluvoxamina is in the list of antidepression drugs that causes hair loss. My hair loss lasted three months and it is growing back again. This has happened to me before but it still freaked me out. Perhaps it was just the natural pattern of hair loss and growth. My eyelashes got really long and my nails are stronger than they had ever been. I wish all the best to everyone going through this because I know how scary it is.

I have learned so much from the many postings. I have questions regarding hair loss and factors such as: I have been shedding large amounts clumps of hair since I switched from Yasmin to Ocella about 2 months ago. Around the time I made this switch, my gp decreased my dosage of Levothyroxine from mcg to mcg. Has anyone found a birth control medicine that does NOT contribute to hair loss? Would switching to Armour vs. Folks, I had Graves Disease and my Thyroid was irradiated 13 years ago.

I HAVE to take replacements, period. My hair fell out overall thinning right after my treatment years ago. I wish my endocrinologist had warned me of that, because I freaked. Anyway, it grew back and since that time, until about a month ago, everything was fine. It started thinning again, and I approached my doctor. We tested my T3 not usually replaced in drug therapy for hypothyroid.

It was low, and I am now on generic Cytomel as well as Levothyroxine. My T4 tested slightly high, and we reduced my Levothyroxine. I am also on HRT. I suspect that my recent weight loss 35 lbs. Too soon to tell. Please know that Thyroid-related hair loss is an all-over thinning, not hair falling out in clumps. That is usually caused by stress. Make sure your doctor knows HOW your hair is falling out, and how much, and if you are having scalp discomfort associated with it.

I was put on Orthotricyclen Low birth control 5 years ago after my daughter was born. I immediately noticed shedding of my hair after starting this new bc pill. I saw the doctor about 6 months later and he said it was just natural hair loss that comes with age. I can easily pull out over hairs after taking a shower and even more when I comb it through. I saw the doctor again about a year ago and he said the same old thing.

I finally made an appt with a dermatologist and endocrinologist to see if they can figure this out. My family has no history of hair loss, in fact, most of them have very very thick hair. I take biotin and collagen on a daily basis to try to help strengthen my hair but nothing seems to work. I just stopped taking my birth control pill last month to see if that will help cease the hair loss. I was only on it for 2 months and 2 months after stopping all hell broke loose. I started losing over hairs just in the shower!

This last for a few months. Then it slooooooowly started decreasing. I started seeing re growth around February but some hairs have fallen out and some are now inches long. It is especially comforting to read this blog, as I am experiencing hair loss from medication, too. I, like many of you, am losing fistfuls of hair in the shower and on my brush.

My once thick locks are now thin and brittle. One thing I have done since my hair is so unmangeable is put it in a pony tail every day for the last year. For all you that are doing that, please STOP. Another form of alopecia is called traction alopecia and it is common among women who wear their hair in braids, ponytails, or use extensions frequently because it pulls at the follicles and if done long enough, will not allow hair to grow back.

I was devasted to hear my pony tail was making my problem worse. Doctor reommended mg of Biotin daily, my multi-Vitamin and took me off Topomax and Prozac replacing it with Pristiq and Relpax. Looking at old pictures brings tears to my eyes. However, I recently discovered that I have very low iron ferritin level was 23, normal 13 — Sometimes low iron and high Reverse T3 can be a bad combo.

I have both of these. So have your doc. I will let you know if iron helps! Have you heard of any tie-in between Vaniqa and scalp hair loss? Hey girls, Has anyone experienced hair loss due to the drug Wellbutrin? I was on Wellbutrin for 6 month when I finally noticed my hair was thinning and I could see my scalp. I had been taking the same thyroid medication for over 6 years and never had any problems.

I had my blood work done which came back normal and was told by my doctor that my hair loss was due to stress. To my surprise, I found many sites including Medications. It is thought that this drug may increase the levels of testosterone in women. Not only was I losing my hair, but my skin had become extremely oily, my sex drive had increased and I had really bad acne on my back. After reading all the hair loss stories and doing more research, I decided to give up the drug.

It has been almost 7 months since I stopped taking Wellburtin. My acne is gone and the excessive shedding has slowed down. I do see a little regrowth, however my hair is still really thin on the top and I can still see my scalp. Will I get all my hair back and how long does hair regrowth take? It seems as if I have had some hair regrowth on the sides but nothing on the top. Is there maybe a pattern as to how the hair comes in? I am taking Lyrcia and Gabapentan. When I wash my hair it comes out by the hand fulls.

Is the meds causing this. Is my hair going to grow back?? Guess it did the opposite for me. How long did you take Spiro? And when did you notice the hair loss? Have you stopped the medication? Has it improved at all? I, too, have lost a huge percentage of my hair. This is so frustrating because I was finally on a combination of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers that worked. I have tried many other mood stabilizers and have had even worse reactions. I will not take Depakote, Lithium, or Seroquel.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a mood stabilizer I can try? Also, I think ampetamines such as Adderall and Vyvanse can cause hair loss as well. I am taking the hair vitamins, but want to know if there are any other remedies that work. My hair used to be one of my best features. I refuse to lose hope and if I do find a solution I will let you all know. I have been experiencing hair loss for the past two years or so and I now believe that it is because of the BC pill I am on, Loestrin At first, I thought it was due to postpartum shedding after the birth of my 3rd child in , but it seemed to last too long, way longer than anything I had read that it should last.

I started taking the Loestrin in about September of and have been on it continuously since then but after reading everything on this site, I have come to find out that this pill is one of the pills with the highest androgen index out there and that is what causes the hair loss. I am not sure if I should just stop it cold turkey because I am afraid that would make the hair loss worse. I am thinking that maybe I should change to a different brand but I am kind of scared the same thing would happen, so I feel like I am trapped between a rock and a hard place, basically.

I was happy to see, however, that a prominent article was on the Yahoo website this morning regarding hair health did list birth control pills as a cause of hair loss. Just found this site and I cant believe the amount of people having the same problems as I am with hair loss. After a year of losing more than half my hair I asked for my medication to be changed to a beta blocker and am on candestartin. Although this has been good for stableising my blood pressure my hair is still falling out.

I have started on evening primrose oil in the last month and have been using viviscal since september an expensive marine supplement. I do feel that my hair is in better condition but not sure if there is much regrowth. Does anyone have any experience of candestartin and wether changeing beta blockers might help? Hi Sorry guys am new to this website.

I have been reading your comments and can completely sympathise with all your comments. I have just recently stopped taking antidepressants for hrt. I am not a happy bunny. Hopefully this will do the trick. Whether my hair will return is a different matter. Also the tablets induced a seizure because guess what i also suffer with epilepsy. Had a lovely black eye from where i fell. It has also knocked all my hormones out including my thyroid.

Will never listen to a doctor again. Also if you have suffered with side effects then please report them on the mhra website hopefully something will then be done about it. Take care all of you I can completely understand and feel your pain. I took the Pliva brand for a month but my hair was falling out a LOT. My hair is much thinner than a year ago when I was taking the US version.

Anyone else experience anything like this? Is it possible for an antidepressant to make your hair GROW? This site has been very helpful.. All of which are listed here as causing hair loss! Britt, I read the same thing about Pantene shampoo on another site. I have a question: I know not in your case, Britt! I am 50 years old my hair was very long, and fairly thick, just a year ago. Now, I have had to cut my hair to just past my shoulders and it has thinned. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for about seven years now, and I understand that this may be the problem, but I am wondering if pain medications can also cause this problem as well.

I am wondering if there are any other women on pain management who have had hair thinning issues? Thank you and God bless…Valerie Jones. I wanted to respond by saying that I doubt seriously if any of the pain medications are the problem. I suspect you have the same problem I have: I had saliva tests done last month to test my hormone levels and they were CRAZY—so high that all the doctors were shocked when they saw the numbers. I strongly suspect you have the same problem that most menopausal women have: The DHT is an adrogenic hormone that attacks the hair follicles and destroys our hair by thinning it out.

This is a natural herb you can buy at any health food store or online! Though men primarily use it for prostate problems, millions of women use it to stunt testosterone levels. Your hormones are probably out-of-balance. The high testosterone levels are destroying your hair, in all likelihood. And, yes, taking the HRT may be the real culprit. It was for me and is destroying my body — my levels are outrageously high for every hormone. I also stopped taking the hormone creams e.

Give your body a break. Remember our grandmothers never took HRT and many of them are still alive at Age 80 or Get a saliva test to verify this and try the saw palmetto for months and see happens. There is some talk of fluoride in the water causing hair loss. Also, many cities have poor water quality. If all of us are losing our hair there must be a common denominator. Environmental Working Group has water quality info. I started losing my hair after stopping using filtered water and going back to using water from the faucet.

I lost half my hair in a three month period when I did that. I live in Dallas, Texas and we have less than great water quality. Surely somewhere there is a natural blood pressure answer. Good luck to all. Inderal, Prozac and HRT cycloprogynova. And Xanax at the very beginning when I started having panic attacks at the end of I can see my scalp one way or another.

I noticed immediate hair loss actually, within the first day of even taking it. It increased and has gotten worse. Be careful about taking Wellbutrin. This is what onset my hairloss. I was over thinking, overstimulated! Just my take on it though. The pill kept me up all night and I had a loss of appetite, lost a lot of unwanted weight.

And call them if you are experiencing jitterness, anxiety. Has anyone tried Minoxidil for HBP? I understand why I would experience severe hair loss under these circumstances. My doctor is very understanding and even prescribed a trial on 10mg Minoxidil Rogaine , but I then after about 2 weeks, I had dark facial hair growth -with no noticeable improvement in my hair loss — so it was discontinued.

Has anyone had experience with minoxidil 10mg? Another victim of Synthroid hair loss here. I wasmildly hypo with menstryal irregularities. Doc first put me on BCP Ortho Tricyclen which not only did not help, but caused hair loss by the 3rd month. I stopped it at the end of the cycle and the hair loss stopped within a week. A month later, Doc put me on 0. Guess the Doc was over-excited by this, as she increased my dosage to 0.

Within a month, I began losing handfuls of hair at a frightening rate! Three months later, I stopped the Synthroid for fearing of going bald. The hair loss continued for 5 months after that at an alarming rate…and stops now and again, only to start falling out again for no reason. I cry about it every night when I shower. I went to so many derms and even Dr. McAndrews, a hair specialist in LA. He was arrogant and tried to tell me how mt hair is not that bad…hello, this is not what my hair was like a year ago!!

I have experienced major hair loss from what I believe is Cymbalta. I was on 60mg but had to stop after two weeks because the hair loss was so severe and immediate. Cymbalta HAS to be the culprit as I am not on any other medication nor had anything changed in my life. I need to know when and if it will stop!

Livial tibolone HRT caused my Hairloss. I have to wear a hat at all times. So far my hairloss has drastically reduced! I have seen websites where a lot of women are complaining about Pantene causing hairloss. I used it for many years, but not in the last 6 months. This sounds crazy but I got the results back from my scalp biopsy and according to my dermatologist I have Androgenetic Alopecia. She told me that I would only ever get fine short hair if I ever got any regrowth.

This morning I noticed a lot of prickly stubble growing. My derm refused to believe it was any medication I was on. I should have looked more closely before especially with my reading glasses on and in the sunlight! These are all cures I found on the Internet. When my hair was thick I used to wash it every day. My biopsy was wrong! This is the link to the website I found that tells you how your HRT affects your hair.

Please scroll down and find the HRT you are using. It also highlights HRT that have very positive effects on your hair! Doctors can be wrong!!! I had Telogen Effluvium from going off the pill 1. She also mentioned that we all have minutirazation to some extent. I have also read of ladies of ladies getting a wrong diagnosis from biopsies…. Hi Pilar, Who is the doctor that is treating you? I had TE about about 1. My hair coming out in ropes started in April and slowed November December.

I was having massive growth, but it seems to have slowed down and I still small hairs and see miniaturized ones. No the ropes coming out of my hair and in my brush in massive amounts have completely stopped but their is disturbing shedding of short hairs as well as miniaturized ones. I go to a hair specialist in Atlanta he is very passionate and caring and for months they just thought it would return even my biopsy showed TE but he was concerned with the miniaturized hairs, he said it was AGA, but an Atypical case.

All of my symptoms sound very similar to yours. I have started using rogaine only at night. I just wanted to share this with you for consideration. Because our symptoms sound identical as well as the diagnosis that I was getting all along. I also had SD but mine was much more severe than yours, I developed an allergy to a substance in black hair dye and it caused sensitivity to everything.

But I am now able to tolerate Rogaine. And I am very thankful for that. Also I wanted you to know how much encouragement you have been and how much you are admired for sharing everything and encouraging people when you are still going through it.


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