Phentermine diet pills scary experience for an lsd life

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This includes the intake of 1 Qsymia 7. In addition, the findings of Lisa M. The funny part is even though I only sleep hours a day because I'm taking the pill I am still able to function without being tired. The fast release of phentermine quickly starts its reaction to reduce appetite thus triggering the weight loss process. I really don't know where to begin when discussing Phentermine.

Have you spoke to your doctor about your concerns? Generally speaking, this is the best first step in determining if there are any potential issues that are holding you back from losing weight. We recommend a product on our website called Phen Caps, it is intended to be taken as an alternative to phentermine or with phentermine, to increase weight loss effects.

You can learn more about the product and how it helps you lose weight fast by clicking here. Let me know if this helps and if there is anything else I can do for you! Have a great day and keep up the good work! Hi there, Thanks for the comment! Phen Caps are a great alternative to phentermine, and often cost much less!

You can purchase Phen Caps online by clicking here. I stopped taking this a week ago after three months. I am so very tired now and my pains that I had before taking this pill have returned. I am continuing my healthy eating and working out. I hope my weight continues to come off but this fatigue is the worse I have felt in years. Hey Jennifer, That is strange advice from your doctor — while caffeine can give you a boost and help with weight loss and appetite suppression, it often comes in less than healthy energy drinks and soda like you say.

We recommend Phen Vites by phen. I was on Phentermine on and off between December 1, and November 1, I lost a total of 79 pounds with the help of Phentermine, eating healthy, and exercising! Because of the inactivity from the surgery and probably getting off the Phentermine and not making the best food choices I have gained 20 pounds back. I started taking the Phentermine again on January 20th and look forward to being able to start going to the gym again soon as my surgeon allows.

I will testify that Phentermine definitely works and absolutely changed my life. Once I lose the 20 pounds post-surgery weight I still have about 50 more pounds to lose to be at my ideal healthy weight. With the help of Phentermine and the new outlook it has helped me have on my life and how I want to live it I know thia weight loss is possible.

Altogether I hope to be able to lose pounds and finally believe I can do this. I am 30 years old and want to get my life back, well, the active life I want to live. I just thought I would share this to let people know that Phentermine does work. However, the side effects went away mostly and I got a new attitude and energy for life! I will say that having gum to chew on and cold water with me all of the time helped me get through jittery or wired feeling times.

I also want to add that I am EXTREMELY sensitive to caffeine, so much so that my doctors have advised against me consuming it, but the way Phentermine makes me feel is not like how caffeine makes me feel. That was something I was really worried about before I started taking it. Anyways, there it is! Thank you so much for your feedback Emily!

We agree that losing weight can be like opening the doors to a new lease of life, as we covered in our blog, Lose Weight With Phentermine, Gain So Much More — https: Good luck and congratulations!! I was on phentermine during 12 weeks, losing around 25lbs holidays kinda slowed me down. I took a month break and the first 2 days It was so funny to feel hunger and anxiety, as well as a decrease in energy and cardio resistance. However, my body went back to normal immediately, and I continued exercise and healthy eating for 4 weeks lost 14lbs without phentermine.

But phentermine is awesome in controlling anxiety and hunger and gives me nonstop energy for running! I have been on Phentermine for a year and lost 33 lbs. I went off of it about a month ago and immediately gained 7 lbs without changing my eating habits. I am hypothyrioid and I find that the phentermine gives me great energy, clears my foggy-head and helps reduce stress.

I am back on it and feel great. Without it, I am just too tired, and too depressed. Are you still taking the pills? Hi Michelle, we would suggest speaking to your doctor. He or she can work with you to reduce usage and ultimately get off phentermine. In fact, I feel like it has increased. Has this happened to anyone else? I was on and off it for a few years, usually buying a month at a time and prolonging it, picking up another months worth every 3 months or so. In fact, not only did I not feel the effects of appetite suppressant anymore but I actually would feel very dizzy, like my equilibrium was off all the time.

That had never happened before in all the previous times taking it. Now, it happens every time. Then I felt I was just taking it because I was addicted to taking the pill, not actually reaping any benefits from it. I just started phentermine last Saturday and I weighed myself this Saturday. Not exercising at all. Has anyone ever taken the phen caps? I used the adipex for 12 weeks and lost 55 lbs. Just wondering if it works similar to adipex.

When I was introduced to real phentermine I went from lbs to my normal weight of I want to find the real phentermine because they work. I have never heard about taking a break on phentermine or the scary heart side effects.. She even upped the dosage of Topamax about 6 months ago, when the weightloss slowed.. Should I be concerned for my health? I am also a Hashimotos patient, but am on the correct dosage of thyroid medication. Thank you in advance for any advice!!

If a patient has a significant amount of weight to lose then it is understandable that they might take phentermine for longer than others, but to be on phentermine and Topomax almost continuously for 2 solid years is worrying. Has she said what her plan is when you do reach your goal weight? And, what if your weight loss slows down again, will she increase your dosage even more? My wife has been on Phentermine for several years now. I am worried she is addicted to them.

If she misses a day her mood becomes extremely irritable. She has two Doctors because only one will prescribe her Phentermine. She says her Dr. Prescribes the drug as an antidepressant and that being on it keeps her from being suicidal. But, it is addictive, and with what you describe it does sound like she is addicted. The first week was rough: Although I will say that when I was feeling irritable and unreasonably mad, I was well aware of my behavior and knew it was a side effect of the med.

I do take Zoloft mg daily. All in all between the weight loss and endorphins from exercising 30 min daily made it a lot easier to handle. For all of my time on this med, sleeping has been challenging. I have to wait a good hrs after taking the med before I can sleep. I tried taking half a pill and it was totally ineffective. I have always been prone to dizzy spells when standing up quickly or squatting and standing: But after weeks that side effect was much less.

Dry mouth is also still very common. I eat because I am supposed to, not because I am hungry. The effectiveness has only decreased around hrs after taking the pill. I am 31, starting weight I am a huge fan of this med. The side effects are manageable and well worth the 37 lbs loss. I did not have any spikes in blood pressure either. The initial stimulant effect went away quickly, I just feel like my normal self when I take it.

The most important part of this med to me, is that it takes away ALL my cravings. Yes it destroys my appetite, but being hungry was never the reason I overindulged in the past. This med makes food indifferent so I use it as I should — as fuel, not for pleasure. Also you will get a prescription for 3 months as it is intended to be a short term medication due to the side effects on your heart read packet insert for details.

I am in no way affiliated or endorsed by this med and have posted this review in my own accord. I started taking Phentermine on February A month later, I have gone from lbs. I go everywhere with my pedometer! This is the first diet pill I have ever taken and it is fantastic. Having written that, one side effect is a bit of a dry mouth, which means I drink more water.

The other is my sleep has been interrupted-usually around 3am— but I get back to sleep. I am really thankful to have this medication to assist me in changing some poor habits. I just stated taking Phentermine 4 days ago….. Can they be punched OTC locally? My only concerns about this medication is my eating habits, as I some times do not have the urge to eat at all, as in I physically cannot even force myself to do it. Or the nausea that I get, I noticed it start almost immediately when I started to take Adipex which I know taking this medicine is supposed to be because my doctors think that the benefits outweigh the side effects but I also have no idea if they are just gonna cut me off next month of what my States regulations are on that.

We would advise you to talk to your doctor and to discuss these issues and see what you be the best for you in order to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. Hi, I started taking adipex a month ago. I was taking them for 6 weeks. Hi Mikea, The week cycle is a recommendation more than a strict guide, as is the month-long break. I have been on phentermine for almost a month. My period has been on for two weeks now.

Should I take a break from the pill or should I keep pushing through? Sincerely a girl that wants to feel normal again. I have been under 18 months of treatment with a schedule of taking Phentermine for 30 to 60 day periods followed by 60 to 90 day breaks from the drug. During this time I lost almost 70 lbs and my waist went from a 46 to a 36!. I and My Doc found that after a 50 lb loss the steepness of the loss slowed as my body adapted to not so much the drug but the reduced calorie intake at per day.

I have been using a high -low intake pattern day 1 to K intake then day 2 a K intake where the body burns at the K rate.. I still want to reduce an additional 20 lbs and now only use the meds for 30 days out of overall days with a 90 day off. The next phase will increase the period to days with 30 days of meds. This schedule we designed to physically diminish drug dependence and to help as a long term maintenance program With the bodys adaptation to the new life style at 50 lb loss level, the weight loss slows and plateaus are common.

The use of the drug at increasing intervals as mentioned allows for periodic movement from one weight plateau to the next lower one till a target weight is achieved. When target weight is achieved all meds will cease. However I will plan for the next year to continue medical consult and support. The method of eating different calorie amounts is very effective and used by most body builders during their reduce phase. I started it Sept 11 and lost 12lbs so far…it helps my IBS so much!

It has slowed the digestion down to normal. I want to be on at least half for life! Going to ask Dr in Dec! My body built a tolerance to it. Will it work for me now or will it never work again? I dont want to go and waste time and money and have it not work again. Phentermine is designed to be taken for a limited period but to enable people to make permanent lifestyle changes.

This article has some advice for those taking phentermine after previously taking it before: I started phentermine in August. I loving running and hit a plateau on weight loss. I lost about 30lbs in 5 months. I have only had it filled 3 times. What I started doing was taking it half the week. Then I had my cheat days on weekends. I think that worked best for me.

I still have about 3 wk supply and it works for me. I get full fast. As a former body builder, I know how and what to eat. Over the years I just got lazy about my diet and ate too much and the wrong things. I did NOT weigh myself the following morning, but got right back on the wagon. She only gave me a 30 day script this week also told me the effects will decrease so maybe I should take it during the week and get off it on the weekends, which I will do this coming weekend.

I suspect different people will have different reactions as people have mentioned above. I will avoid sugar and carby foods until my body gets used to eating normally again. I just started taking this. It has only been 3 days. Is this common and will lessen in time or should I stop immediately? Smoking as well as certain foods can aggravate the symptoms, so you might want to avoid citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, and spicy food, and drinks such as tea, coffee, soda and alcohol.

Amy, Phentermine aggressively makes my acid reflux worse. I had an amazing experience with Phentermine reaching my target weight soon and looking forward to maintaining my newly discovered self. I did not go back for another visit for this medication. Sometimes they were severe. I looked to other medication to fill that void of not taking Adipex. It is a very addictive drug. I read online about how it works. It is horrible on the heart. It makes the valves in the heart weaker.

So eventually after taking it for so long. The heart valves are weak, leading to heart attack. I eventually figured I would rather be fat than dead. I hope that everything works out for you. Just be careful with this strong medicine. Beautiful place in Virginia. I took it 7 years ago and lost 30 lbs in 6 months.

I didn't have problems with breathing but the potential side effect of damage to the heart and pulmonary arteries scared me, so I stopped. Is this drug prescribed specifically for weight loss or is it for another condition and the weight loss is a side effect? Hello did you ever find a doctor in Nebraska that prescribes these pills? I just had a baby 6mos ago and still about 2 sizies bigger than I was before I got pregnant.

I took adipex when I used to live in Texas after I had my second son 5 years ago. I lost about 20 pounds in 3mos. I cant afford to buy a new wardrobe and really just wanna get back down to my size 12 I am currently a It is an amphetamine. I believe due to its addictive nature and the fact that it looses effectiveness after about 3 months, it is only labeled for a 12 week course.

Originally Posted by grannynancy. Did anyone find a doctor in louisville, KY to prescribe Adipex or phentermine? Originally Posted by DrummerBoy. And I'm sure if you'd have taken your pulse rate during that time you'd have found it to be highly elevated as well. Oh and let me guess: People, take it from a personal trainer and lifeliong athlete:


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