Phentermine diet pills scary experiences with ouija

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phentermine diet pills scary experiences with ouija

She said oh just Charlie, he is cleaning up for dinner. Will probably be back to get more. It sounds totally crazy like one of those things you would tell your kid to spook them but the weird thing is I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. I feel the same. Who wants to live past anyways?

: Phentermine diet pills scary experiences with ouija

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My spirit is awesome, lol. Not scary at all. Supposedly you're never supposed to ask a Ouija when you'll die. And I believe it because a trusted psychic, on a separate occasion said I'd live past without knowing anything about this. Back to top 7 Marly Marly Advanced Sage. Marlifly Back to top 8 Alohomora Alohomora Omniscient. It's like the supernatural equivalent of inviting strangers into your home: And you start to smell really weird when you get this old. If you're on Adderall, you are on doctor prescribed weight loss pills IMO!

Works better than any OTC supplement. Back to top 12 anamaye33 anamaye33 Advanced Warrior. I personally would listen. You don't mess with fate. As of May 9, LW 91 UGW I'm trying to stay skinny without dying I call that maintaining. Back to top 16 Alohomora Alohomora Omniscient. My pussy tastes like diet pepsi cola. And yes, I experimented with cocaine ages ago who hasn't in Los Angeles? The weight loss was a bonus side effect though Yes, you watch too many horror films.

There are actually quite a few people out there who have had positive experiences with the board. I have never had a scary experience with my board and I don't believe I am possessed or that I can be. But I probably will continue taking the pills right up till Saturday, because I'm just a daredevil like that. And want to drop as much weight as I can before my life span drops.

Back to top 20 glassapples glassapples Warrior. I feel the same. Honestly I can't seem to think past age I don't know if I should be scared or happy about that. I've always felt like this: Back to top Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next Back to Anorexia Discussions 0 user s are reading this topic 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users. Community Forum Software by IP. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. About MPA MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders.

Superstitious Folks Only - Ouija Board says stop taking weight loss drugs by this Saturday else by life span will go down from to 90 Started by SallySkellington , Aug 13 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Living to 90 is long enough if I can be thin and beautiful now, right? It is a good thing,,, for the most part. Well, I thought I would add my story to this thread.

Haven't really told very many people but you guys are my BUDS! If this accident had happened a year early before she met Steve or a year later after they had a whole year together it would not have been so tragic. Her husband is still a wreck Everyone in the family recognized that Wendy had a special attachment to my four year old daughter. A couple of months after she died my daughter said out of the blue "Aunt Wendy is an angel mommy". I said "Well, yes she is.

How do you know that". My daughter said "She told me". You want to talk about goose bumps! It was so matter of fact for my daughter and she wasn't the least bit upset or concerned that Aunt Wendy had visited her. I told my other step sister and my step mom and it seem to make them feel better. We all think about Wendy every single day. I believe "ghosts" visit people in their dreams too. My grandparent's visit me all the time. I haven't had any visits from Wendy but I hope to someday.

I hope she visits my step-mom and Steve too. I know that would make them feel more at peace. Thank you Nal and Nibby for your great advice. Nal I know I shouldn't be afraid but I am. I have never "seen" a ghost maybe that's why I am so afraid. My mom says it is very comforting when a loved one comes to you. I guess just the idea spooks me. Nibby, you are so right I am gonna call her 2morrow. We Waked him on Memorial Day and I think she would love to her from me agian. He was in my wedding and she still has my proofs.

I told her she can have them as long as she wants, I just hope she doesn't think I am calling for them, cuz I'm not. She cries when we do talk about him but I can also tell that there is a little bit of a smile in her voice. Hi, Well, I don't know if it's "ghosts" I believe in or not, but some things happen that seem too unusual. This really happened -- my in-laws passed away within months of each other; my husband is an only child and they were older when they had him.

We were in their little log cabin on the lake, cleaning and clearing it a few weeks later. It would have been their anniversary --when the phone started to ring. Get this -- there was no phone! The phone service had already been disconnected, and the phone had been packed. My two children and John were really taken aback, but I think it was just his folks letting us know that they were okay.

Someone else said there was a logical explanation for what happened -- something about a phone line outside, and the fact that it was way out in the country on a lake, weather conditions and what have you, but for me it was much simpler than all that. Also, in regard to your question about talking to your friend's mom -- if you're okay with it, I would probably do it.

If it was the anniversary then you know she has been thinking about it, too. Many parents are afraid that people won't remember their children, that they'll be forgotten, which is an awful sadness for a parent. As a psychologist who does griefwork often, I've found that bringing up a loved one who has died is rarely upsetting to a parent -- they would love the opportunity to share memories with someone. All too often, people shy away from this, thinking that it would make them feel bad.

I would let her know about the paper slipping out and then share some fond memories of your friend with her. Sorry for the long missive. I guess I had a lot to say about this! Okay, the teacher in me speaks - "ghost" is singular, and "ghosts" is plural. I truly can't understand why you would be afraid if this was a good friend. A bit spooked, perhaps, but afraid? Think of what you loved about this person, close your eyes, and just dream happy thoughts about him.

Are We Cruisin' Yet? When I do have kids I will forbid that thing in my house. Maybe if I got my tongue pierced, that will help with my eating habits. I do want my eyebrow pierced though. Curt said he would leave me if I did. It moved, and my friends swear they didn't move it, but we were very young. I hate those things! I hope Madison never wants one that and her tongue pierced! I swear our house was haunted.

I would go in the basement and the lights would go off and on they didn't have light switches, you had to turn the bulb. Or I would be the only one home and go in the basement and hear someone walking upstairs. Luckily, I have never seen one cuz I think I would freak out. Oh yea, here's another story or should I say dream Cuz of the Oujia board I use to have Nightmares horible ones I use to wear a Scapular sp to bed along with a Bible under my pillow.

One night I was dreaming that a spirit was chasing me and I kept running and running when all of a sudden my cousin Brian who had died from and asthma attack he was 19years old, we shared the same b-day and were very close. I saw this hand and it pulled me up, when I got up it was Brian. Needless to say I have never had nightmares that bad again. I hope I didn't bore ya. I dunno, tough call, I'd guess that you should leave her be and leave your interlude between you and your friend.

Don't be scared though-I'm a big fat scaredy cat, so I will share my "scarey" story. I have had several incidents-never scary stuff, just things out of place, like my jewelry box where I keep things he gave me as a child my cinderella watch, my cross and for 5 straight days it was in a different location on my dresser. Not inches, I have a big dresser, but like a whole foot or so. This was when Madison was an infant, so I finally questioned Paul on day 3 and he was stumped and scared.

Another time that sticks in my mind is when Madison was born. She was born in the same hospital that he died in. After Madison was born, I had a really hard time nursing her, so they brought in a lactation consultant-she noticed my last name it's a bit unusual and it turns out she went to church with my in-laws, she said my first name was unusual as well for a girl and only knew one person to name their girl Collin and it was Charles Givens.

I almost dropped dead in the hospital good place to do it though. That was my Dad! She not only knew my in laws, but knew my Dad! My dad who at that point had been gone for 17 years. We spent the hour talking about him-turns out she was a Navy nurse-my dad was in the navy for 20 years I could go on, but my husband would file neglect charges. I know what you mean about that Bruce Willis movie!!

I don't like it but I'll watch it anyway and then I'm scared and jumpy for weeks. LOL I'm such a spazzz!! Whatabout the movie with Kevin Bacon I can't remember the name I was wondering if I should call his mom and tell her about what happened or should I leave her alone?? Oh I believe, man do I believe! I could tell you stories!!!! But, I tell you, he is here, he doesn't "haunt" me in any way, shape or form, but he is very much here and makes his presence known from time to time.

It freaks me out and comforts me at the same time.. I cannot watch that Bruce Willis "I see dead people" movie all the way through-I have tried several times. I always know when someone is being honest about a story about spirits or ghosts because I get uncontrollable shivers and my eyes water, not cry, but water.. When I was in high school I dated a guy, Charlie, that died of Cancer.


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