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Life Insurance Learn Center. I feel Phentermine is a great drug and has the potential to help make people healthier and happier as long as they educated themselves how to eat properly as well. I almost lost my life when I was sick. Patients who are taking medications such as beta-blockers, which may modulate the stimulant effect of phentermine. Companies typically order a full drug panel during the exam, which tests for the following drugs: We can transform our health, don't use Phentermine as a crutch, allow it to help you make life long changes. Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability Claims

I was around In December I had to have a minor surgery and was In April of I was despite working out 4 times a week 2 hours per session. A year earlier my gave me the information leaflet for qsymia. I was nervous about the side effects but after the death of a family member due to heart issues due to weight I decided I needed to get this weight off as quickly as possible. I started phentermine and topiramate in May. I went to the dr in June and they could almost weigh me.

This drug has been a godsend I really felt like I had plateaued despite meticulous tracking of my meals for the last days and intense workouts. I think for short term use this drug will be ok for me. I think by years end I will be able to come off of it. I want to stop, but when I do, I feel so horrible I just start again. Tomorrow I have to have a colonoscopy and Dr.

Told me to be off of it for 2 weeks because of the anesthesia I must have. Yes, it will be embarrassing and difficult, but this is nothing compared to putting yourself at risk with a surgery which might put you at risk. Your doctor will be glad you admitted it rather than lie and say that you did stop the phentermine, and it could be a good way to get out your secret and take steps to getting help. I usually only take it during the week for energy and it helps with my mood. How bad do you think this is affecting my heart?

You should speak to your doctor about coming off it and finding other ways to help with your mood and energy levels, such as prescribed exercise, meditation, dietary advice or stress-management techniques. I received it through a clinic. I had few side effects dry mouth, some restless sleep. My energy went through the roof. I finally lost weight. From lbs to lbs. My only regret is not receiving it by a regular physician to be monitored closely because there where hidden side effects popping up that I did not consider were from these pills.

Since I quit my last job I can longer go to the clinic. Anxiety disorder, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, sexual hypocrisy nympho , exhibitionist. Like I said this is just my own analysis. I also think I need a psychological evaluation. I act on impulse more now as before I would think things through. My patience is short fused. If anyone knows how or where I can receive treatment please let me know.

Without a doctor to go to, all I can suggest as a way to ask for help is to contact an addiction helpline or go to a free clinic, and then explain your symptoms to see if there is some kind of addiction management or evaluation they can help you with. Good luck, Sally, phentermine. After about 10 months of using phentermine I have developed hypertension.

I was wondering if my blood pressure would eventually go back to normal or is this permanent? Feeling all alone here! So why did my endocrinologist prescribe me Phentermine? I found out that I am Insulin Resistant and was given Metformin for my glucose-insulin war, and Phentermine for the weight. I started off with half a tablet of Fast forward to today, I have celiac disease so I still eat very clean but, my weight usually hovers around lbs — lbs.

Can I be the only person who actually gains weight while on Phentermine?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Good luck for your appointment and I hope that you can find a solution to your problem. I started phentermine back in after I had gained almost 70 lbs during a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.

So I changed my lifestyle and phentermine has a lot to do with that. I am going to look into something to help with focus and concentration, I really have been using it for that over the last couple years. It truly is a wonderful medication but I highly recommend only using it short term and sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, phentermine is an excellent spring board. The truth is that I love it! I do stop taking it for a few days at a time so that it still remains effective.

I think it works great with my body chemistry. Is there something similar that I can take longer for weight loss maintenance? You may not have any side effects yet that you know of but taking medications such as phentermine on a long-term basis are dangerous and can do lasting and irreversible damage to your body. Read some of the comments on this blog article or on our forum to see how people have been affected by long-term use.

I have taken this medication for almost 5 months. I have had bad headaches and it has effected my eyesight. Even now I have stopped taking the drug my eyesight is extremely bad. You never know how it will affect you or when it will start affecting you. Not a miracle pill. Even with going to the gym and eating right, the weight was not moving.

I started taking Phentermine 2 months ago, I am on my 3rd month. I have dropped 18 lbs. I plateau for days and then I drop a pound. I rather do it slowly instead of dropping super fast. However, I do nibble a bit more and ask myself why only to find out that I forgot to take it. I used to eat one after dinner but no longer do. My appetite has changed considerably. I did notice that when I do cheat, for example; I ate a Gluten Free Lasagna the other day my stomach was not happy.

I may just finish this year out as the holidays are approaching and ween myself off of them completely and continue with my new eating habits. My doctor said he would only prescribe it for 3 months just to give me a kick start. I dropped 35 pounds on my own in 3 months. Then my next doctors visit I gained 12 pounds back, I was very upset so my doctor told me about phen. I went from to in less then 3 weeks. I think people should be able to try it as a quick weight loss for a short time without bad side effects.

A co-worker introduced me to them after I complimented her on her weight loss. I was in my mid-twenties, already exercising some, and vegetarian. It worked wonders and I had tons of energy and excitement about life and could find lots of deals on size small clothing on the sales racks. It was a golden time. I would regain most of the weight. After being on phentermine for about 2 years straight between mid — mid, I stopped cold turkey.

I do NOT recommend phentermine, short or long term use. Hope this helps someone! Hi Nik, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of taking phentermine long term. I am 47, have been on phentermene for almost 4 years now. I had energy, worked out, was proactive and driven at work. Was the fun spontaneous mom! Even better — I had a lot more energy and confidence in the bedroom for my husbands sake!

I did get the dry mouth, constipation, headaches and insomnia — but all the pros outweighed the cons…. Fast forward to today: My eyesight has suffered I know. Everything is always blurry… I feel spacey all the time. I have gained ALL my weight back and more! I am always VERY angry and easily agitated. I have to get my life back! You should speak to your doctor to see if there is some way he or she can help you gradually cut down and get your life back.

Wishing you the best of luck. I have been reading a lot and almost all of the comments here. I first started Phentermine February — May I weighed in at lbs and within months I weighed in at lbs. Miracle pill I called it. I worked out, ran, cleaned house like no other. Best feeling in the world. Then, I started to have my heart rate at per min just sitting. Started to have anxiety, panic attacks, along with ticks! I started to blink my eyes unctrollably along with stretching my mouth wide open.

Reading some of the posts just made everything clear to me. I became a hypochondriac! Constantly in and out of Dr offices including the ER! I stopped taking this medicine for a while. I had my daughter Sept Decided to try it again and nope, instant panic. Decided to work out and eat healthy. Lost all my baby weight and felt good about life. Met my now husband We were both into fitness and along with that, we enjoyed our wine nights.

We found ourselves sitting in the parking lot at the workout center debating on going in or going home tommake dinner and drink. We eventually got into the routine of drinking instead of the gym! We have both gained weight! I eventually got him started on Phentermine. I have to admit. I have been taking his pills as well. Not experiencing panic attacks but noticed my tick came back with the eyes after consuming the pill.

Need I say more. This medicine may help you suppress your appetite, lose weight, possibly feel good, look good. Love your body, eat right and listen to it. Took me far too long to do so. Did your anxiety and depression stuff seem to subside after being off the adipex for a while? I have been on Adipex for 5 days.

I have not slept at all. I am nervous and jittery and have no appetite. The dose is I have lost 3 lbs already. I just wonder whether I really need this pill. I need to be able to sleep. What do you think? I feel really good, my mood is improved and I am not eating everything I find. I tried to quit cold turkey but the withdrawal effect was too severe so I cut my dosage from Do you think if I get off the phen soon my blood pressure will return to normal? You would have to check with your doctor about your blood pressure but certainly coming off phentermine will help to improve your overall health.

Hi I have been using this medication for nearly 4 years. At the beginning I used Thanks to God that I found this website because the problem is that now I have been feeling pain in my chest, shortness of breath, tachycardia. I was always very healthy so I wonder if these symptoms are because the phentermine. I will make an appt for my doctor ASAP. We would advise you to stop taking phentermine now rather than waiting to speak to your doctor.

I have been on this medicine for two years. It has helped me loose weight and I feel so much better about myself. The only side effect that I have is the dry mouth. I use to have to take medicine for acid reflex but since on the Phentermine I no longer take the omeprazol. My blood pressure is perfect and I do not take blood pressure medicine. This has been a miracle for me. We are so glad to hear phentermine has helped you reach your weight-loss goals!

The most unusual result however is that I sleep better? I take half a pill around 10am, around 2: Then easily go to bed around 9pm, aking at 5: Years ago I took Nuvigil prescribed by my sleep doctor. I do not have apnea, I was diagnosed with excessive sleepiness. Nuvigil is no longer available for my condition, she recommended Ritalin, but I passed.

I received the Phentermine from a weight loss clinic. This is given me better rest, and better wake cycles, I sleep more restful. Is this been noted before for helping sleep issue patients? I understand some struggle going to sleep, but this helps me sleep better and more restful. I am a 50 yo female and have taken phentermine on and off for 20 years now with no side affects whatsoever. I do notice that the effects of it have greatly reduced but they still continue to suppress my appetite.

This medication is not intended to be stopped abruptly as it will have adverse affects. It is best if you wean off the medication. I am a type 1 diabetic, I developed it when I was 8. Im now 45 and Ive been on phentermine off and on for probably 5 years. Dry mouth and speed are the two side effects that are worst for me. I go off the medicine for a few weeks when my 30 day prescription runs out because I have gotten so used to it, it stops working with my weight loss efforts.

The lazy feeling that comes with stopping is almost unbearable. I wonder about the long term with my heart and I see where some people have developed vision problems. Is vision loss a side effect of phentermine? BTW, Istarted phen to lose weight. I hike at least 20 miles a week, I eat right and exercise. I dont know if the side effects are worth the energy boost and hopefullness of losing weight. Wish it worked for me better. Not real sure what to do. I have long term experience with Phenterminel on and off for over 20 years.

I admit dependence, however I have stopped when they were no longer effective. My doctor monitors me closely, and if I were not able to get them, I fear what alternative I might take, since I was an amphetamine user in my teens. I am now age 50, my blood pressure is outstanding, and have no major health issues. In fact I worry what would happen if I stopped. I have been on Phentermine I have taken a few breaks over the years but not more than 6 months before needing to go back on it.

My story a little different from most here. I have been a fitness pro for over 25 yrs. Dr said my central Nervous system was almost dormant and started me on phentermine. I got breast cancer in and was off them for about 9 months. Then all the symptoms crept back. Went off again in for about 6 months and symptoms came back. Biggest side effect is dry mouth and blood pressure drops when I stand up too fast but that happened before. Internist says adverse affects of phentermine. I started taking phentermine in before I had my first son.

I lost weight quickly and felt great. I took it for about 6 months. Then I became pregnant. Few months after giving birth I got back on it. Worked just like the first time. I was on it the 2nd time for about 1 year , maybe 1 year and a half. Then I became pregnant with my 2nd child in About 5 months after giving birth I got back on it to lose the baby weight. This 3rd time I was on it for about 6 months this to a year give or take.

Long story short I found out I had Myasthenia Gravis disease. Affects all your voluntary muscles. First one in my family to have anything like this. It interferes with transmission of signals from your brain to your muscles. I quit taking while I was sick. Skip forward to present day. I got a month supply since I have gained weight from the steroids I had to take while sick and actually being able to eat. Mind you I have been in remission of MG the last 2 years.

A doctor has not confirmed with but in the back of my mind I feel phentermine has caused the Myasthenia Gravis. Please beware of long term effects. Completely not worth it. I almost lost my life when I was sick. It still curbs my appetite and gives me the boost of energy. It puts me in a better mood and makes me feel like I wanna get things done.

Wondering if that has anything to do with the phentermine and if anyone has experienced the same problem. Any feedback will helpful and greatly appreciated!!! Shortness of breath can indicate a serious phentermine side effect , so we would recommend speaking with your prescribing doctor about this ASAP. What do I do now??? I began a successful phentermine journey in Phen was prescribed by my family med doc for a duration of 7 months. It was a great experience and I kept the weight off for close to 4 years.

I started having issues due to pre-menopause and my doc started me on zoloft and then prozac. My doc checked full blood panel. Her only suggestion to the weight gain was the use of the anti-depressants. In early Feb of the same doctor put me back on the phen. Unfortunately, change in insurance caused my providers to be changed. I was with Sutter but now a clinic based provider.

My doctor of 20 years wrote up a full description of me. My doctor also documented that the new provider continue to monitor my weight as she had done. Yesterday I saw my new provider for the first time. He was very rude! He ordered me off of the phen immediately without tapering me and lectured me about the risks of the medicine. He then said he was ordering an echo cardio gram. Im nervous about the expertise and opinion of this new physician.

Also about gaining the weight back and not feeling as good. Doctors have the final word regarding advice on phentermine use and other medications. That being said, if you do not feel comfortable with any doctor, you can look for a second opinion too. Have been on adipex about 5 weeks. Ive taken it before, a few yrs ago, but got pregnant long after I stopped taking the med and have had trouble getting back into shape. I started taking it now to help with energy to work out. I have energy troubles due to my work schedule.

I have a slight reduction in my appetite, but nothing like last time I took it, thankfully. The first time the idea of any food was appalling. For instance, if I took my meds at 5pm yesterday, would taking one or a half tab at 8 am the following day pose any risks to my health? My prescription is the Consult with your doctor first to see what are your options. I started about 9 months ago and it worked so well.

I have sleep apnea and was about pounds over weight. I have major food cravings and drink alcohol on weekends that contributes to my weight. I had so much more energy taking Adipex and was almost never hungry. I ate eggs in the morning, veggies for lunch, and a piece of meat for dinner. I exercised a few times a week, but suddenly had energy to run on the treadmill. I lost 40 pounds over four months. My doctor said I had to switch off of it so I went on Contrave. I maintained the same diet, but had less energy to exercise.

I gained back 10 pounds during the 3 months of Contrave. My cravings were slightly less than normal on Contrave, but I felt like I had no metabolism or energy. Started my second round of Adipex this month. When I stop taking it I might as well have narcolepsy. I take it mainly to maintain my weight and wake up to function. I am concerned about long term effects of the medication because hypertension and heart disease runs in my family.

Any recommendations to break the dependence for good? Hi Carolina, thanks for your comment! We would suggest speaking to your doctor. He or she can work with you to reduce usage and ultimately get off phentermine. The fact that it no longer helps you lose weight is another indication that your body has developed a tolerance to the medication.

What to read next: How Can I Get Phentermine? Why is Phentermine Click the stars to rate this post. It's your lifestyle that is. I have lost 4 lbs but it has not curbed my hunger at all. I exercise 4 days a week. Only experienced dry mouth a few days which I guess is good. I have not had the energy boost that others mention. I will finish my 30 day rx but will not waste my money on a refill. It may work for others but not for me and I cannot recommend it. I started taking this at 7mg in I was averaging lb weight loss every month.

After 6 months I was down 51lbs and excited. Then I hurt my knee and had 2 knee surgeries in 4 months Started gaining weight like crazy. Last year, I had a hysterectomy and the weight kept coming. I've gained back the 51lbs plus This time to keep it off!!! A friend introduced me to this drug through a link he sent to me. I tried it out and within 3 weeks of using it I lost a lot of weight which is what I wanted.

Now I am so happy with my new shape. I also want you to share in my blessing by reading up more about this wonderful weight loss drug here; http: I wish you all the best. I absolutely loved Phentermine. The first week I took it in half doses. I had energy to the moon. I cleaned like I was going to have a health inspection. I lost weight for 5 months. I also lost my own sanity I was so easy to anger, could not be pleased, everyone made me angry, nagging, hurtful, rude, nights of no sleep or sleep maybe a few hours.

I lost over 50 pounds on the scale but looking at it in clear eyes I lost water weight and muscle. My body was starving. I was not told how to take it or how to take care of myself on it. Hair loss, bad skin, dry mouth, chapped lips. The list could go on forever. I took myself off this medication. I was not seeing results and the doctor thought I should continue even though I had already been on it too long without even a break.

I gained all my weight back as I got my first period since starting the medication. I do not recommend this at all. My life has changed and not for the better. I was unable to lose weight no matter how hard I tried. I thought I was eating smart and small enough portions. I walked every day. When I was 58 yrs old I said I need to lose 50 lbs before I turn I began making better choices and eating smaller portions. I lost the 50 lbs I wanted to lose during that first year.

I still take the two drugs faithfully and have never went off of them. It will be 3 yrs in May and my total weight loss is 54 lbs. I purposely hold my own and eat a little larger portions than when I began the program. I have never had any side effects from either drug. I plan on staying on these two drugs forever. They don't have any long term side effects. I also take a blood pressure pill and thyroid pill with several vitamins. I have been taking Phentermine for a couple of years now.

I have actually gained weight on this pill Up to 7 pounds in less than 1 month. I used to weigh around before my hysterectomy. Afterwards I jumped up to and I am now around Still taking pills and no big losses. I did lose 5 lbs in 1 month. I just can't seem to get the weight off. I do not overeat I am on the move all day at work and was walking every day until weather got bad. I don't know what to do. He wrote it for 5 pills 3 times a day. That would have killed a horse I'm sure The office just said "Oh well I started taking 30mg Phentermine on October 25th, I felt great, didn't have any negative side effects, nothing that would make me decide to stop taking the pills.

I lost about 10 pounds in a little over a month. Last night I had shaky hands and boy, is the dry mouth bad! I drink a lot of diet juice and water so I'm not dehydrated. I'm not feeling any of the other bad side effects like anxiety. I am down 15 pounds though, after completely changing my diet and eating between calories per day. I try to exercise when I can but with college, a social life and a boyfriend, it's hard.

I was prescribed phentermine by my GP who was aware of my low dose BP and depression meds to help in weight reduction. I feel I'm 80 lbs overweight. This was around January and upon completing 1st bottle I had lost a bit. GP would not prescribe again until I was off it for a while. Started my 2nd round in March Needless to say, I stopped the phentermine and got myself straight to the doctor's office.

SIX months later I am still taking quadruple my original dosage for high BP which is keeping it in check. I'm due a checkup next week and plan to discuss with him whether or not this medicine has somehow affected my heart negatively. I'm really concerned with the fact that I have not been able to return to my original 80mg dose and worry that it's caused some sort of permanent damage to my heart.

As a result, I have not seen any marked increase in depression, irritation or insomnia. I have noticed an increase in dry mouth, so I have increased my water intake, which is a great aid in weight loss, anyway. Many weight loss supplements include chromium to produce the same affect and induce increased water intake. And, I would definitely recommend using a dry-mouth toothpaste, such as Biotene.

As an additional precaution, I plan to skip Phentermine on weekends. I decided to try Phentermine after my dad reported to good results my niece and her husband have had using it. Becoming about 70 lbs overweight, despite portion control and not eating very much - at all, I became extremely frustrated. And, working out just wasn't helping. Frankly, I got mad and disgusted with myself. I have been using Phentermine Though my pants seem to be fitting a bit looser. I also suffer from bipolar disorder.

I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't stand loud noises. It aggravates me bad, but as far as weight loss it helps. Mentally I'm exhausted more than I am physically. Can anyone give me a explanation for this or any advice of what I should do, go off them medicine or cut the dosage in half? Like many others, my doctor prescribed Phentermine wanting me to lose a few pounds. The first couple of weeks the only thing I had a problem with was dry mouth.

After about the third week, I started to have anxiety attacks, crying all the time, depression and heart palpitations. It got so bad I almost ruined my relationship. I told my fiance about it and he insisted I stop taking the drug and couldn't believe my doctor would even prescribe something like Phentermine knowing the side effects. In less than 30 days this drug almost destroyed my entire life.

I'm normally a happy and joking person, but the last month has been the most emotionally painful time in my life all because of this little pill. Losing weight on this medication is not worth my sanity. No doubt this pill helps you lose weight. I have been taking it almost 2 weeks and lost 10lbs, which I know I'm going to gain it all back. This pill might help some but for me the side effects are horrible. I'm obsessed with losing weight but not with this pill.

The first 3 days were amazing. I had lots energy. I did have cotton mouth and sweated like nobody's business. I drink a lot of water anyways but had to triple the intake because I was so thirsty. I am a very happy go lucky person. Yes I have the normal every day stresses, like everyone else. But by no means am I a suicidal person.

I don't take any kinds of meds and I'm a very healthy person with no medical issues. The 4th day on this pill, I started having self-doubt. I didn't think anything about it. I kept taking the pills, everyday became a struggle. I started hating myself and felt that everyone hated me. I cried all the time for no reason. I was mad at myself for feeling this way. I talked with my friends, I even talked with my husband. Everything they told me became twisted in my head.

I had convinced myself everyone hated me and I didn't need to exist. I've only been off the pill today and have had some withdrawal issues. I hope these feelings will go away quickly and I can be back to myself soon. Just be careful taking these pills and follow the doctor instructions to a T. And if you feel anything out of the way call your doctor immediately. I started taking prescribed phentermine for weight loss. I weighed lbs and 6 weeks later I am at and still losing weight.

However, I had some issues, depression, panic attacks that would happen every few min without medication. I had a thyroid issue and ADD and a low libido. I had these things for years started in my 30's I am now Phentermine has given me back my life. I have no real depression any more on this medication. I feel energized without feeling jittery. I can think clearer and it controls my ADD. I no longer get panic attacks. I have done some research on this drug and society has been SO misinformed by the media.

I think the first week I took it I had some heart acceleration and headaches but it disappeared. The only thing I don't like is that it causes constipation. I have high blood pressure and am on medication for it. However since I lost weight I take less thyroid and blood pressure meds now. So this drug may not be a "fits all" type drug, but for me it works. I still losing weight, feel great, have energy and libido and can think more clearly.

I don't know about everyone else but this ADD girl with her thyroid, lagging energy, foggy brain thinks this is a miracle and I hope that I can continue with this although maybe on a milder dose. Do your homework look on government sites, look at real medical sites like top medical school. Don't just go to blog type sites.

There is real information and tests on this drug and it has been on the market since No one has died or overdosed strictly from taking this drug. Also, you can stay on this drug long term. You just need to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. I do my heart rate daily on my phone it has a sensor and I have a portable machine for my blood pressure. I have been normal on all fronts. With any medication you need to find out if it has adverse reactions with any other drugs you take. Only take this drug under a doctor's prescription and care.

This is for people who need to lose 50 or more pounds. Basically obese and morbidly obese. Talk to your doctor or several until you get all the answers you need. Good luck in your weight loss. My physician prescribed the medication in February and I've taken it on and off up until July I have transitioned off the medication and proud to say that I have changed my eating, drinking and physical exercise habits.

My blood pressure is much better and my sleep apnea has not been an issue. I don't breathe as heavy or feel so short of breath or tired on short walks. My stamina has greatly increased, which is good since I have three toddlers and work full time. In addition, I work out almost every day and balance my meal portions. Typically, water is all that I drink and at times I will sneak in lemonade.

Overall, I am satisfied with my results, but I know it's not a long-term solution and would not advise anyone to take it as long as I have. I too suffer with depression and self-esteem issues and have learned to balance how I feel about my health, body and self-image. Yes, I have noticed some weight gain in the past when stopping, but that only encourages me to work harder at diet, exercise and ensure I'm taking my thyroid medication as well. Every little boost in metabolism, energy levels and a smart diet plan will lead to results.

Patience, dedication, discipline and knowing this is not a magic weight loss pill are key to weight loss success. Overall, I would advise you to follow your gut on taking any medication that has as serious side effects as this in some case studies. Please do your research and discuss your options with your doctor before popping this or any pill.

I have read several negative reviews. Perhaps my body is completely different than others or my brain chemistry is. I took this pill years ago. I just began taking it again, the lowest dosage, because I felt beyond sluggish all day, every day. When I take this I feel "normal", not hyper, just not sluggish. I have no negative thoughts, etc while taking this. Again, maybe it's just me and the way my body metabolize medications. Hopefully I can find a Dr who can answer this for Me.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this pill would make me feel "normal" please feel free to share!!! I have spent the past few days reading reviews on my phone and by no means am I trying to belittle anyone but in all the negative reviews in which people cannot sleep and are having psychotic episodes and depression and then gain all the weight back It's and the internet is imploding with health information and I have a hard time believing anyone overweight hasn't taken the time to educate themselves on what it takes to exchange bad habits that cause weight gain for good habits that promote health.

This pill is not a miracle pill, there is no such thing. If you take it and allow the chemical to take over and not feed your cells with nutritious healing foods, your cells absorb the chemical and you will experience these negative side effects. If you are new to this pill please create a mindset that this is your "personal trainer" who allows you an opportunity to start making better choices, learning how to "re-feed" yourself and hydrate yourself while providing the motivation energy to start a daily exercise program.

This is the only way you are going to feel well on the medicine and learn new habits so you don't gain the weight back after you stop taking the medicine. I was given the medicine for 30 days in and I was able to shed the weight I wanted while trying to get in shape for a beach trip. I was eating well and committed to my workouts and all was a success until I returned home and started eating pancakes and hash browns for dinner and to be expected, the weight returned.

After a year of limiting my calories and binging because I had felt deprived and frustrated, my thyroid was out of whack so in addition to my doctor resetting my thyroid meds, I asked for another prescription to get me back on track as I am wholly committed to taking the time to prepare healing foods. I have a 30 day supply and this is it as I will not repeat the mistake I made in I worked too hard to get in shape only to get lazy and undo my results.

My second day on Phentermine, I had received some disappointing news, silly as it may be, that a lodging reservation had been canceled which had taken me a day to secure. I mean it put me feeling in the dumps! So I know, the moodiness is a real side effect but by being aware of the cause when it happens, your "personal trainer" can bring this to your attention so you can make a mental shift and learn to let go and replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I do find that even my affection towards my husband wanes as an emotional side effect, but because I am aware of this, I make an extra effort to be loving towards him even though it is not what I am feeling as a result of the medication.

Do not give in to your emotions, feel the feeling and then let it go. It takes awareness and work, but it is necessary for you to live in balance. I could go on forever but my point is I do think it is a shame that Weight Loss Clinics are not REALLY setting people up for success while taking their money and if you feel that you are not fully informed, you have to take the responsibility to learn how to feed yourself and lose the bad habits.

If you do not eat healthy meals balanced with vegetables, healthy fats and carbs, you are going to endanger your health and gain the weight back If you are new to learning about health, there are so many good resources on-line. We can transform our health, don't use Phentermine as a crutch, allow it to help you make life long changes. This is your opportunity of a lifetime.

Learn how to prepare healthy foods quickly and get on an exercise program that makes you feel alive again. Be aware of your unsettling feelings, and make a mental shift. Never stop hydrating yourself throughout the day. Don't continue to give-away your hard-earned money for visits to the clinic and monthly prescriptions, that money can go to your grocery bill as healthy eating is a financial investment that pays off in the long run.

You will want that extra money to reward yourself with new outfits when you finally feel really good about yourself. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and it makes your metabolism extremely sluggish. I didn't eat a ton of food but could never lose weight. My endo prescribed this 15mg for me on I have taken it faithfully since and have lost a very healthy 42 pounds which really helped with my recent hip replacement. I am off for the moment because of my surgery but will go back on and finish what I have plus the 1 refill I have left and then I will be off for awhile.

I have found it to be a great help. I have not had any of the terrible emotions or side effects described in some of these reviews. I cut way down on carbs and almost totally eliminated sweets. I really love this medication. My husband saw my success and took the He was only allowed for 3 months. He has lost 36 pounds and he has kept up being active. This has been a great boost for each of us. I am so sorry for others problems.

I wanted to address Deanna from Duluth's review. Deanna I know exactly what you went through. I have taken this pills off and on for quite some time. Unfortunately, the side effects get progressively worse. The mood swings, depression, rage, crying at every little thing and just not feeling myself at all got worse every time I went back on the pills after being off for a month or so.

Not to mention the side effects I had when I stopped the pills. I dropped into a state of depression that I almost didn't come back from.


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