Phentermine results and testimonials images of jesus

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phentermine results and testimonials images of jesus

Sorry that is How Reply. Well I keep getting sick think my immune system is really down from not eating I dont eat hardly at all. Caffeine and all that has always had the opposite affect on me. I ordered phentramin D and I am excited and hope I can lose as much as all you folks! I started Adipex Any advice to help me achieve my goal? Jesus live ... Jesus in pictures ... incredible video ....

All of the side effects will go away after about a month. I had the headaches and the tremors and most of all the sleepless nights and would sleep all day. But is doing well now. Hi I am 25 sson to be 26 Year old female. I started taking adepix Thursday March 17, I weighed myself to day and noticed i lost 5 pounds exactly. I eat a small breakfast a very small lunch and for dinner a decent portion. I cutting all pop and goodies that my issue.

I know the meds work my husband was taking them he worked out everyday and diet with his he lost about 85 pounds. I just want to Lose 30 to My starting weight Hi, I a 38 year old female. I started taking Adepix Thursday March 17, Tomorrow will be a week and I have lost……14 pounds. If I did not see it with my own eyes I would not believe it. I eat a very small breakfast, not even half my lunch, and a small dinner.

I can not believe this is working. I am getting married soon and I would love to loose at least 20 more pounds. Please pray for me. By the way, I am one of the blessed ones, I have had no side effects, I take my pill in the mornings by 7 am, and I sleep just fine at night. To those of you who are indecisive about trying this product….. Sorry for the delaty in checking in. When I first started I did not exercise. Now that I have the energy, I ride my stationary bike 3 times a week.

As of today, I have lost 23 pounds. I am experiencing the bad taste in my mouth and ocassional dry mounth, but worth it. My fiance is so proud of me…. Hii have been on Adipex for 3 weeks and have not lost a pound and they do not give me a burst of energy.. I continue to work out daily, and i eat under cals a day. I also eat healthy foods.. My friend lost 17 lbs in a month doing the same as me. I am starting the pill in the am.

Will try and keep my weight loss blogged!! I took it before and lost weight but it also made me sleepy. I felt like I needed a boost I will keep everyone posted on ho this goes. Good luck to everyone! I did not get sick. At that time of taking them i lost 22 lbs in 3 months! For the comments of to jittery and the not working. I read that while on adipex or any phentermine you should not consume any caffeine at all.

Has to do with the way your body metabolism the drug. So do you all use caffeine or cut it out? I stopped taking it for the past couple months because I felt it stopped working and everything I read said that was very likely to happen. My weight has remained the same, because I stuck to the habits I had developed. I log my food every day, exercise hours per week, etc. I just started back on it this week and feel it is working at its fullest again. My challenges are at night. Works like a charm for a deep sleep and easy wake-up!

The Adipex gives me dry-mouth, but that only encourages me to drink a lot of water, which only helps with feeling full, eating less, and losing weight. I am 41 and on my second round of adipex, I lost 65 pounds the last go round 4 years ago. I am 41 and weigh pounds. I am using a new doctor and his program starts you taking a half pill the first 10 days. First day when you wake up and then moving it up 30 minutes each day until you are taking it at 10 or 11 am.

His philosophy is that it wears off during the day and you need the control most at dinner. I am trying it this way and hope that it works. Using the half pill for 10 days allows your body to adjust to pill over time to hopefully counteract the insomnia at night. I started taking Adipex yesterday. I love drinking water and could down up to a gallon a day.

Now I Cant keep water down, makes me extremely nauseas. And I mean to the point to heaving it up less than 5 minutes after drinking it. Also note its intake is now reduced to 4 oz or less of water intake at a time because I dont want to heave anymore. Did not take it today. Waiting on CB from Dr office. I am on the Heard sooo much good but apparently I am not taking to it well.

My current weight is normally I work out every day, drink water, eat right my original weight before working out and eating right was but have since plateaud. My doctor put me on it because the scales havent moved. I told her it was due to the strenght training and building muscle that burns fat which is a good thing but she wants to see the numbers drop. Hi everyone this is my second time using adipex first time I went from to in 4 months.

I stopped and gained. Okay had a great weekend. Walked and exercised as well as ate very little. Drunk a lot of water and ate more fruit going to weigh myself today! I am very amazed! Almost in shock to the point I weighed myself like 5 times just to make sure it was right.. Also I felt drowsy yesterday after taking it however when I went to go work out I had a lot of energy. Ok well since Friday I have lost 9 lbs. Dry mouth is the only side effect and I can handle that.

Well, I started my adipex today with a goal of 40lb weight loss coinciding with a chantix prescription to stop smoking as well… For being a long time fan of hydroxycut which I did lose 20lbs on I tried to stop smoking and put 10 back on almost immediately. I felt the warm sensation of the adipex and an increase in clarity.

My motivational bikini is lurking over my dresser mirror! Just started my weight loss journey today. My weight is registering at pounds, but my mind, body and soul is around pounds….. My plans are to eat Vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish no red meat or pork. I also plan to exercise daily. LaLa, I also get extremely tired taking it. It certainly keeps my appetite at bay though.

But I drink a gallon of water it seems, I suddenly crave it! Ppl who are not adhd get a speed high when taking concerta, ridLin idk how to spell it and those drugs slow down a person with adhd, they slow me down as well. So my advice would be to have your doctor check you out, or google adhd and a lot of sites give you a little self test… good luck with your weight loss. I took Adipex about a year ago and this side affect was one of mine. I ended up with kidney stones because I had dehydrated myself because I never drank any or small water or juice.

My doctor said you have to push yourself to stay hydrated but the pill did work for me other than that. I lost about ten pounds in weeks. My doctor prescribed me Adipex yesterday so, like many others, researched it before starting it today. I weight lbs. I am posting this in hopes of getting some moral support. Good luck to all and I will definitely keep reading up and posting any results. So glad I found this site and thanks!

My Doctor prescribed me Adipex May 4 and I have already lost 14 pounds! But I still have a long way to go!!!! I have been on adipex for almost a month now, and I am hovering between pounds lost. I try to only eat calories a day and I try to drink as much water as possible. I am also working out at least 3 days a week. What could be the problem?

Well if you are working out you could be turning your fat into muscle. Have you measured in inches? Fat does turn to muscle. I suggest more frequent cardio excerises. I try to minimize my workouts to 2 miles running a day or walking the block for an hour or so. I weighed in yesterday and found out I have officially lost 21 pounds. You should ask your doctor or dietitian how many calories you need to lose weight. You might be surprised that you need more than I started Adipex a week ago, and I am tired a lot too.

Caffeine and all that has always had the opposite affect on me. I was prescrived Adipex yesterday at the doctors office. I was wondering about your comment about ADHD. Hi, I was on Adipex for a month, I lost 4 pounds and I think that was by accident. I took it exactly as prescribed and the only thing the medication did was make me tired and fall asleep. I even took it at night so I would not feel so tired during the day.

I do have to say that the drug gave me dry mouth and did help me portion down, but nothing of energy. Good luck to everyone else that is taking this, I know that the results can be wonderful, just not for me. Sometimes you have to push yourself harder. If you dont feel like working out then workout anyway. You will feel better afterwards! Some ppl get the preception that this pill requires little effort.

If your motivated to reach your goal you can do it! It made feel sleepy too but instead of going to sleep I turned my ipod on and got on the elliptical. I started Adipex in January and I lost a little over 20 pounds in the first two months. Is there anything i can do to start losing weight again…. Stop taking It for a few months. Diet and exercise and possibly try phenterprill, its not the same. Anyway after a few months get back on the adipex. I started tAking adipex about a week ago.

I had high blood pressure in January but I lost 20 lbs on my own. Then my bp was fairly normal. I got impatient with my weight loss and decided to go on adipex. The first 2 days I had absolutely no appetite. I had to force myself to eat. The first 3 days I lost 3 lbs. My appetite is pretty much back but I stick to my diet. I have horrible drymouth but that is managable with gum and lots of water.

Constipation is also an issue. My question however is am I not going to lose anymore weight with this pill? I read that adipex quits working eventually and has no effect because your body develops a tolerance to it. If anyone could share any experiences with their bp and weight loss it would be greatly appreciated. Depending on your weight, us totally insufficient, unless your doctor recommended it. In which case I would still be a little wary because that is really reaaaaally low. You cannot stop taking Adipex cold turkey, since it is a narcotic and side effects could be worse than you may have expected.

If the blood pressure thing is an issue, I am sure the doctor will prescribe something that he sees fit for you. Yea in Ohio you have to go every month for 3 months to get a new script then ur off for 6 then back on for 2 then off completely. I now weigh How many calories should I eat a day? Christina, I started taken Adipex about 8 months ago. All the steroids I had to take put weight on me.

I can promise it was not from eating. My mouth had so many blisters, all I could stand in it was fat free milk. I just kept gaining weight. I now weigh lbs. I am still taken Adipex, but the weight loss has slowed. I am more hungry than normal. But, I am hanging in there. One more thing, long as you are contispated. You will not loose weight. But only if you suffer from chronic contispation or IBS with contispation. My doctor prescribed Adipex to me today.

I did my research and I plan on starting the pill tomorrow April 9, Hopefully, I will remember to update you guys on how it goes. I am hopeful and prayerful the pill will give me the jumpstart I need. I am currently on a diet with only water for my beverage. I also work out three times a week for an hour. Good luck to everyone and thanks for sharing your stories! I started taking adipex yesterday. I take it at 7am and feel great. I took the whole pill and feel some jitters and dry mouth as well.

I have a headache but it may be from quitting coffee cold turkey. I have friends and family that have lost lots on this pill. Not such beautiful results to my body though. Before I had my kids I weighed between 95 and lbs. Now after 2 kids it was not coming off at all. My Dr watched me for a few months and realised even after strict diet and strict exercise, no weight was coming off.

She prescribed me Adipex. I love it, but I do not take it according to the directions. Here is my way of taking it, and others who i know have started it this way and it works great for them as well when it did not before. As you may know, Adipex can form a bit of an addiction when taken for a period of time. As you may also know, Adipex works great for most not all the first week or 2. Then weight just comes off slow or not at all.

So what I do is for 1 to 2 weeks, I take it regularly. Weight comes off great! I lost 20 lbs my 1st week on it! I was scared at first thinking it was way way to much in 2 weeks. My Dr assured me it was OK that i was still in great condition and it just seemed to work faster on some than others. So then after those 1 to 2 weeks, I quit. I stop taking it for about 2 weeks, then start back for a week or so. Its like its a new med again to my body and works just as great as my 1st two weeks on it when I do it this way, and also with the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, it is not habbit forming to me.

I have 10 more lbs to lose then i will be happy to put it down. Mainly because of lack of sleep, and the relaxed feeling it gives me right after i take it. I cant stand either. I am very happy with the results. Other ppl i know do not like their results of it though. But its just like every other med. It has diff effects on diff people. You will find what you need!

Good Luck to all! That actually sounds like a good idea… I honestly could see myself personally becoming addicted to it… read my comment below for explanation. Although I could have fallen asleep at My doctor informed me that it would decrease my appetite, give me energy, and I would experience the dry mouth. I do experience dry mouth about 45 mins after I take it but quickly goes away after I drink a bottle of water. My appetite is decreased which makes it much easier to stick to my strict diet which includes only water to drink.

Today is the first day I decide to take a whole pill at once this morning. I also have this huge urge to smoke cigarettes more often than normal. On the first and second day I experienced diarrhea. If you want to ask me any questions, feel free! Adipex has been working great for me. It decreases my appetite and I have energy the whole day. I work out between days a week and stick to my calorie diet as best as I can.

But to Alexis have you asked your doc if it was ok for you to stop taking it for two weeks and then start back up? Because according to my doc and walgreens who filled my prescription you can not stop taking the pill for more than a week and if you do you must stop taking it for 6 months before you start taking it again.. So I was wondering If your doc approves that? I started Adipex on April 2nd with half pills for the first 4 days and whole pills after that.

I may make it to about 5 pm and then eat a piece of fruit because I know I should have something, but I feel plenty satisfied with that. The urge to turn to food for comfort is gone. I do have a terrible dry mouth so I drink as much water as possible and I did have trouble sleeping the first 2 nights, but now I have no problem. I have ad the SAME exact experience as you. I startd Adipex on March I started at lbs.

I have been forcing myself to eat but am maintaining a strict small diet packed with fruits and veggies and I boil a chicken breast for dinner only twice a week. My whole outlook on food is completely different. You seem to be the only person who mirrors the same experience I have — keep up the new outlook and good luck. Since I quit smoking I started to gain alot of weight just after I lost 20 pounds and 30 inches having a personal trainer. I was so depressed from the weight gain my doctor put me on adipex to control my appetite.

At first I couldnt sleep and was extremely moody. The side effects almost too much I was ready to stop adipex. I only lost 5 pounds my first month maybe because I was anibiotics for a really bad sinus infection. I decided to keep going I figure the side effects was worth it if I could just lose the weight. Well I keep getting sick think my immune system is really down from not eating I dont eat hardly at all. All day and still only lost a total of 8 pounds in over 2 months.

Is it because Im retaining water from sinus infection or what? Im getting really discouraged about adipex. I am tired too all the time. Dont know if its worth it. I wonder why Im not losing more weight. I weighed lbs when I started. In 3 weeks I have now lost 21 lbs. Have you tried taking it and what else have you heard about taking it? Thanks and good luck! I have been on Adipex P for over a month now. I too have to force myself to eat.

To be honest I did little or no excerise. I just started working out about 4 days week; because the weight loss is idle. Hopefully adding the workout routine, I can start to see weight loss again. Helena, your step dad is either being badgering to make you lose the weight OR just want to be critical. All I can say is keep up the good work on working on your weight for YOU and when you start looking thin, his mouth will DROP just like anyone else who is criticizing you now in your face or behind your back.

I was lbs and dropped to looking great and sexy using Adipex. Later, some started saying I must be getting sick. So…there you have it, you win and people still try to make you feel low regardless. Keep your head up and keep doing you…never stop! I love myself and my haters! I have a ton of energy, I drink plenty of water, I use to drink coffee every morning but of course I had to give that up. I started working out 30mins a day I will try to do a 15min walk before work then when I get home I do my 30min workout.

I will follow up with my weight loss I plan to weigh myself again in a week. Hi I have been taking adipex for 3days now. I weighted I now weigh I dont feel hungry and I have been working out so I dont know! You lost that much in three days! Yes most ppl do have those side effects. To me they dont out weigh the benefits. Stay focused and good luck! Started my Adipex this morning with a half pill. I have a touch of dry mouth, but as I am a big water drinker I think I can control that. I turned 40 a few months back and decided enough was enough and it was time to remake myself, hence quitting and setting out to lose weight and revamping not only what I eat but my whole way of thinking about food.

It may be a tough order, but I can no longer mamby-pamby myself along and expect things to just happen because I WANT them to happen. I have the prescription sitting in front of me now. My weight has been the same for my entire life. I changed from a high stress job to low, had my thyroid removed, complete hysterectomy, stopped smoking and lost both parents within 18 months. I refuse to go shopping for bigger clothes. Plus, I have seen what my family has gone thru my entire life struggling with their weight.

It would be great if the Adipex just gives me the energy I miss!!! I just picked up mine today. I want to lose at least 50lbs. I have an elliptical that i have been doing weight loss training on and i see no results! If you been on one then you know thats hard work. Hopefully this will work for my problem area like my butt and hips. I know some ppl would kill for it but enough is enough with me. If I could I would take these hips off and hand them to you.

So im starting tomorrow!!!!!!! I started yesterday then I suddenly caught a cold. I didnt eat much I had a small salad that I made myself eat. I will do 30 minutes on my elliptical today. My weight as of yesterday was Oh and I also had a bad headache yesterday. I started Adipex friday and have lost 10lbs and its only Tues. Started taking adipex today.

Never have i had so much energy!!! I will weight myself every week to see if there are any changes. When I started adipex I was lbs. I have not done much exercise at all but eating much much less. I started adipex because my doc told me I was pre-diabetic. She instructed me to lose 50 lbs. Adipex is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I can literally see the results in my face and body. I can literally see my love handles shrinking. I am willing to try this myself and hopefully this will jump start me. PCOS is so hard for people to understand, but i hate having an excuse too……HOpefully we both will find the results we are looking for!!! I started Adipex on friday da 13th. I am now down to and it has not even been a month. I have had Adipex once before for a month and i lost 20 lbs just by taking the pill i had to force my self to eat once a day because i just was not hungry..

I am home for the summer now and i had to change doctors once again and this clinic policy is not to give adipex. I have been reading a few comments and questions about the usage of Adipex… I used it about a year ago and lost 40lbs in a month… Here are some tips: Not until you reach your goal.. Eat 5 to 6 times a day…. Stay away from Mcdonalds… Subway worked for me.

After eating dinner, stay up 2 hours before going to bed…. Eat majority of your carbs in the morning, and keep track of your calorie intake. If you must have a soda, limit yourself to 1 a day…Consume at or before lunch….. Your body will retain everything you consume because it does not know when you will feed it again…. Please do not starve yourself…. I hope that this information helps you all. IF you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send me an email at rowdychiasson yahoo.

It has been a week now and I am pounds. I have exercise for 30 minutes each day and I have stopped all carbs. My mouth have been very dry lately but I drink plenty of water. Since taking the pills I have not had an appetite at all. I have to force myself to eat. Losing weight is not easy, we all CAN do it…. I began my journey on Monday May 23, My starting weight , im 5ft 6in and 34 yrs old. I just had a complete hysterectomy on Feb.

I always have had a weight struggle especially after my 3d daughther. After hysterectomy, even with watching my calories very closley due to the inability to excersise for a while, my weight was going up. So last week I went to my family doc. He said it is known to make women gain and hold weight. Not good, I thought. Secondly he said the hysterectomy took my already slowed metabolism and put it at a complete stop. That was not incouraging to me.. He said I was already doing one right thing, watching my calories.

Now lets get your body into gear. I started excersising 30 min a day as of Monday May I weighed in yesterday at , already. For the first time in a very long time I saw progress. My big hope is to at least get back into the size 18 dress pants i wore prior to my surgery. I know thats not a lot to some but I am still wearing maternity pants I bought to be comfortable while recovering and dresses.

Starting weight , I am a waitress, I took a whole pill yesterday 9: I also had a horrible headache and dry mouth. Took half a pill today, hope this works out better. I am 64 and very healthy except over-weight. This is my second time trying Weight Watchers and in 4 months lost only 2. I have been working at a garden center using my pedometer and found I was walking anywhere from 3 miles to 7.

Was put on Adipex on May 31st. I was ready to totally give up the fact I could lose. So my dr put me on adipex…I weighed Hi, i made an appt with my dr. Hi all, I started Adipex friday June 10th, weighed today June 14th, and have lost 7. WOW, I am happy!! My goal is to loose about 80 pounds, One day at a time for me. The only side effect I have had is dry mouth, so I am drinking tons of water. I will be praying for you all to have victory over your weight issues.

I would love to be just under My stomach is growling when I wake up and at different times of the day. I have to drink lots of water due to the dry mouth. Daily exercise has been yard work — lots of it! I have been having the same problem! This is my4th day on the medicine. My starting weight was My stomach growls ALL the time!!! I feel so hungry, and I just ignore it. I started Adipex But I do not have a set date to lose it by.

I just go at my own pace. When I set a goal I get extremely disappointed if I fail and I tend to give up. I just remind myself to keep pushing and that I can do it on my own time limit. Melissa asked about phentermine after being put on medication for high cholesterol. Her young child provides constant motivation to get healthy. She says the most rewarding part of her weight loss has been the ability to play and run with her daughter, and her doctor decreasing her blood pressure medication.

Most people make multiple huge changes all at once and they end up failing. Make small changes at a time. Do this for a month or two then add more changes. In my experience, when I change everything all at once I give up extremely quickly. Since trying things with a different approach I have had great results. She says the biggest challenge has been not letting others her husband, family, etc. Jenna embarked on her phentermine journey after gaining weight during the pregnancies of her second and third children.

Amazingly, she eventually worked all of that weight off with diet and exercise alone. Jenna started Weight Watchers and lost 90 lbs by adopting healthier habits. Still, the extra energy she has to play with her kids and renewed self-confidence in her body make it totally worth it. Her advice for other phentermine users is great: Be good to yourself and make your rewards be attainable… and not related to food. I decided if I was going to finally make a change I would do it right this time — so I ate healthy, began a 30 minute a day, 5 days a week gym routine and the weight started to fly off.


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