Phentermine hcl weight loss by month

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phentermine hcl weight loss by month

These catecholamines cause a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy expenditure by their influence on a variety of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. My doctor will not give it to you unless you see a dietician and you agree to exercise for at least 45 minutes 5 times per week. Not shown in the results, the analysis of blood pressure at 6th week, i. Before and after one month Results Different bodies react differently, but most of the weight is lost within the first month. Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of:

Common side effects include tachycardia, headache, raised blood pressure, insomnia and irritability. They should be used with caution in hypertensive patients. Phentermine is approved by the US FDA as an anti-obesity drug only for short term up to 12 weeks [4,5]. The recommended dose for phentermine is 15— In Drugs for the Geriatric Patient , M echanism of A ction: A sympathomimetic amine structurally similar to dextroamphetamine and is most likely mediated via norepinephrine and dopamine metabolism.

Causes stimulation of the hypothalamus. T herapeutic E ffect: Well absorbed from the gastrointestinal GI tract; resin absorbed slower. Excreted unchanged in urine. C apsules as hydrochloride: PO A dipex -P: Advanced arteriosclerosis, agitated states, cardiovascular disease, concurrent use or within 14 days of discontinuation of MAOI therapy, glaucoma, history of drug abuse, hypertension moderate-to-severe , hyperthyroidism, hypersensitivity to phentermine or sympathomimetic amines.

Restlessness, insomnia, tremor, palpitations, tachycardia, elevation in blood pressure, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, unpleasant taste, diarrhea or constipation, changes in libido. Primary pulmonary hypertension PPH , psychotic episodes, and valvular heart disease rarely occur. Avoid tasks that require mental alertness or motor skills until response to the drug is established. Sequeira, in Side Effects of Drugs Annual , In 57 men and women 30 taking Fen—Phen and 27 controls matched for BMI chamber dimensions, wall motion, diastolic function, valvular abnormalities, left ventricular ejection fraction, and pulmonary artery pressures were measured 96 c.

Those taking Fen—Phen were studied shortly after they stopped taking it and again 6—12 months later. The results in these subjects were then compared with the findings in randomly selected cardiac patients with heart disease that was not caused by Fen—Phen. The number of people with aortic regurgitation fell with time after the withdrawal of Fen—Phen.

However, among those who continued to have aortic regurgitation, there was an increase in the number of those who progressed from mild to moderate regurgitation, with an associated increase in left ventricular end-diastolic and end-systolic dimensions and left ventricular ejection fraction. The incidence of tricuspid and mitral regurgitation fell with time, while pulmonic and aortic regurgitation tended to increase or become more severe when present.

Dilatation of the pulmonary ring, resulting from raised pulmonic pressures, with subsequent pulmonary regurgitation and reduced pulmonary artery pressures, appears to be a functional change in the hearts of these individuals with unknown long-term consequences. Adult and Pediatric Seventh Edition , The dose combinations are: Both phentermine and topiramate alone cause weight loss and are available as generics, although the specific mechanism of either is not known.

Similarly, the weight-loss mechanism of the combination is not known but is attributed to a reduction in appetite. In clinical studies, phentermine -topiramate reduced body weight by 8. Phentermine -topiramate carries risks of several serious side effects. Notably, topiramate is a recognized teratogen, at least at the higher doses used for the treatment of epilepsy. The combination of phentermine -topiramate carries a warning of birth defects cleft lip and palate in the offspring of pregnant women taking the combination therapy.

Pregnant women should not take the drug, nor should women who are trying to conceive or are at risk for becoming pregnant. The combination is only available through restricted pharmacies as Qsymia. Several drugs approved for treatment of diabetes also cause weight loss; these include metformin, pramlintide, and the GLP-1 agonists, exenatide and liraglutide. Bupropion, approved for the treatment of depression, may be useful in treating obesity. A combination of bupropion and naltrexone is currently under consideration for approval pending additional safety studies.

Targets of investigational therapies include the melanocortin 4 receptor and others. There is sufficient turnover in these clinical development programs that any list is almost immediately out of date and incomplete. Readers should refer to a recent review for a more complete discussion of current developmental candidates. The biggest limitation of lifestyle interventions is the tachyphylaxis; most patients return to their initial weight within 5 years.

It remains to be determined if pharmacotherapy can be used to assist with weight maintenance after weight reduction. Bello 1 , in Side Effects of Drugs Annual , The first few days I started taking them I had an increased heart rate which made me think I had anxiety but actually didn't Just my heart was beating faster, which is what happens when you have anxiety Now I only take half a dose because I found that it's enough for me and the full dose gave me dry mouth all the time and sleepless nights.

My advice to someone thinking of trying these is the following: Everyone's body is different so you have to find your own balance with these pills. Take half a dose the first week then try the full dose. If you feel like your side effects are getting worse instead of better, go back to half a dose as it is still effective. Drink a lot of water. Don't starve yourself constantly!

Eat small portions of healthy food and you will still lose weight and not feel like a drunk mosquito. Try to up your exercise! It would be stupid not to, especially since you get so much energy from these pills and if you do not spend it, you might have problems sleeping. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. My diet doctor gave me Phentermine at 32 years of age to help me lose weight.

It worked and I lost 72 pounds. Then I gained most of it back. I stopped taking it after a few months. I only took one pill a day. I started having bathroom problems a few months later. Then at 48 years old. I started having more frequent blood in my stools. Then at 50 years old. My poop was no longer solid anymore.

Now I am 51 years old and had a colonoscopy after talking to a GI doctor. He guessed it right. I was diagnosed with moderate left sided Ulcerative colitis. My GI doctor told me that I have to have a colonoscopy every three years to see how the pills are working. I have been taking Phentermine for about a month and a half and my mouth was dry then headaches and hot face flashes.

I called the Dr and they said to drink at least 3 liters of water to get rid of dehydration effects. Then my neck was itching and hives on my arms and legs. Finally I stop taking it and within 2 days I broke out in a sheet of a hive all over my face and neck that look like a mixture of hive and whiteheads. My face felt so raw.

I had to go to my local clinic for prescribed allergy med. Within a day it started clearing up. I started on Phentermine on June 5th I went to a metabolic doctor with my husband who is also overweight. It was determined that I was 67 pounds over my ideal weight. My doctor ordered a large amount of blood work. So he checked for nearly everything.

Nearly all test came back good except low estrogen and some numbers were close to being considered off. He told me about a combination of supplements that should boost my estrogen levels since they were only a bit low, which the supplements did work after being on them for two months. It gave me back my sex drive as well. Well at same time he put me on Phentermine.

He only started me on 15mg and said I had to see him in a month. I was a bit disappointed because went to him to be on Phentermine because a friend had a great success with it. Only thing was that friend was on So figured 15 mg may not help me. Over the first month I lost 10 pounds. So it did work. I really did not work out but changed my eating habits. It made it so I did not crave sugar at all.

When I went to the metabolic dr. I also saw a nutritionist there and she educated me on how to eat healthier and really how sugar is the main enemy and how it's in everything just about that's processed. So armed with that knowledge and Phentermine I cut my sugar down in a day to almost nothing. PHentermine also made it so I did not overeat. After 3 months my doctor upped by Phentermine to 30 mg. It's been 4 months and I'm down 30 pounds. I started exercising about 5 times a week and started about a month ago.

It gave me no negative side effects. Only very strange thing is I feel tired on Phentermine. I read that it's similar to speed in composition so it speeds people up a bit. It does not do this for me. I mention it to my dr. I just stop mentioning it though because was afraid he take me off it. I don't want to be off it though because think it works great. I was just curious for my knowledge why I feel tired. I did a search online and found a few people like myself who also feel tired on it but cannot find a reason why this is.

My husband suggested it's like Adhd kids who takes a stimulant and it slows them down but the problem with that is I'm the opposite of ADhd and have incredible focus and no other signs of Adhd. He had no negative side effects and did feel sped up from it. He weighed when he started 4 months ago and now weighs So it's working well for him. I would recommend Phentermine to others. Everyone is different and will experience different effects but for us has been great.

I read people commenting on other sites about how Phentermine is bad because the issue is that they are eating the wrong things and that needs to be addressed. Well I feel PHentermine did that. It important to go to a nutritionist even if you feel you know how to eat healthy. I felt I knew, yet learned so much. Phentermine allowed me to kick sugar.

Sugar is similar to a drug in how it works in our brains. Without PHentermine I don't believe I could have kicked that habit. It also has made it easier to eat less. When I get off it I will be used to eating less. Of course I still need to apply what I learned from the nutritionist but I also needed Phentermine until I reach my goal weight as well.

I feel Phentermine is a great drug and has the potential to help make people healthier and happier as long as they educated themselves how to eat properly as well. I started Phentermine 4 months ago to help me lose weight. I saw an Endocrinologist that diagnosed me as pre-diabetic. They just weren't sustainable long-term. I was put on Phentermine to help me get my weight down so I didn't wind up a full diabetic with hypertension and a bad heart.

Diabetes and heart issues run in my family so I am at high risk and in my 40's, so needed to make a change. I had my 4 month check-up last week - I have lost almost 35 lbs, and my cholesterol and LDL numbers had each dropped 50 points, and my A1C dropped. My Endocrinologist was very happy with my numbers and I am continuing on with the Phentermine. I would recommend Phentermine to anyone who is frustrated with dieting that doesn't work.

This drug helped me stick to a healthier way of eating - no diet! I eat more fruits, veggies, lean protein, good carbs, and have cut-out the junk food, candy, sugary drinks, and fast food. The Phentermine curbs my cravings and appetite so that I can make healthier choices. I am confident that I can stick to this way of healthier eating so that once I am off the Phentermine, I can stick to my healthier lifestyle. Seems there are mixed reviews about this pill.

But what seems to be consist is that of what I went through only after a 4 day use. My weight loss goal was only 12 pounds away from that hotlink cocktail dress winking at you on a hanger in a closet. Although this could have been achieved with exercise and proper eating, exercising seemed to be least of my worries as I would work out at least 3 days a week with a min.

However it was the proper eating part is where I fell short. My appetite had more in mind than losing weight. I could not put the food down no matter how hard I tried and I got no better with age. Phentermine was considered during a visit to a weight loss clinic as a stronger dose from the others. I went with it in hopes to shed some quick pounds in conjunction with my 3 day workouts.

To my surprise unexpected negative side effects starting taking effect immediately. Day 1 to day 4, fourth day I quit. List of side effects 1. Insomnia of the worse kind. I was always one to hit the z's early enough to feel refreshed the next day so sleep was never an issue before. Talking sleep days, I had no idea that it was from Phentermine until I went and did the research on day 4 writing this review.

I thought my lack of sleep had to do with my already stress in my personal life that. Right after a meal or water I would have to throw up to calm it. Depression came quickly from the already stress that was there. Increased heart rate's when you move suddenly almost feeling like its beating out of your chest like a few seconds away from a heart attack.

I may have left some side effects out but for the most part this sums up my experience. It is not for me and I do believe for the better half of these reviewer here we can all contest to the same issues while taking it. Yes you may see a pounds lost from taking it. But think about it - would you just rather work harder in your meal and workout plan? Is a health scare worth those few pounds. Hope this review helps. I say think about it and do your research before and not taking it like I did.

The first week on our new medication and diet, we went on vacation and got married. Much to our surprise, we came back weighing less. During the next four months my husband has lost a total of 50 lbs while I struggle at 12 lbs. I thought the hardest part would be having to eat more. I was lucky if I ate 2 meals before. But, I now eat 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout the day, containing at least 20 mg of protein each meal.

Have cut out breads, grains, and sweets. And have increased veggies and added salad to nearly every meal. I drink at least 60 oz of water daily. I can definitely see the changes in my body since starting exercising. My body is firmer and toning nicely. However, the scale teeters on. I know I need to add at least 30 mins of cardio to my daily activity as well. As a matter of fact, I am sluggish and unmotivated, not even wanting to work in my workshop.

And my sex drive has decreased dramatically. I've suffered from insomnia for 15 yrs. Have tried countless meds, visualization, and essential oils to name a few. I think stopping my ADHD med has negatively impacted many aspects of my daily life. I do feel better having changed what I eat, but overall, I'm not happy and will be talking with doctor on next appointment.

My doctor placed me on this medication to aid me in my weight loss journey to join the United States Army. I have been on this drug for about 3 months now and I don't have any bad things to say about it. In the beginning you will get that super boost of energy and then it will fade away a bit. If you stop taking the drug because you feel like you suddenly stopped losing weight, you need to look at your own life and ask yourself "am I doing all the work or am I relying on this pill.

You have to put in the work. I was when I started this pill in May It's now August and I lost 30 pounds on this drug. I go to crunch fitness everyday and I do min of cardio and light weights. If you start to feel crazy or have hallucinations ask yourself "how much did I eat today? Only reduce your calories by a small amount and truly feed your body! The drug is not the issue. It's your lifestyle that is.

I have lost 4 lbs but it has not curbed my hunger at all. I exercise 4 days a week. Only experienced dry mouth a few days which I guess is good. I have not had the energy boost that others mention. I will finish my 30 day rx but will not waste my money on a refill. It may work for others but not for me and I cannot recommend it. I started taking this at 7mg in I was averaging lb weight loss every month. After 6 months I was down 51lbs and excited. Then I hurt my knee and had 2 knee surgeries in 4 months Started gaining weight like crazy.

Last year, I had a hysterectomy and the weight kept coming. I've gained back the 51lbs plus This time to keep it off!!! A friend introduced me to this drug through a link he sent to me. I tried it out and within 3 weeks of using it I lost a lot of weight which is what I wanted. Now I am so happy with my new shape. I also want you to share in my blessing by reading up more about this wonderful weight loss drug here; http: I wish you all the best.

I absolutely loved Phentermine. The first week I took it in half doses. I had energy to the moon. I cleaned like I was going to have a health inspection. I lost weight for 5 months. I also lost my own sanity I was so easy to anger, could not be pleased, everyone made me angry, nagging, hurtful, rude, nights of no sleep or sleep maybe a few hours.

I lost over 50 pounds on the scale but looking at it in clear eyes I lost water weight and muscle. My body was starving. I was not told how to take it or how to take care of myself on it. Hair loss, bad skin, dry mouth, chapped lips. The list could go on forever. I took myself off this medication. I was not seeing results and the doctor thought I should continue even though I had already been on it too long without even a break.

I gained all my weight back as I got my first period since starting the medication. I do not recommend this at all. My life has changed and not for the better. I was unable to lose weight no matter how hard I tried. I thought I was eating smart and small enough portions. I walked every day. When I was 58 yrs old I said I need to lose 50 lbs before I turn I began making better choices and eating smaller portions.

I lost the 50 lbs I wanted to lose during that first year. I still take the two drugs faithfully and have never went off of them. It will be 3 yrs in May and my total weight loss is 54 lbs. I purposely hold my own and eat a little larger portions than when I began the program. I have never had any side effects from either drug.

I plan on staying on these two drugs forever. They don't have any long term side effects. I also take a blood pressure pill and thyroid pill with several vitamins. I have been taking Phentermine for a couple of years now. I have actually gained weight on this pill Up to 7 pounds in less than 1 month. I used to weigh around before my hysterectomy.

Afterwards I jumped up to and I am now around Still taking pills and no big losses. I did lose 5 lbs in 1 month. I just can't seem to get the weight off. I do not overeat I am on the move all day at work and was walking every day until weather got bad. I don't know what to do. He wrote it for 5 pills 3 times a day. That would have killed a horse I'm sure The office just said "Oh well I started taking 30mg Phentermine on October 25th, I felt great, didn't have any negative side effects, nothing that would make me decide to stop taking the pills.

I lost about 10 pounds in a little over a month. Last night I had shaky hands and boy, is the dry mouth bad! I drink a lot of diet juice and water so I'm not dehydrated. I'm not feeling any of the other bad side effects like anxiety. I am down 15 pounds though, after completely changing my diet and eating between calories per day. I try to exercise when I can but with college, a social life and a boyfriend, it's hard. I was prescribed phentermine by my GP who was aware of my low dose BP and depression meds to help in weight reduction.

I feel I'm 80 lbs overweight. This was around January and upon completing 1st bottle I had lost a bit. GP would not prescribe again until I was off it for a while. Started my 2nd round in March Needless to say, I stopped the phentermine and got myself straight to the doctor's office. SIX months later I am still taking quadruple my original dosage for high BP which is keeping it in check.

I'm due a checkup next week and plan to discuss with him whether or not this medicine has somehow affected my heart negatively. I'm really concerned with the fact that I have not been able to return to my original 80mg dose and worry that it's caused some sort of permanent damage to my heart. As a result, I have not seen any marked increase in depression, irritation or insomnia. I have noticed an increase in dry mouth, so I have increased my water intake, which is a great aid in weight loss, anyway.


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