Phentermine hcl 15mg reviews

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phentermine hcl 15mg reviews

Just be careful taking these pills and follow the doctor instructions to a T. I also take a blood pressure pill and thyroid pill with several vitamins. I have been on Phentermine for 13 days and have lost 19 pounds!!!! How do you take Phentermine and when to take phentermine? It helps with eating.

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment. Initially, it was packaged alongside another weight loss drug fenfluramine under the name fen-phen which was significantly popular throughout its years. Since it belongs to the same class as amphetamines, it was classified as a controlled substance and specifically as a Schedule IV controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

This time using topiramate alongside phentermine which was eventually approved by the FDA in after several rejections due to some health concerns. This drug is extensively used in obesity treatment and in general as a weight loss drug. The main claim relating to phentermine is that this ingredient may help suppress appetite, increase energy and promote weight loss. It affects the brain by inhibiting the neurotransmitters responsible for generating and controlling hunger based signals.

By inhibiting these signals, it slows down the signal processing related to hunger and as a result, slows down or decreases the appetite of the person taking the drug. It facilitates the release of adrenalin which provides an energy boost which is why the drug is used in exercise programs as well. Since it is from the same class as amphetamines, its use is as prescribed by a medical expert such as a doctor or physician which is why it is only available as a prescription drug.

Phentermine is short for phenyl-tertiary-butyl-amine which is itself an organic compound with the chemical formula C10H15N. Phentermine is sold in different ways such as on its own as a stand-alone product in the form of pills or as combination drugs with other weight-loss drugs. Being a compound itself there are no other ingredients within it. In terms of its chemical structure and formulation, phentermine is manufactured from benzaldehyde and 2-nitropropane which are reacted under the nitroaldol or Henry reaction to form an amino-alcohol.

The nitro group is reduced using hydrogen gas over the Raney nickel while the alcohol group or the hydroxyl is chlorinated with thionyl chloride which results in 2-aminochloromethylphenylpropane. This intermediate product is reduced using hydrogen gas over palladium catalyst to end up with the final product phenyl tertiary butylamine or phentermine.

Considering that phentermine is almost universally recommended by obesity and weight loss experts as a product to reduce appetite while maintaining the energy level, we can safely conclude that it does work. In fact, it works so well that it has to be classified as a controlled substance since it has significant potential to be abused.

Based on the commercial products under which phentermine is sold by pharmaceutical manufacturers, various products have small tweaks and design changes. But, overall the purpose of the phentermine drug is fulfilled by all. This is mainly why phentermine is treated as a controlled substance and allowed only under prescription and supervision of a medical expert.

Given that controlled amounts of phentermine are used in the treatment of obesity or in the search for effective weight loss techniques, it can have significant results over time. Weight loss is generally a long-term project and phentermine is not a magic pill which will solve the problem instantaneously. However, under the correct supervision of dosage, proper diet and exercise the effects are unanimously agreed to be good. Phentermine inhibits the parts of the brain which are related to controlling and monitoring hunger responses when received from the related organs.

It also increases production of adrenaline which provides an energy boost which the patient uses in exercise while the hunger reduction allows the patient to ingest fewer amounts of food and calories than that required by the body. To effectively reduce weight and fat reserves, a long-term plan must be laid out to allow the patient to attain significant weight loss by the use of phentermine. On a more technical note, the actual chemical and biological interaction of the phentermine compound with the central nervous system is explained as follows.

This interaction of phentermine is similar to that of amphetamines in how they are both trace amine-associated receptor 1 TAAR1 agonists meaning that they activate the TAAR1 protein which plays a significant role in the neurotransmission in dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in the central nervous system. As a result of the release of these hormones in the central nervous system, parts of the brain concerned with hunger responses are inhibited such as the lateral hypothalamic nucleus, arcuate nucleus and ventromedial nucleus.

Outside of the brain, the activation of TAAR1 results in the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine i. Phentermine is available as a stand-alone drug or as a combination drug, both of which are available by prescription only. The particular method of ingestion may be different for pills manufactured by different companies and depend on the dosage recommended by the doctor. Since the effects of phentermine are related to disrupting several neural pathways, it is not recommended to be taken at night before sleeping since it may cause difficulty in sleeping.

However, the dosage is 15 to Increased doses may only be taken with the prior approval of the medical expert since the effects of higher doses may be felt much more strongly. Stopping the intake of phentermine may lead to withdrawal effects so it is important that the patient does not stop his or her medicinal dosage without the consultation of their supervisor. A standard way of avoiding any major withdrawal effects is to reduce the daily dosage of the pill gradually to allow the body the necessary time to adapt to the changing conditions.

It is possible that patients who had been using large doses might feel much stronger withdrawal effects and they would need to consult their doctor in order to devise the right way to overcome these effects. Being a part of the same group of chemicals as amphetamines, it must be mentioned that phentermine may cause effects similar to methamphetamines. However, side effects from using phentermine include: As a drug that directly affects parts of the brain and several neural pathways in between, there are a large number of precautions that must be taken before, during and after the use of phentermine.

Patients with health conditions, those taking prescription medications or over-the-counter supplements, women who are pregnant or nursing or anyone under 18 years of age should contact a doctor before using phentermine. Phentermine in conjunction with alcohol can cause dizziness so alcohol use is to be minimized while the drug is being used. Phentermine causes epinephrine i. Diabetic patients must take extra care in their dosage in careful consultation with their doctors to maintain their blood sugar levels.

If the patient requires any other medication during the period in which they are using phentermine, then they should contact their doctor first. Phentermine is classified as an appetite suppressant drug and there are several alternatives to it, some which are of the same type ingestible pills and some natural alternatives such as:. The natural compounds in this herb cause calmness and positivity which reduce the stress and anxiety of dieting and daily exercise which results in an improved dieting process and increased fat burning which leads to weight loss.

The natural compounds in this particular type of pine nut oil act to release a particular hormone CCK-8 which is normally released when feelings of a full stomach are attained. As a result, it induces feelings of feeling full which reduces the appetite of the person and eventually leads to weight loss. It definitely suppresses appetite. I take of them per day if I need to reduce caloric intake for a period of time, in order to lose weight.

I have not experienced any sense of jitteriness from using the product. So, will you see Phentermine results? The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients. Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals. It is best to consult with your physician to make sure it is safe for you, all users are different.

Side effects from Phentermine reported by some users include dry mouth, constipation, headache, irritability, mood swings, nervousness, anxiety, nausea and upset stomach. Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Yes, Phentermine for weight loss does work. Studies and Phentermine before and after pictures have shown individuals using the medications have lost weight. But, the Phentermine average weight loss may vary and the company states that the medication is only for short-term use. The cost of a bottle of Phentermine depends on the pharmacy where purchased, generic or branded, as well as if your insurance offers a discount.

Multiple pharmaceutical companies make the generic version. You can contact the customer service department or your local pharmacy for additional details relating returning the medication. Many supplements claim weight loss can be achieved through means of curbing appetite, increasing energy levels and dropping pounds on the scale. Phentermine helps people lose weight by its effect on the central nervous system, which suppresses appetite. The Suprenza tablet should be removed from the container using dry hands.

The orally disintegrating tablet can be placed directly into the mouth to dissolve. Phentermine is considered a controlled substance both internationally and in the United States. Like an amphetamine, phentermine is a medication with a stimulant effect on the central nervous system that, in turn, suppresses appetite. In conjunction with dietary changes and exercise, phentermine is used for weight loss and management in overweight individuals suffering from a risk factor such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, or increased cholesterol.

Phentermine is used for the treatment of obesity. It should be used short term, in conjunction with dietary changes and exercise. Through its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, Adipex phentermine suppresses the appetite, thus aiding weight loss. Phentermine is most effective when taken without food- before the first meal of the day or two hours post. The active ingredient is phentermine hydrochloride. Typically, for appetite suppression, phentermine is prescribed to be given as one Phentermine also releases epinephrine outside of the brain which helps to breakdown stored fat.

Phentermine shares similar pharmacology with its parent compound, amphetamine. Phentermine does not show up as a positive result on a more extensive military drug test. Phentermine, also known as the brand name preparations Adipex-P and Suprenza, is a prescription weight loss medication. Similar to amphetamine, it suppresses hunger and produces feelings of satiety through its action in the central nervous system. Phentermine is legal for use as a prescription weight loss aid in the United States.

In the past, phentermine was used in combination with fenfluramine for weight loss. Fenfluramine was made illegal for use by the FDA in the late 90s. Fenfluramine has demonstrated damaging effects on the heart, but phentermine is still legal and available for use. The half life of Adipex phentermine is 25 hours. It takes approximately five and a half times this half-life for the drug to be eliminated entirely.

Using this calculation, Adipex phentermine will be eliminated after approximately 6 days Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. Do Not Send Email Notifications. I am on Day one.

My co-worker has lost a total of 50 lbs, but she gained 10 back when she stopped taking it. She is back on and convinced me to get a prescription too. He will only allow me to take it for 90 days. I have gained 40lbs in the last 2 years. My goal is under as well. I work out in the afternoons for 20 minutes and at night for 30 mins.

I would love to hear your journey, it seems like we have the same goal. Hi Cristal- I mysel am lbs-size I have been on phentermine for 5 days and feel great. I am looking for a buddy in this to help me through the weight loss. I live in florida and have a wondeful husband and 2 beautiful boys. Hello Amanda, I was just prescribed phentermine by my doctor, who said I was pounds overweight! This has happened since the birth of my fourth child-three years ago.

I am so hopeful that this will help restore my active and positive lifestyle. I have such a long journey ahead, I was wondering how your progress developed and how your health is now? Are you getting the benefits and results you hoped for? How is your family support? I love it, dry mouth for a few days, 1st few nights hard to sleep. Meagan I have struggled with obesity my wholelife too. It really does work. I lost 19 lbs in 3 weeks. Oh and also I was looking at the phentermine that is listed on the websites that claim to be nonprescription but they are not the same.

If you look closely they are not even spelled the same they are spelled phentremene and phentamene. Which are not doctor recommended. I was prescribed phentermine 2 weeks ago by my doctor for last results to my extreme weight loss to diabetes. I had gaine 50 pounds in the past 2 years. The first day I took phentermine I lost 3 pounds and I lost 7 pounds the first week.

I have had tons of energy that I have not had since I was diagnosed with diabetes at 27 years old. I have spent 11, dollars to loose weight with jenny craig it took me 8 months with that I finally lost 30 pounds but by the summer that year I gained it right back because you cant afford to eat their food on a regular basis. I really love this medication and it really is great. I meant to type for my extreme weight gain not my weight loss. I am so excited about the weight loss that I have had with phentermine.

I was prescribed this by a doctor almost a year ago, but because of how powerful it is that particular doctor required that I actually visit every two weeks to see how I was doing. In the two weeks of taking it my blood pressure actually went up. I was 28 years old and had never had high blood pressure before. Four weeks later with my blood pressure being taken every two weeks it never went back down and I had to stop.

Two weeks after that my blood pressure was completely normal. Within those six weeks, however, I did lose weight predominantly because it was a very sufficient appetite suppressor. So, I could survive off of healthy choice and lean cuisine meals without feeling like I was starving. You also have to work towards not suffering from malnutrition by forgetting to eat or avoiding it all together to lose the weight. I would strongly suggest that you do follow up appointments.

You could be in serious trouble if you get three months worth of prescriptions and for three months you have high blood pressure without even knowing it. Do not take it if you have had any sort of heart problems. There are warnings relating to taking Phentermine and having heart conditions. I have been taking since September and have now lost 37 pounds. I feel great and look great!! I was taking it for 8 days, and lost lbs. Day 1, I was hungry, day I became nauseaus, and had pains in my heart, became tired, and so sick.

Funny no one else experienced symptoms like yours…that is exactly how i am feeling…. Not to mention, blurred vision! It's easy to tell myself I only have an hour and I can eat again. I really can't say that much about the insomnia but it seems like I'm sleeping better because before I was waking up 2 to 5 times a night and eating. Water is a must! If you don't get enough water you will become dehydrated and it will lead to fatigue. If you don't get good fats it will lead to a lot of problems that will make you feel really bad.

Don't take my word for it research it Starving yourself will cause depression, hysteria, self manipulation, psychosis, hair loss, malnutrition, and suicidal tendencies This is some very powerful medication I'll be on the lookout for the light blue weak pills describe the other reviews. My doctor prescribed the I'm 5'4" and weighed pounds. I started taking the pills on April 30, The first two weeks were absolutely incredible. I was able to focus on things like never before.

I didn't need to-do lists at work, I was accomplishing tasks faster and everything was awesome! I was finally able to sleep because my mind wasn't racing all night like a racecar. I was so happy! Now it's a little over a month later and I've destroyed everything I loved. I lost 30 pounds, yes but at what cost? Anger, irritation at the tiniest things, not able to handle stress, emotions all over the map I turned into a completely different person.

I thought people were conspiring to hate me, that I couldn't do anything right, that I was just worthless, that I hated everything Completely the opposite of my normal self. I can look back now and see it. It's made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed. I lost control of my emotions, my actions I would try to put my thoughts into words but what came out of my mouth was completely different. I tried to fix it and just made it all worse for the effort. I cried at the drop of a hat.

Got angry at absolutely nothing. It's like I was trapped in someone else's body and couldn't get out. I can imagine that this is what roid-rage feels like. You just want to punch a wall because it's there. Normally I'm as calm as they come. My tolerance levels are super high but on this medicine I had absolutely no tolerance for anything at all. I imploded at a convention that I'd been looking forward to for a whole year.

I had lots of panels and events to attend - it was supposed to be a super fun filled weekend, made better because my boyfriend would be there too and I could see him when I wasn't running around to my panels. Yeah, that's not how it went at all. The first day of the four-day event - friends couldn't make it, almost lost my hotel room, parking sucked, panels got canceled - I started into a downward spiral that wouldn't stop.

It got so bad by boyfriend didn't even want to be around me - he told me the second day that I might want to stop the meds because I was being really irritable. I stopped the pills the next morning. I wasn't enjoying any of the events or panels. I was just content chilling out in a corner playing a video game and watching everyone walk by. I was afraid any interaction with people would result in me losing it completely.

By this time the damage to my relationship was done - he was through with me for the weekend. Sunday that week was day 2 off of the meds and an extreme depression hit me. I stayed in bed for three days with no desire to do anything but worry, cry and lament over possibly losing my boyfriend for the way I'd treated him. After the first week off of them, he finally talked to me but ended up dumping me and cutting me out of his life completely.

Now that it's been two weeks off the pills, I'm finally out from under the huge cloud of depression. My mother even told me that she was afraid to ask me to take her to the grocery store so she took an Uber to Walmart so she wouldn't irritate me. I can now see the gravity of what occurred and I feel like the worst person on the planet for what happened. I can't believe I didn't see and couldn't stop what was happening. I pushed away the person I wanted most in my life. I scared my own mother.

Phentermine turned me into a completely hateful person. I may never be able to salvage what I destroyed and that hurts so much. So please, if you are considering this medicine - please, please have someone close to you monitor your well-being OFTEN. You will be powerless to control your actions, emotions, thoughts I feel like I sold my soul to lose 30 pounds. I am writing this review because I have taken Phentermine before with great success and very little side effects and all I am seeing is bad reviews.

Phentermine is meant to be taken under the supervision of your doctor and not long term. About 10 years ago I lost 20lbs but then couldn't lose anymore. My doctor recommended Phentermine. I took it for three months on, one month off, exercised, joined a running group, and ate healthy. I lost all the weight I needed to except for 5lbs and got off of the medicine.

I kept the weight off for about 7 years but gained it back recently because my lifestyle changed. I'm back on it now and using it to help me get back to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot starve yourself with this medicine or not make serious changes in your diet and exercise habits and expect to keep the weight off.

I started taking adipex because I was tired of going to the gym and the weight not coming off fast enough, so I went to my Dr and asked him to help me lose weight! He gave me adipex and told me that the drug was gonna make me lose weight no matter what but he also wanted me to go to the gym 2x a week! And he also wanted me to change my lifestyle as well with the drug!

I had read a lot of reviews and I kept seeing that as soon as you stop taking the drug you gain all your weight right back! But he told me I had to change my lifestyle or it would come right back! And when I say change your lifestyle I mean your eating habits and working out! I may not go to the gym but I do get out and do a lot of walking and jogging! I love this drug. It has done wonders for me! When you stop taking the drug just eat a few times a day and Drink lots of water!

I only drink water! And when you are hungry eat a apple sauce or something. You don't have to eat a whole meal just cause you think you are Hungry. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I previously took adipex for 3 months and lost over 60lbs, managed to keep the weight off for a couple years before a steroid reaction and long term injury led to depression and weight gain. My weight got up to over the next couple years being at home and my doc suggested we try the adipex route again.

Some tips for all. I cycle my dosage. This helps you eat healthy even without the med in your system for one and prevents immunity for. And yes, you need to eat something on the days you take your med. I've also noticed the more active I am on pill days the easier it is to sleep Currently down 20lb after a month. My doctor has just started me on this. I have chronic abdominal pain so I'm taking a medication to increase my dopamine levels. Side effect is that it causes you to gain weight and makes you want to eat everything.

So my doc put me on Phentermine. I've been on it two days. It helps with eating. Down side is in having trouble sleeping with it. I haven't had a menstrual cycle in a year! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a year now. So one of his friends was talking about Phentermine and how he lost so much weight on it. My doctor told me if I could just lose 25 pounds that my cycle would come back and I could have a better chance at getting pregnant naturally.

The first day wasn't too bad. I wasn't eating everything in the kitchen. So I was happy but I noticed when I laid down that night I was so mad. It was making me mad that I was mad. I am always a happy person. I can find something positive out of everything. Anyways, I started taking it every single day and eating healthier foods. I was losing a little bit of weight. Then, all of a sudden I felt worthless, stupid, hated, and very depressed.

I convinced myself that my husband's family didn't like me and talked bad about me. I thought the same thing about my friends. I even convinced myself that my husband didn't love me as much as he did. Finally I tried telling him how I felt and it was terrible. So terrible that it shocks me people take this medicine. I felt embarrassed feeling this way because I don't normal feel this way and I sounded psycho and pitiful.

But he listened and reassured me that, that isn't how people feel about me and all of that jazz. Did I believe him? No, I was still severely depressed. I felt ugly and like I needed to starve myself. I even considered going to counseling!!! Then I realize "maybe it's the medicine? Not only did it make me depressed and psycho but it made my arms numb and I had poor circulation in my hands. A big, big thing that made me look up reviews is, I have not had a period in a year.

And all of a sudden I started my period today with severe cramping but I took two Midols and it helped for the most part. I was in shock and so happy I had started my period because I was hoping I will ovulate but I am now thinking it is because of the Phen. I also hate going to sleep. I get tired but I hate sleeping. I dread it and I hate it even more when my husband goes to bed because I stay up alone. I am literally laughing at myself right now.

I feel for people with long-term depression or depression in general. If I had to live like this for a long time or my whole life I would be devastated. It is no joke. Today is my last day taking it. I'll be fat, happy and positive over skinny and depressed. Sorry this post is probably scatter brained and grammatically incorrect. I hope I return to normal quickly. I took phentermine the past three days.

I was not prescribed it for weight loss, but to help combat my symptoms of PMDD. The past three days I have had memory issues, dizziness, shortness of breath, awful headaches, off and on chest pain, along with more minor things like dry mouth and no appetite. I am upset, because it was helping with those issues quickly. But I cannot continue this medication and risk developing serious health issues from it.

I've lost 30 lbs. No one needs a diet pill to get great results. Especially not one like phentermine. Before having my children now almost 6 and 15 months , I never had to worry about exercise or watching what I ate. I gained 50 pounds with my first pregnancy. My doctor prescribed phentermine to me to "kick-start" my weight loss. I also at the same time counted calories on MyFitnessPal which I still abide by completely. I worked out here and there, but really focused on the foods I was eating.

I had no side effects at all, except for a time or two I felt dizzy after getting from laying down to standing too quickly. No mood changes or anything like I've read. I took it for one month, took a couple months off, and took another 30 days. I lost all the weight I gained with pregnancies with the aid of phentermine to kick-start it all. To me, it really helped to log all foods and bites eaten.

You become very aware of your habits, and the phentermine helped by decreasing my appetite to allow my stomach to shrink. I only gained a couple pounds back while not on the regimen. This is not a drug for the long term in my opinion. I believe some people expect the drug to do all the work, you have to be willing to work with the medication as well for optimal long term results. Had so much energy, no desire to eat unwanted food. Could focus on healthy eating. I lost 10 lbs the first week.

I was elated with my success. I remained on the drug, and after 3 months I was down 30lbs!!! I remained on the drug, although after I lost the 30 lbs, that was it, no matter what I did I could not lose anymore weight. I was up to taking 2 Sleeping was nonexistent really, few nights a week I would crash and sleep all night, most night my mind went rancid.

However I remained on the pill and kept paying for it. I felt worthless and started questioning my reason for being. I could not overcome the thought that my family and children would be all better off without me. My husband literally feared for my life, and that I would eventually take my own life. So I had to question, why am I behaving this way -- the only medication I was on was the Phen, and so I stopped, been off of it since Oct -- No outbreaks or breakdowns since, I'm ME again.

A heavier ME but a happier me. I gained all 30 lbs right back. Oct I was , today Feb I am Since I stopped my metabolism has come to a complete halt causing the weight gain. It's a shame because it does work, but at what cost, and is it really worth it??? I took Phentermine off and on for about a yr. I have lost approx.

I've read the other comments people have left and I didn't experience any of the side effects. I guess the only thing was a little more energy. But I stuck to a very strict diet and exercise program. All I can say is I had a good experience. Make your own decision. But make sure you eat right while taking them. I started Phentermine Experienced insomnia and episodes of rage. I did notice a lower appetite but still didn't lose any weight.

For several days after stopping the medication I slept and cried until it finally wore off. I don't recommend this medication at all, especially if you may have a propensity toward anxiety or depression. I've been taking Adipex on a fairly steady basis for going on a year now and I love it. I love everything about this medication and I'm not a gung-ho advocate of medications in general. I weighed about to start, and I'm now at , heading toward a goal of I've gone from wearing a 3x shirt and a 44 men's khaki for work slacks to now a loose I work at a gym, so exercise is mostly responsible for the changes to be sure, but the calorie reduction, the willpower and the energy -- that is Adipex or as I call it Magicpex.

I feel overall more optimistic, more in control of my choices on and off the plate, more empowered and more, just more. Mmm, did I say I love this medication? Now - side effects? Going too far on calorie restriction. On Adipex however as one reviewer wrote, there are days when "You can't beg me to eat. I have at times HAD to make myself eat, and eat something brain beneficial.

Lack of Nutrients can lead to myriad side effects - everything from constipation and irritability to depression and all that encompasses. That is NOT the fault of the medication, you know? YOU have to choose to eat and choose foods that are good for your brain. YOU have to research what those foods are, and eat them like it's your job. Oh, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Read up on dehydration effects on the brain, folks. It's also your job as someone who supposedly began this medication to free yourself from obesity, to educate yourself on food and nutrition.

Clarify, it is not an SSRI. Adipex is a CNS stimulant. This is important to know, and equally important to know about is the Parasympathetic Nervous System. If your Central Nervous System is hyper stimulated, you'd better get on some more learning and read up on your PNS and how to activate it. Meditation is an all around way to find some means of "coming down".

Is it easy to meditate while you're jacked on Adipex? No, but it's possible if you practice. You can also investigate yoga, breath techniques, essential oils and herbs that will activate your PNS. Again, it comes back to education. Again, not the fault of the medication. Pick up a water bottle and drink like Brad Pitt is at the bottom just waiting for you to taste him. Hmm, maybe that's a personal motivator, sorry. More recently, I have been noticing a great deal of WTF-ery like forgetting everything, material things as in one minute it's in my hand and the next it's where???

Left a bag of my work clothes on the damn bus a few days ago, debit card in the ATM, etc. That may have everything to do with stress in my life and the fact that I live in Northeast Ohio where the Season of Darkness and Cold has come 'round again. That's another thing, especially for ladies and Adipex. Get your Vitamin D levels checked.

I am chronically low to the point where I take Rx Vitamin D. Ladies of menstruating age, get the iron levels checked too for the same reasons. Overall as I said, I love my Adipex. There are side effects, yes. Guess what, being a sedentary, morbidly obese, type 2 diabetic has some pretty serious side effects too or so I've been told. Triglycerides over are pretty serious too, and mine thanks to reduced calorie intake, exercise and another medication that I initially didn't trust, are normal for the first time in a decade.

It's hard to argue with better health and better fitting clothing. That's a decision between you and medical professionals. What I am stating is the obvious: Drugs have side effects and people should educate themselves on anything that goes into their mouths, right? Educating yourself before, during and after and deciding if you want to continue, whether it's worth it is up to you, but I'd argue that if you do educate yourself and behave accordingly, Adipex can be a fat girl's best friend.

I started taking Phentermine about two weeks ago. One pill a day. I had lots of energy and felt a little 'hyper'. Some days I would purposely not take it if I was going to have to sit somewhere for a time movie or concert since I didn't want to be too restless. I noticed dry mouth, bad breath, heart palpitations, swollen hands and face! I also was experiencing deep depression and anxiety. I was angrier than usual as well, and had the general feeling that I was a bad person.

I didn't attribute any of this to the medication at first. I chalked up the emotional part to the holidays, stress, menopause, mid-life crisis? One day I exploded in the car at my mother. Ranting and screaming and crying hysterically to the point where she made me pull off the road. Then later at a party I was bouncing off the walls, rapidly breathing and frantically telling my friends "I'm a little high-strung, can you tell!!! No one likes me. I realized that something was going on.

This is not me. I was totally out of control. Then I put two and two together and realized that I had recently started this medication. I immediately stopped taking it and have talked with and apologized to my mother and husband. I feel SO much better already. I feel like myself again, not some drugged-up psycho. This drug is so scary! Please don't take it. I am so angry at my doctor for prescribing this to me. First of all I'm 5'7" and lbs.

Also, he never told me these devastating side-effects. I am writing this to implore anyone taking this or thinking about it to NOT!!! It's truly not worth the mental anguish. Not to mention the physical effects. Learn to accept yourself and love yourself enough to be gentle with you and just do your best to make healthier choices. You can do this. I previously took Phentermine for a little less than 6 months at the age of I remember experiencing the tingling on top of my head, my insomnia was terrible, and I was most definitely having constipation issues.

Fast forward to present day: I am now When I began taking Phentermine this round, I was only a couple pounds short of lbs on October 24th, In the past 5 weeks, I have dropped 25 lbs. But it is not JUST because of the pill. I am making healthier food decisions limiting carbs, as few processed foods as possible, zero soda , drinking a minimum of a gallon of water a day, working out a minimum of 4 hours a week plus active "rest days" , sneaking in exercise wherever I can by parking at the very back of the parking lot, learning the difference between appetite and legitimate hunger, and watching WHEN I eat.

Phentermine is meant to be a weight loss AID, not a miracle cure. If you're expecting this pill to cure you of all your woes, you are sadly mistaken. In order to be completely successful, most people need to do some serious reflection as to why their weight got out of control in the first place! Reasons such as emotional eating, binge eating, terrible portion control, and poor food choices. I just started a few weeks ago. It's not that bad to me. I had to alter the diet they gave me because I'm a service member and need the carbs for even I work out or train.

Yes you do get dry mouth. But they tell you to drink tons of water Which you are supposed to be doing anyway It will make your breath smell Now this depression crap I keep hearing Tylenol and healthy foods stop that The headaches are bad when you refuse to eat food. Even though you don't want to eat you have to eat something One apple and some water. A cookie and water. And your body burns cals alone just living.

You have to take in just to be good. Everyone complaining are probably people who weren't eating, drinking exercising properly. Your body starts to eat itself after you "starve" it.


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