Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs(50pcs Pink)

By | May 16, 2018
Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs(50pcs Pink)


ZIZNBA oral swabs are sterile, unflavored oral swabs for use in the oral care.It is suitable for application of liquids or gels, cleaning, and some other oral using. The raised foam ridges on the swabs permit it to achieve easier removal of particles and mucus from the oral cavity. The swabs are individually packed in order to preserve their sterility and remain suitable for use in clean environment. These disposable oral swabs are high quality products for daily use, and also can be appiled to hobby activities and so on.


Economic, environmental-friendly and cleaning,easy to use and good cleaning ability
Tip Material:PU sponge
Shaft Material:white PP plastic stick
Shaft Diameter:4mm
Shaft Length:100mm

Swab head is made of polyurethane sponge and possesses excellent absorptive capacity

1.Thermal bonding head, no chemical bond contamination
2.Convenient for cleaning small slotted and grooved areas
3.Good absorbency and excellent solvent hold
4.Low nonvolatile residue
5.No contaminating adhesives
6.No silicone oil, Amide and DOP

  • Oral Swabs gently clean, moisten and refresh mouth, teeth and gums
  • Sponge ( foam head ) + Handle ( Plastic / wooden available )
  • widely used in medical industry, electronic industry, etc
  • soft, good touch feeling, comfortable for useing with mouthwashes in oral hygiene procedures